Volume 45 of the Power Rankings is here, and before we get to the new and noteworthy names on the list, we have to address three names that will be conspicuous by their absence. There’s an inactivity rule here at the rankings, and it goes like this – if you haven’t battled in a span of eight months, you’re out. Normally, we don’t even address when someone falls out. But this month is an exception. This month, we have three absolute first-ballot Roast Battle Hall of Famers dropping off the list, and it would feel like a complete oversight to not give them their just due in this space.

Keith Carey is a two-time Battler of the Year and one of only six battlers to be in the Top 20 for all of the previous Power Rankings. He’s competed on all three seasons of Roast Battle on Comedy Central and is responsible for many of the greatest fights in Belly Room history (his battles with Connor McSpadden, Pat Barker, and Robin Tran all earned him Roasties). He’s battled more than anyone in the history of the show with an astonishing 42 fights under his belt, and is one of only three members of the 20 Win Club.

Frank Castillo was setting Roast Battle records before most of us even knew the show existed. After becoming the first battler to start a career at 6-0, Castillo won the Belly Room title back in 2014. Of course, all of this served as a precursor to his most famous moment, when he won the Season Two tournament on Comedy Central. After stepping away from the ring following the ultimate victory, Castillo returned and put on a couple of classic road battles against Joe Dosch at SXSW and Alex Hooper in Phoenix, Arizona.

Speaking of Hooper, he also falls out after spending each of the past 44 editions of the rankings in the Top 20. After beating Castillo for the title back in 2015, Hooper went on to win the belt again after defeating Leah Kayajanian in 2016. Hooper enjoyed a record nine-month run as the #1 battler and remained Top Ten for the first 25 editions of the rankings, covering a span of over two years. After losing the belt, Hooper completely reinvented himself, going from jeans, a t-shirt, and an aggressive delivery to a rainbow bodysuit, glowing tail, and the voice of a whimsical forest creature. 

As their Roast Battle careers have come to a (temporary?) end, all three have achieved a great deal in the comedy world. Carey has found success as a writer for Lights Out With David Spade, Castillo has gotten passed as a Paid Regular at The Comedy Store, and Hooper has gained viral fame after roasting the judges on America’s Got Talent. Obviously, all three have a bright future. Will that ever include a return to the Roast Battle stage? Time will tell, but if we’re lucky we will see all three step in the ring again before it’s all said and done.

Top Ten

1. Brett Erickson 12-1
2. Omid Singh 23-11
3. Nicole Becannon 16-8
4. Bryan Vokey 12-3
5. Pat Barker 23-10-2
6. Alex Duong 17-9
7. Toby Muresianu 16-5
8. Greg Roque 13-4
9. Quentin Thomas 14-5-1
10. Sarah Keller 16-5-2

Omid Singh moves up to number 2 after a convincing victory (his record-tying 23rd) over Ashley Johnson on New Year’s Eve. Erickson vs. Vokey is locked in as the next title match in early February, but one has to think that Singh is next in line for a shot after that. Toby Muresianu re-enters the Top Ten after a main event win over Joe Eurell, while Greg Roque moves up a spot after defeating Sarah Fatemi in an undercard. We end the bracket with the Top Ten return of Sarah Keller, who jumps up five spots after defeating Jay Light.

11. Isaac Hirsch 11-5
12. Ashley Johnson 11-3
13. Doug Fager 12-11-1
14. Joe Eurell 15-14-2
15. Dan Nolan 14-13
16. Dylan Sullivan 7-4
17. Billy Anderson 8-4
18. John-Michael Bond 9-5
19. Jay Light 16-20-2
20. Zach Stein 12-11-1

Isaac Hirsch gets a very gracious five spot bump after three people ahead of him drop out of the rankings and another two lose. The latter two battlers fall to #12 (Ashley Johnson) and #14 (Joe Eurell) after taking losses to Top Ten fighters. Billy Anderson moves up three spots after defeating Kyle Anderson, while Jay Light moves up a few spots after splitting the loss to Sarah Keller with a win over Josh Waldron. Zach Stein closes out the bracket by moving up nine spots following his win over Alice Hamilton.

21. Tom Whalen 9-4
22. Jacob Trimmer 8-5-1
23. Ryan Nesen 7-1
24. Lou Misiano 7-5
25. Armando Torres 6-6-1
26. Albert Escobedo 8-4
27. Tony Bartolone 9-9
28. Kelsey Lane 10-9-1
29. Robyn Blake 6-2
30. Zahra Ali 5-3

Limited movement here, as both Ryan Nesen and Lou Misiano jump up nine spots following their respective wins over Russell Ells and Heather Marulli.

31. Russell Ells 5-1
32. Todd Walker 5-1
33. Robin Tran 5-10-1
34. Evan Cassidy 6-5
35. Julian Fernandez 8-8
36. Sarah Fatemi 7-4
37. Anthony Davis 4-0
38. April Lotshaw 6-4
39. Kim McVicar 4-1
40. Caesar Lizardo 10-11

Russell Ells, Julian Fernandez, and Sarah Fatemi all drop a single spot after taking losses (Fernandez dropped a battle to unranked Kelly McInerney). Anthony Davis ran his undefeated streak to four with a win over the returning Evan Cassidy, who jumps back into the rankings at 34 after previously falling out due to inactivity at #25. Davis moves up eight spots with his win.

41. Rebecca Rush 5-2
42. Heather Marulli 7-8
43. Tim McGorry 7-8
44. Paige Wesley 8-14
45. Deirdre Devlin 5-5
46. Gary Curtis 3-0
47. Digits 6-5
48. Kevin Mac 6-4-1
49. Guam Felix 8-9
50. Kelly McInerney 2-1

Heather Marulli drops a couple spots with her loss to Lou Misiano, while Kelly McInerney makes her rankings debut following the win over Julian Fernandez.


Here are all the battles scheduled for January featuring multiple ranked fighters.

January 7 – MAIN EVENT: Greg Roque (8) vs. Doug Fager (13)

January 14 – Anthony Davis (37) vs. Rebecca Rush (41)… MAIN EVENT: Albert Escobedo (26) vs. April Lotshaw (38)

January 21 – Kim McVicar (39) vs. Gary Curtis (46)… MAIN EVENT: Joe Eurell (14) vs. Guam Felix (49)

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