With only a few short weeks left to go before season 3, Roast Battle is back in the Belly Room tonight with three fights featuring newcomers, veterans and fan favorites alike. Overseeing the evening of comedy combat are three of our finest returning judges. 

Tony Hinchcliffe takes another turn at the dais amid the explosion in popularity of his eponymous podcast, which just celebrated its 5th anniversary and is gearing up for a trip to Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival. Nikki Glaser stops in, off a spate of TV appearances, boasting plenty of roast chops of her own including an appearance on the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe. And, of course, rounding things out, the Roastmaster General himself, Jeff Ross. 

First up in the undercards, Steph Tolev returns from a lengthy absence to take on first timer Joe Kwaczala. 

Tolev has battled once before with a win back in 2016, but both battlers are known standups in the scene which should translate into solid performances one way or the other. They decided to take each other on after a drunken night at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and drunk agreements made between friends are usually pretty fun to follow up on. Let’s see how these two relative newbies take to the Roast Battle ring!

Following that, the 5-0 Brett Erickson is up against first-time LA battler, Phoenix’s Joe Gangemi.


There was a time that doesn’t seem too long ago where a 5-0 record in the Roast arena meant you should be working up to a title shot, and while Brett Erickson has proven himself capable of putting in a night-winning performance, it’s an interesting choice to decide to take on a first timer with that experience behind him. Is he just racking up wins to jump rank, or does he know something about Joe Gangemi we don’t? Turns out he does: Joe is the reigning champion of the Phoenix version of this show, Snap Battle. After a week when out-of-towners mopped the floor with LA fighters, Brett hopes to stop the influx of outsiders with a strong performance, while Joe looks to build a reputation here on the West Coast. Does the feisty newcomer from the desert stand a chance against a seasoned Belly Room brawler? We’ll find out tonight.

In our Main Event, disabled diva Danielle Perez punches up at one of Roast Battle’s finest femme fatales, Jeanne Whitney.

After a brief retirement from the Roast ring following a title match loss to Toby Muresineau, Jeanne comes back to take on the unranked Danielle Perez. Much like the Erickson/Gangemi fight earlier in the lineup, despite the mismatch in experience, it could nevertheless prove to be an all time classic with two favorites of the show coming head to head in a single-round exhibition. With both having shown the chops and experience in bouts past, there’s little chance this isn’t a brutal back and forth bloodletting. Let’s roast!

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