Another month down, another
new edition of the rankings. This month featured some historically packed
nights of Belly Room roasting, as well as a last second pop-up show at the
Hammer Museum. We saw some established vets dominate and some brand new
battlers do the same. Let’s get into it.

1. Alex Hooper 10-3
2. Earl Skakel 8-2-1
3. Pat Barker 9-3
4. Toby Muresianu 7-3
5. Omid Singh 11-4
6. Connor McSpadden 8-3
7. Olivia Grace 6-3-1
8. Doug Fager 6-4
9. Jay Light 9-7
10. Joe Dosch 9-6-1

Hooper’s Hammer Museum loss
doesn’t have any impact on his number one overall ranking, but taking an L in
his next title defense in November will. He’s going to have to rebound from the
rare defeat in order to hang on to the top spot. Omid Singh jumps up a spot
after a convincing undercard win over battle rap sensation Corey Charron. With
the win, Omid became the first battler to reach 11 victories. Doug Fager jumps
into the Top Ten after a main event win over Frank Castillo, and Joe Dosch
falls to the brink of the second tier after his loss to Jamar Neighbors. Connor
McSpadden and Olivia Grace have their records updated with a loss and a win,
respectively, but don’t move much as a result of the Museum exhibition.

11. Tom Goss 5-3
12. Keith Carey 10-8
13. Anna Valenzuela 5-1
14. Kim Congdon 7-3
15. Leah Kayajanian 6-6-1
16. Dan Nolan 8-5
17. Rich Slaton 4-3
18. Tony Bartolone 4-1
19. Jeff Sewing 3-0-1
20. Rena Hundert 4-0

Despite winning the Battler
of the Year Roastie in both years it’s been given out, Keith Carey falls out of
the Top Ten following his loss to Kim Congdon (who jumps from 20 to 14). Keith’s
talent is undeniable, but his 10-8 record leaves something to be desired. Kim,
meanwhile, gave her best career performance in that fight and is very deserving
of the jump. A similar result in her next battle should propel her right back
into the Top Ten. Dan Nolan continues to take battles at a breakneck pace, as
his win over Lindsey Jennings and loss to Nicole Becannon result in a net loss
of three spots. He falls from 13 to 16 in the process.

21. Stuart Thompson 5-4
22. Mike Schmidt 4-0
23. Guam Felix 6-1
24. Evan Cassidy 4-2
25. Jamar Neighbors 3-3
26. Albert Escobedo 6-0
27. Ramsey Badawi 3-1
28. Richie Gaines 4-0
29. Alex Duong 5-5
30. Jeanne Whitney 4-2

We’ve got a re-entry into
the rankings here, as Jamar Neighbors stepped back in the ring and delivered
one of the best undercard performances in the show’s history with a win over
Joe Dosch. The Committee frankly had no idea where to put Jamar, as his
battling record consists pretty much entirely of peaks and valleys. We decided
to split the difference and put him right in the middle, so hopefully he
battles again soon to give a little more clarity to his ranking. The rest of
this bracket is relatively unchanged, with the only difference being the now
4-0 Richie Gaines hopping from 33 to 28 with a dominant win over Michael

31. Frank Castillo 8-9
32. Brent Duncan 5-2
33. Hormoz Rashidi 4-4-1
34. Sina Amedson 4-5
35. Robbie Kirkhuff 3-1
36. Mark Stevens 3-1
37. April Lotshaw 2-1
38. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 2-0
39. Robbie Goodwin 3-0
40. David Deery 1-2-2

Frank Castillo has continued
his prolific string of quality performances without the wins to show for it, as
he took losses to Keith Carey at the Hammer Museum and Doug Fager in the Belly
Room. Brent Duncan delivered one of the least impressive wins in recent memory
by edging out David Nieker, and he stays put as a result. Nicole Aimee
Schreiber followed up a lukewarm win by taking an absolute blowtorch to the Roast
Battle stage this time, and debuts with a 2-0 record at 38 because of it.

41. Greg Roque 2-0
42. Robin Tran 2-3
43. Nick Petrillo 3-2
44. Andy Haynes 1-0
45. Ali Macofsky 2-0
46. Anish Shah 2-0
47. Lonnie Johnson 1-0
48. Logan Guntzelman 1-0
49. Leah Lamarr 2-0
50. Wub Savell 3-2

As usual, we round out the
Top 50 with a bunch of new names and a few established veterans. Greg Roque
followed up an impressive debut with another convincing victory and slots in at
41. Andy Haynes and Logan Guntzelman both had fantastic first performances, and
join Lonnie Johnson as the only true rookies in the rankings. Lastly, Anish
Shah ran his record to 2-0 with a win over Sameer Suri and jumps in at 46.

And there you have it! The October
2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat
Barker, Frank Castillo, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked month
of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on
Periscope every Tuesday night! 

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