The 2018 Roast Battle Tournament is in full swing, as thirsty comics try to take their turn in the sun. We started with twenty competitors, we’re now down to fourteen. Two more will bite the dust tonight.

We have a packed panel of jerky judges to throw shade, starting with some Roast Battle regulars. Season 2 Champ, Frank Castillo will be slinging insults next to none other than the Wave’s own Jamar Neighbors. Ramon Rivas II is known for his Comedy Central Half Hour, his appearance on Broad City and you can see him on an upcoming episode of Crashing on HBO. Or you can come see him live tonight in the Belly Room! Joining us for the first time on the panel tonight after attending the show recently is rapper Mike G, best known as part of the Odd Future collective. And finally, Ryan O’Flanagan joins the panel tonight. Ryan is one of my favorite fixtures of the Los Angeles comedy scene; he’s a member of the legendary sketch group Dead Kevin and has been on New Girl and American Vandal. Let’s Roast!

In our first undercard, David Lucas is seeking redemption as he takes on Chris Sneed.

Only two weeks after being absolutely dominated by Ramsey Badawi and having his tournament dreams shattered, David Lucas is back. This match was on the card a couple months ago, but never came to fruition, which could also be said of David Lucas’ potential as a battler. He’s obviously funny. He’s had some of the craziest takedowns in the Belly Room, but after being knocked out by Alfred Konuwa, Lucas hasn’t been able to find his footing. Chris Sneed isn’t quite the caliber of battler Lucas has been facing lately, so this could be the confidence boost he needs to right himself.

In undercard number two, we’ll find out why Andrea Guzzetta has a vendetta against Andrew Ryan Fox.

Andrea looks like she has tea parties with her stuffed animals, which is an S&M euphemism I’m not sure the meaning of. Maybe if she buys enough cats she’ll earn her dad’s approval. Andrew Ryan Fox is a Canadian ex-punk whose wife is way too hot for him. Andrew’s record in Roast Battle is hit and miss, while Andrea has only had one previous match where she straight up obliterated Rob Smallwood. Between these two, there is plenty of potential for an entertaining matchup.

Third out of undercard cannon, Paul Elia returns to take shots at DJ Demers.

This battle looks like it started at a race war in a frat house. DJ Demers has never battled, but he has done Conan multiple times. It’s safe to assume his late night credits can translate to Belly Room roasting, but tonight will be the true test. Paul Elia had an impressive return recently after a long period of inactivity, and he’s looking to further establish his prowess as a serious contender. DJ is an ironic name for deaf comic. You heard that right, DJ Demers is a disabled battler. If history is any indication, this will be a helluva fight.

The last undercard of the night pits tournament omission Heather Marulli against tournament washout John-Michael Bond.

After an underwhelming performance in an underwhelming tournament play-in match, John-Michael Bond seeks to save face in a heavyweight three-joke fight. Heather Marulli had to have been in the discussion of possible tournament contenders, but not everybody can make it into the brackets. She’s had some stellar performances in the past, as has her opponent. Both these battlers have something to prove, and I have a feeling this will be a bloody brawl.

Then in our first of two tournament main events, Mighty Joe Eurell takes on Rookie of the Year Bryan Vokey.

If I were betting on brackets, my money would be on Joe Eurell. He’s got the experience edge, and he’s really tough to beat. However, you can’t disregard Bryan Vokey’s sloppy charm and not-giving-a-fuck attitude. Bryan, seen here eating what is obviously a close relative of Joe, has lost his last couple battles so he’s hungry for a win. Joe, on the other claw, has had a couple wins recently. The pressure’s on for these warriors to advance and rise to the top of the tournament mountain.

And in our final tournament match of the night, Caesar Lizardo goes head-to-head with Rena Hundert.

Rena most recently toppled Bryan Vokey in a victory mired in controversy, as she was accused of joke theft. So tonight she looks to establish herself as an original voice in her attempt to knock off the Dominican Destroyer, Caesar Lizardo. Caesar has had mostly impressive wins in the Belly Room, but suffered an embarrassing three-round loss to Leah Kayajanian. That loss was punctuated by Mike Lawrence calling out his hacky animal act outs. Another interesting thing about Caesar is that he has sometimes battled with a Dominican accent as an immigrant character, so his opponent is never sure which Caesar they’ll get. One thing is for sure, one of these contentious contenders will be moving on and one will be going home.

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