by Dan Nolan


As the month of April closes out, Roast Battle is back for a light night of fights that are still ready to pack a hefty punch.

First looking at our judges’ panel for the evening we’ve got a stellar batch of returning Roast Battle alumni. Heading up the panel tonight is Mike Lawrence, season 1 champion and firing squad favorite. Popstar’s Chris Redd returns to give color commentary from the VIP section, and rounding things out is Undateable’s Rick Glassman. Rick previous turns at the stand have proved controversial, most notably with himself and NBC co-star Brent Morin being nearly booed out of the Belly Room. Whatever way it goes, it’s almost certain we’re set for sparks to fly.

In our evening’s premiere bout, Las Vegas comic Byron Stout busts his Belly Room cherry against a returning Michael Amico.

Without knowing what to expect from first-timer Stout, Michael Amico faces an uphill battle after his last stint on our stage ended in a chant of “you both suck.” Luckily, the rage was mostly directed at his opponent BJ Courchaine, whose attempt at taking on the judges was nothing less short a tragic miscalculation. At the end of the day, though, Roast Battle is a show built for underdog redemption and anything is possible.

Following that, fight fan favorite Darran Davis takes on Battle virgin Andrew Ryan Fox.

Darran Davis has earned a mixed record in the undercards but taken some stunning upset victories in the process along with losing a controversial close decision to Scotty Kidd his last turn in the ring when – as legend has it – some loud booing directed at Kidd was calculated in the audience vote along with mild applause to put him over the edge and take the decision. Common roast battle wisdom holds that it’s always wise to bet against black, but the onus is on first timer Fox to land a win against a beloved battle favorite.

Closing out the undercards is a clash of fresh faces with Faith Choyce and Thomas Fraser.

Faith has battled before long ago in a dynamic debut against Klee Wiggins, while Thomas Fraser, as with many of the evening’s undercard performers, is untested in the ring. There are no clear favorites in the face of such uncertainty and this is yet another matchup that could easily be anyone’s game.

In tonight’s main event matchup, we’ve got an all-out holy war between Nat Baimel and Ramsey Badawi.

Two of our most underrated writers, both have scored big in earlier bouts. On consistency, Ramsey Badawi takes the edge with only a single loss to his name and a strong track record of night-winning one-round clashes. Nat Baimel, in spite of his top notch joke writing and charming appearance, has somehow at times managed to find the audience at odds with him. When he wins, he wins big time, landing such solid room-rocking haymakers it’s hard to understand how his other punches occasionally fail to land.

It’s a night of no clear favorites as vets and untested rookies come to brawl through four furious fights. Let’s roast!

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