Tonight we have a stacked lineup of experienced undercard battlers, two tournament battles, and a top ten main event to cap off the night. The tournament is heating up as we’re well into round one battles and tonight’s bouts are promising matchups. Let’s meet our VIP section.

Jeff Dye is returning to the judges’ table tonight. Jeff has hosted two shows on MTV, been a finalist on Last Comic Standing, recorded a half hour on comedy central, but most importantly in terms of being a roast battle judge, he’s a fan a the show and brings a great energy to the judges’ panel. Making his debut at the judges’ table is Tony Baker. Tony has made multiple appearances on Last Comic Standing and has one of the funniest Instagram accounts in existence, where he records ridiculous voiceovers for viral videos. Rounding out the panel is Mike Lawrence, a perennial Roast Battle favorite who just returned from a stint in New York City. Welcome back!

Our first undercard matchup this fine Tuesday night will be Armando Torres and Ashley Johnson.

Right off the bat, we’re giving you two experienced battlers ready to put on a show. Armando’s latest win was over Lou Vahram. Afterwards, Armando was encouraged to take on higher ranked opponents, but I guess he chose to go with Ashley Johnson instead. Ashley has a couple wins under his belt and has proven he knows how to write a roast joke. However, up until now you could argue he hasn’t taken on anyone all that challenging. This will be his moment to show whether he can battle a more dangerous opponent and come out on top.

Next up is the battle of the British, Eric Lampaert versus Lee Hurrell.

Lee was looking for an opponent tonight and Moses thought, hey let’s just throw him up against another British guy. Eric’s debut on Roast Battle was a notable win over Sameer Suri in an incredibly entertaining battle. His last battle with Jessica Michelle Singleton was canceled last minute, but if he decides to show up tonight, this should be fun to watch. Cheers!

Wrapping up the undercards, Madison Sinclair takes on Robin Tran.

Robin Tran recently came back after a long break and gave a solid performance against Alex Duong in a closely contended match. After knocking off some of the Roast Battle cobwebs, my guess is she’ll come back even stronger this time around. Madison is coming off a tough loss to Josh Waldron only a couple weeks ago, which if I know Madison, will only fuel her to come back strong this week. It’s the it girl versus the it “it.” (This joke brought to you by my dad).

Kicking off the main events is the first tournament matchup for tonight, Jeff Sewing and Jacob Trimmer.

This is the battle between the favorite uncle and the uncle you don’t let your kids talk to. Trimmer’s play-in round might have been his most impressive battle yet, taking down Movies Shakarian. However, Jacob’s strong suit has always been playing off racial stereotypes which will be difficult going against Sewing. Sewing is about as boring and white as it gets, so much so, that his last opponent had to make up a fact about him in order to actually roast him. It just happens that on top of that, Jeff is an incredible writer, making him one of the tournament favorites. Jeff’s never lost a battle, but Jacob battles far more and is constantly getting better, making him equipped to possibly hand Sewing his first loss.

The second of our two tournament matchups for the evening pits Quentin Thomas against Ramsey Badawi.

This is also one of two battles tonight featuring a Middle Eastern man and a white pussy. Ramsey is coming off a solid win over David Lucas in his play-in round, becoming a serious contender for the final four. Despite having less roast battle experience than most tournament battlers, he’s a smart joke writer, a very funny comedian, and if he’s motivated enough, has the ability to plow through his competition. First, he’ll have to get through Quentin, who’s had some notable wins over established battlers like Anna Valenzuela and Bryan Vokey. His confidence has grown as a battler and unlike Lucas, he will come prepared to come back at Ramsey with solid writing. I’ll be battling the winner of this battle in the next round so honestly, fuck them both.

Closing out the night will be a top ten matchup between Jeanne Whitney and Omid Singh.

Jeanne has skyrocketed to the top of the rankings after two stellar wins over Doug Fager and Jay Light. She exudes poise and confidence on stage and comes well-prepared with comebacks that almost always destroy the room. Jeanne’s also a hard person to roast other than the fact that she used to get white girl wasted and she’s lived long enough to see a parent die. A beautiful woman with daggers for words is a tough combination, but if anyone is up for the job, it’s the winningest battler on the scene, Omid Singh. Omid is about as charming as any balding Middle Eastern man could be. His writing is always unique and silly, and combined with his likability, he may be the perfect challenge for Jeanne Whitney. This should be a fun wrap-up to the evening.

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