Another month, another
collection of great fights from the Belly Room. One might think that there
would be a letdown in show quality after the big Comedy Central debut, but one
would be very wrong. The month featured a title match, a top ten clash, and some
impressive debuts and returns. Let’s take a look at the updated rankings!

1. Alex Hooper 10-2
2. Earl Skakel 8-2-1
3. Pat Barker 9-3
4. Connor McSpadden 8-2
5. Keith Carey 9-6
6. Toby Muresianu 6-3
7. Olivia Grace 5-3-1
8. Joe Dosch 8-5-1
9. Omid Singh 9-4
10. Jay Light 9-7

Alex Hooper’s win over Jay
Light deserves some upward movement, but when you’re already at #1 there aren’t
too many places to go. Light falls to the brink of the Top Ten with the loss.
Connor McSpadden’s win over Leah Kayajanian jumps him up a spot, while Toby
Muresianu’s victory over Dan Nolan sends him into the Top Ten once again. Muresianu
debuted at number 9, fell to 12 the next month, jumped to 10 in volume three,
and after an extra month there, fell to 11. With perhaps his most impressive
victory yet, he moves to a career-best spot at #6. Now to see if he can stay
there. Omid Singh also re-enters the Top Ten without even having to battle, as
three fighters ahead of him took a tumble.

11. Tony Bartolone 4-0
12. Dan Nolan 7-4
13. Anna Valenzuela 5-1
14. Leah Kayajanian 6-6-1
15. Rich Slaton 4-3
16. Tom Goss 4-3
17. Jeff Sewing 3-0-1
18. Doug Fager 4-3
19. Rena Hundert 4-0
20. Kim Congdon 6-3

Tony Bartolone also benefits
from the falls in front of him, as he jumps from 13 to 11 ahead of his main
event with Doug Fager tomorrow night. Nolan’s loss to Muresianu sends him from
7 to 12 as he continues his own up-and-down battle run. Nolan started at 12,
jumped to 8, fell to 14, jumped back to 7, and now returns to the exact place
he started. Anna Valenzuela experiences one of the biggest climbs in rankings
history, as she goes from 25 to 13 based on two impressive wins (an undercard
against Nat Baimel and a main event against Alex Duong) in August. Note to
other battlers – if you want to jump twelve spots in one month, win twice. Leah
Kayajanian’s post-tournament losing streak continues and sends her to 14, while
the remainder of the Top 20 was inactive. Expect movement there next month, as
Fager, Goss, and #21 Frank Castillo all step in the ring.

21. Frank Castillo 8-6
22. Stuart Thompson 5-4
23. Mike Schmidt 4-0
24. Guam Felix 6-1
25. Evan Cassidy 4-2
26. Ramsey Badawi 3-1
27. Alex Duong 5-5
28. David Deery 1-1-2
29. Jeanne Whitney 4-2
30. Mark Stevens 3-0

Very little to report here – Guam Felix jumps
from 28 to 24 by virtue of an undercard win over Courtney Banks, and Alex Duong
falls from 21 to 27 after his aforementioned loss to Valenzuela. Pete
Cornacchione drops off the list due to inactivity, and his Top 30 spot goes to
Ramsey Badawi due to a main event win over unranked Jonathan Rowell.

31. Quentin Moscaritolo 3-1
32. Albert Escobedo 5-0
33. Hormoz Rashidi 4-4-1
34. Brent Duncan 4-2
35. Sina Amedson 4-5
36. Robbie Kirkhuff 3-1
37. Wub Savell 3-1
38. April Lotshaw 2-1
39. Robbie Goodwin 3-0
40. Richie Gaines 2-0

There’s even less
to report on in the next chunk of the list. Robbie Goodwin jumps from 44 to 39 after his win over Adi
Gordan. Literally nobody else in this bracket moved. Hopefully we’ll see some action next month.

41. Galina Rivina 2-0
42. Nick Petrillo 3-2
43. Lonnie Johnson 1-0
44. Rachel Mac 1-0
45. Dave Neal 2-0
46. Ken Garr 2-1
47. Sarah Keller 2-1-1
48. Tony Alfano 2-1
49. Joe Eurell 3-4
50. Leah Knauer 2-1

Here’s all the sweet, sweet
rankings shakeups and controversies the people demand. Galina Rivina debuted on
the Top 50 after her first victory but quickly fell out – she returns at 41
after running her record to 2-0. Lonnie Johnson delivered one of the more
impressive debuts in recent memory and sits at 43 in the rankings as a result.
Dave Neal’s second win puts him at 45, while Sarah Keller makes her rankings
debut after four quality battles, highlighted by her amazing undercard win
against Lindsey Jennings this month. Joe Eurell remains one of only two
battlers on the list with a losing record (#35 Sina Amedson is the other), but
a loss in his next fight will almost assuredly knock him out of the Top 50. He
needs a win in this one. Lastly, it was a hell of a month for Leah Knauer, as
she effectively harassed Kevin Smith into a Mallrats 2 role AND cracked the
rankings for the first time ever. Her 2-1 record puts her squarely at number 50.
Congrats, Leah.

And there you have it! The
July 2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat
Barker, Frank Castillo, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked month
of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on
Periscope every Tuesday night!

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