With the season finale of Roast Battle airing tonight on Comedy Central, it’s sure to be electric in the Belly Room.

Judging tonight’s bloodbaths are none other than the Asian sensations Robin Tran and Alex Duong. Tran and Duong are coming off an epic battle for the TV show and are riding the success of their hard work. Both these comics have been battling for a long time and have spent most of their Tuesday night’s in the belly room over the last few years. They make excellent judges because they know the game. Rounding out the VIP section is the roast master himself, Jeff Ross.

The first battle features virgin battler William Montgomery, who looks like if Florida was a person, and Karina Beltran, who doesn’t have a Facebook and therefore doesn’t matter. Karina is coming off a win against David Centofanti in her first ever battle – although it was a pretty disastrous one, and perhaps no one deserved to win. Karina is only a few months into standup, however, so I wouldn’t write her off yet. Hopefully, she learned from the mistakes of the last battle and is able to step her game up. William Montgomery has never battled before, so there isn’t much to say about him. Normally I’d give the edge to the more experienced battler, but with Karina’s less-than-mediocre last performance, this is anyone’s match.

In the second and final undercard, the bisexual beast, Kelsey Lane, is taking on the goth gremlin someone fed after midnight, Mia Mars. Kelsey is coming off a bullshit loss to Jay Singh, where she arguably won, but he brought the entire audience and pulled the win from under her, so Kelsey is out for vindication. Mia is coming off a win against Guam Felix and looking to continue her streak. Both these ladies have had some great battles and some disasters, but they’ve been putting in the work and learning and improving every time. This is either lady’s match, as they are both well-versed in the roast battle structure, and hungry to prove they belong in the rankings.

The main event tonight features John-Michael Bond versus Brian McDaniel. Both these guys are seasoned battlers and have been stepping into the ring regularly over the past year. They know the game well and are both solid joke writers. Brian is coming off narrow losses to Joe Eurell and Sean Finnerty, and is undoubtedly looking to redeem himself. John-Michael Bond has been tearing up the rankings and has taken on some of Roast Battle’s most feared competitors, including Leah Kayajanian and Keith Carey, both of whom he beat. John-Michael is a great joke writer, he understands word economy, and has the performance skills to back it up. He never rushes a joke or mumbles, which shows preparation and focus. Both of these guys are fierce battlers, with razor sharp tongues and a “go for the jugular” attitude. It’s really anyone’s to win, but if I had to chose, I’d give the slight edge to Bond, as he has shown a more consistent battle history, rarely (if ever) having a joke that doesn’t land.

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