November 2016
was a historic month in the Belly Room… but that won’t be reflected in the
rankings for another couple of months. The Road to Roast Battle taping that went
down on the 16th featured fights with 13 Top 50 competitors, and four
more (Jay Light, Kim Congdon, Andy Haynes, and Nicole Aimee Schreiber) also competed
in different cities. Verbal Violence is committed to avoiding all spoilers, so
the rankings shakeups caused by those battles won’t show themselves until
January. Same goes for the win-loss records of the battlers featured below.
Removing the Comedy Central fights means there was a lot less movement than
expected this time around, but let’s look at what changes we did end up with.

1. Alex Hooper 11-3
2. Earl Skakel 8-2-1
3. Toby Muresianu 7-3
4. Omid Singh 11-5
5. Connor McSpadden 8-3
6. Jay Light 11-8
7. Pat Barker 9-4
8. Olivia Grace 6-3-1
9. Doug Fager 6-4
10. Joe Dosch 9-6-1

We start right
at the top, with the defending champion Alex Hooper. His revolutionary approach
against Pat Barker earned him a victory, and while some might put an asterisk
next to it, he didn’t break any rules (it helps when there are only three
rules). Time and time again, Hooper finds a way to get his arm raised at the
end of the battle, and doing so this time has extended his title run to at
least eight months. Barker drops to 7 with the loss, and Toby Muresianu, Omid
Singh, and Connor McSpadden all slide up a spot as a result. Finally, Jay Light
sees a three-spot jump. In a month where the Top 20 was largely inactive
outside of the Comedy Central battles, Jay fought a record four times and won
at least twice. While the results of his televised Denver battle are in the
air, his wins over Tre Stewart and New York’s JP McDade elevated him to number
6. Had he been able to pull a win over Jeff Sewing to end the month, Jay would
almost certainly have cracked the top 4.

11. Tom Goss 5-3
12. Keith Carey 10-8
13. Jeff Sewing 4-0-1
14. Anna Valenzuela 5-1
15. Kim Congdon 7-3
16. Leah Kayajanian 6-6-1
17. Dan Nolan 8-5
18. Rich Slaton 4-3
19. Tony Bartolone 4-1
20. Rena Hundert 4-0

Again, we must
sit back and wait on TV results before there are any more significant changes
in this bracket. The only movement to report this month goes to Sewing, who
jumps from 19 to 13. While Jeff has announced his intentions to quit stand-up
comedy (and, one would presume, roasting), his spot will remain intact for the
time being. While the committee saw fit to remove Quentin Moscaritolo when he
moved to New York, we also agreed that until Jeff similarly moves away he
deserves his spot in case he has a change of heart, and we all hope that he
will. And if he doesn’t, the inactivity clause will knock him out eventually
anyway. So whatever.

21. Stuart Thompson 5-4
22. Mike Schmidt 4-0
23. Guam Felix 6-1
24. Jeanne Whitney 5-2
25. Evan Cassidy 4-2
26. Jamar Neighbors 3-3
27. Albert Escobedo 6-0
28. Ramsey Badawi 3-1
29. Alex Duong 5-5
30. Frank Castillo 8-9

Jeanne Whitney
jumps from 30 to 24 as a result of her fiery main event win over Lindsey
Jennings, and that concludes all of the movement here.

31. Brent Duncan 5-2
32. Hormoz Rashidi 4-4-1
33. Robbie Goodwin 4-0
34. Richie Gaines 4-1
35. Robbie Kirkhuff 3-1
36. Sina Amedson 4-5
37. Lonnie Johnson 3-0
38. Mark Stevens 3-1
39. April Lotshaw 2-1
40. Alfred Konuwa 3-1-1

We have more
activity in the fourth bracket, as Robbie Goodwin moves from 39 to 33 by virtue
of a win over Nick Petrillo. Speaking of Petrillo, his win over Richie Gaines
bumps Richie from 28 to 34. Where does Nick himself end up? We’ll get there.
Lonnie Johnson took two battles in November and won them both, and sees a ten
spot jump as a result. Same goes for Alfred Konuwa, who makes his rankings
debut at 40 after two undercard wins. Both Johnson and Konuwa ran their records
up against unranked opponents, and absolutely deserve competition in this
bracket going forward.

41. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 2-0
42. David Deery 1-2-2
43. Nick Petrillo 4-3
44. Bryan Vokey 2-0
45. The Virzi Triplets 1-1
46. Greg Roque 2-0
47. Jacob Trimmer 2-0
48. Robin Tran 2-3
49. Andy Haynes 1-0
50. Ali Macofsky 2-0

Nick Petrillo
entered at 43, had a brutal loss that involved walking out without a hug,
returned with an impressive win (and hug!), and moved all the way to… 43. We’ll
call his month a push. Bryan Vokey debuts at 44 after convincing victories over
former Top 50 luminaries Ken Garr and Galina Rivina. The inclusion of The Virzi
Triplets at 45 sparked many debates amongst the committee, starting with the
most simple question of all – can three people occupy one spot? And where
should a 1-1 battler(s) debut? The answers we settled on were “yes”, and “45,
if that win involved destroying The Wave”. Jacob Trimmer’s 2-0 start lands him
at 47, and the list is rounded out by three people who were “inactive” –
something that’s really only accurate for Ali Mac at 50. By the way, apologies
to Matt LeGrande, whose impressive win over Danielle Perez landed him at, like,

And there you have it! The
November 2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light,
Pat Barker, Frank Castillo, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked
month of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or
watching on Periscope every Tuesday night! 

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