They say April showers bring May flowers. Well, tonight’s bloodbath could be the birth of some new all-star battlers. While we have a night of all undercards, they feature some impressive new battlers that have burst onto the scene with a vengeance, leaving trails of bodies in their wakes.

Judging the carnage tonight we have Last Comic Standing’s Jon Reep, Roast Battle seasons 2-3 and all-star battler Pat Barker, and making her judging debut after an impressive run on the roast battle southern tour, Sarah Keller will be rounding out the VIP section. Jon won last comic standing, an impressive feat and is sure to add a new take to the judges section. Pat and Sarah are seasoned battlers who know the game well, and will lend their signature verbal venom to this night of undercard superstars.

First up we have Brendon Burns versus Austin Nasso. Both Brendon and Austin are coming off of losses. Nasso being narrowly defeated by Easton Gage. Despite coming off a loss, Austin has had some good battles and some well-written jokes. Whereas Brendon recently lost to John Hastings in a very weird battle where he was able to garner the judges favor with his off-the-cuff jokes, but lost the audience vote. Brendon’s first battle was a bit of a disaster, but hopefully he learned from his mistakes and will come back with more concise, well-written jokes. We can expect a fun battle between these two men, as Nasso understands the roast game and Burns is a seasoned comedian in his homeland of Australia.

Next up we have Tim McGorry returning to take on Porcia Bartholomae. Tim has had an impressive run of it lately, beating the hammer himself Zach Stein. Tim is a solid joke writer and has been improving steadily, if he’s able to cut out the “uhs” and “ums” in his delivery, he’s capable of great devastation. Portia has never battled before, but she’s a great comedian and watches nearly every single battle in the belly room. She’s a smart cookie and she’s undoubtedly gained a lot of knowledge witnessing what works and what doesn’t each week, so we can fully expect her to bring the heat. Anticipate a great, ruthless battle with some well-crafted and above-average intelligence levels.

In our only all-female battle of the night we have Unruly Heather Marulli returning to the ring to take on new phenom Deirdre Devlin. Deirdre has recently made a name for herself with impressive joke-writing, which isn’t surprising since she’s an Emmy-winning television writer. She last defeated the artist formally known as Andrew Ryan Fox, Drew Fox. Heather has been battling more infrequently lately, we last saw her take a loss to the aforementioned Zach Stein in an amazing battle where Zach spit on his own nipples and rubbed them. It’s a sight that will haunt me until the end of my days, but it was goddamn hysterical. Heather is a solid battler with a history of impressive wins. Deirdre has the hunger of a new battler, and Heather is just plain hungry, but if Heather puts her nose to the grindstone and writes the jokes she’s proven she’s capable of writing, this will be a great battle, both these women are solid joke writers and have a dominating presence on stage.

Next up we have Todd Walker taking on Josh Waldron in a battle sure to make the audience ask, “wait, which one is the gay one?” Josh has been battling since the conception of the show and even created this very blog. He’s had some impressive battles, and is coming off a loss to Tom Whalen, in a tightly fought battle. Josh is a great writer and understands the ins and outs of the show, so we can expect him to bring the heat. Todd has had a rougher go of it lately, touting some pretty painful battles, but he’s a smart guy and a good comic, so going up against someone like Josh Waldron will surely push him to write better. Either way we can expect a lot of gay jokes flying around the room and a good, fun battle.

Closing out the night in what’s sure to be a spectacle we have The Man, the Myth, the Douche, Lou Misiano taking on Mark “The Shark” Stevens. That is not the nickname roast battle has given Mark, it’s the nickname he gave himself, felt like that needed to be clarified. Lou has made an impressive run in the last couple months since bursting onto the scene, with his signature 3-piece suit, well-coiffed hair and impressive unlikability, he’s quickly become everyone’s favorite heel. He’s figured out how to get an entire audience to chant “fuck this guy” and STILL win the battle. He has well-written jokes and the swagger of a man that’s dead inside, which have served him well, he boasts an undefeated record. Mark Stevens has been battling much longer than Lou, but not as frequently recently. His overbearing Boston-ness is infamous in the belly room, and he’s had some extremely memorable moments. We last saw Mark defeat the EBT queen Jasmin Leigh in one of the loudest battles of all time, and narrowly being defeated by Julian Fernandez in OT. Mark has a history of well-written jokes, which are sometimes hindered by his aggressive delivery. These men couldn’t be more opposite, Lou rides success with his shenanigans and performance, whereas Mark comes with sniper-like jokes. This battle will come down to the writing, but we can expect some hilarious hijinks from these two and some very wet audience seats.

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