It’s that time again – time to see the movers and shakers for the past 30 days of Roast Battle. This month featured quite a bit of movement at the top and bottom of the ranks, so let’s get right into it!

1. Alex Hooper 10-2
2. Earl Skakel 8-2-1
3. Pat Barker 9-3
4. Toby Muresianu 7-3
5. Connor McSpadden 8-2
6. Omid Singh 10-4
7. Olivia Grace 5-3-1
8. Joe Dosch 8-5-1
9. Keith Carey 9-7
10. Jay Light 9-7

Toby Muresianu continued his year-long murder spree by crushing David Deery, and moved up to number 4 in the process. Muresianu has now gone well over a year since his last loss, and has to be considered on the short list of top title contenders next time a championship match is booked. Omid Singh hops up to six by virtue of his win over Wub Savell, and becomes only the second 10-battle winner in the process. And lastly, Keith Carey provides the same dilemma he has countless times in the past – losing a fight while also providing a Battle of the Year nominee. His clash with Robin Tran was an all-time classic and it feels odd to drop him for that, but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss and he goes from 5 to 9 as a result.

11. Tom Goss 5-3
12. Doug Fager 5-3
13. Dan Nolan 7-4
14. Anna Valenzuela 5-1
15. Leah Kayajanian 6-6-1
16. Rich Slaton 4-3
17. Tony Bartolone 4-1
18. Jeff Sewing 3-0-1
19. Rena Hundert 4-0
20. Kim Congdon 6-3

A pair of main event winners slide to the top of this bracket, as Tom Goss and Doug Fager each improved to 5-3 with wins over Frank Castillo and Tony Bartolone, respectively. While Bartolone deserves serious kudos for a brilliant entrance and unprecedented efforts at hyping the battle on social media, his loss is enough to slide him from 11 to 17.

21. Stuart Thompson 5-4
22. Mike Schmidt 4-0
23. Guam Felix 6-1
24. Evan Cassidy 4-2
25. Albert Escobedo 6-0
26. Frank Castillo 8-7
27. Ramsey Badawi 3-1
28. Alex Duong 5-5
29. Jeanne Whitney 4-2
30. Quentin Moscaritolo 3-1

Albert Escobedo’s win over Mark Stevens gave him a share of a Roast Battle record with six consecutive wins. It’s the magic number that nobody has been able to get past yet – Frank Castillo and Kim Congdon each started their careers with six straight wins, Omid Singh had his six battle win streak snapped in the semi-finals of the tournament by Pat Barker, who then had his own six fight streak snapped by Leah Kayajanian in the finals. Current champion Alex Hooper also ran off six in a row to start his battle career before losing to Joe Dosch. As it stands now, Escobedo and Connor McSpadden are both riding six battle win streaks, so Albert is in great company. Let’s see if he can break the record and hopefully do it in a main event against a top tier contender. For now, he’ll have to settle with a seven spot jump to 25.

31. Hormoz Rashidi 4-4-1
32. Brent Duncan 4-2
33. Richie Gaines 3-0
34. Sina Amedson 4-5
35. Robbie Kirkhuff 3-1
36. Mark Stevens 3-1
37. April Lotshaw 2-1
38. Robbie Goodwin 3-0
39. David Deery 1-2-2
40. Robin Tran 2-3

Speaking of seven spot jumps, Richie Gaines sees the same upward movement, going from 40 to 33 after an impressive win over Galina Rivina. Like Escobedo, Gaines has to be near entering main event territory in his next few battles. Mark Stevens drops to 36 after his loss in the “battle of undefeateds” with Albert. David Deery takes a rather harsh 11 spot plummet after his curb-stomping from Muresianu, and Robin Tran returns to the ranks after her big win over Carey.

41. Nick Petrillo 3-2
42. Ali Macofsky 2-0
43. Lonnie Johnson 1-0
44. Leah Lamarr 2-0
45. Wub Savell 3-2
46. Galina Rivina 2-1
47. Rachel Mac 1-0
48. Dave Neal 2-0
49. Danielle Perez 1-0
50. Brendan Cooney 3-2

Rounding out the top 50 are a big collection of new faces, so let’s run through them quickly. Ali Macofsky is finally allowed back in the building and if her win over Jake Adams tells us anything, it’s that she won’t be ranked this low for long. Leah Lamarr delivered a battle of the night with Nicole Becannon and ran her record to 2-0 in the process, and makes her Top 50 debut as a result. Savell and Rivina each drop after their losses, and the final two spots go to a newcomer with an insane debut performance (Danielle Perez) and a rankings vet who returns to the Top 50 with a win (Brendan Cooney).

And there you have it! The August 2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat Barker, Frank Castillo, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked month of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on Periscope every Tuesday night!

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