Welcome back to the Roast Battle Power Rankings, where we break down the brightest stars in our fine sport. Before we begin this month, we must offer a heartfelt apology. Last month, Roast Battle hosted an event at the Ontario Improv. The event consisted of four battles that were all rematches from the Belly Room, and the battlers were told that these weren’t official fights. Well imagine their horror – their utter dismay – when the battles were counted towards their records in last months rankings. Even though the wins or losses didn’t affect their actual rankings (something we made very clear), we can’t imagine how mentally and emotionally crushing it must be to look at your five losses and know deep down that you should only have four. Oh, the humanity. We never meant to cause such pain, and after receiving several frantic messages from concerned parties, we have decided to make it right and STRIKE THOSE BATTLES FROM THE RECORD. A truly wonderful moment for all the battlers who lost in Ontario. We apologize profusely for the panic attacks we caused that day, and we hope that these corrected records will make it all better. You stupid bunch of babies.

Anyway, on to the rankings!

Top Ten

1. Brett Erickson 12-1
2. Nicole Becannon 15-8
3. Bryan Vokey 12-3
4. Omid Singh 22-11
5. Alex Duong 17-9
6. Quentin Thomas 14-5-1
7. Keith Carey 20-22
8. Pat Barker 22-10-2
9. Joe Eurell 15-13-2
10. Toby Muresianu 15-5

We’ve officially got a new Belly Room Champion, and his name is Brett Erickson. After making history with a record 10-0 run to start his career, Erickson finally ascended to the top of the mountain by taking the title from Alex Duong two weeks ago. Erickson intends to be a fighting champ too, as he’s already lined up his first title defense for early February. Duong, the reigning Battler of the Year, drops to number five with the loss. Quentin Thomas leapfrogs Keith Carey and Pat Barker after his win over Albert Escobedo and firmly cements himself in the title conversation as a result. Lastly, Joe Eurell rolls back into the top ten following a win over Kelsey Lane.

11. Ashley Johnson 10-2
12. Greg Roque 11-4
13. Isaac Hirsch 11-4
14. Frank Castillo 13-12
15. Alex Hooper 16-9
16. Sarah Keller 15-5-2
17. Doug Fager 12-11-1
18. Dan Nolan 14-13
19. Dylan Sullivan 7-4
20. John-Michael Bond 9-5

Ashley Johnson moves up from 17 to 11 after his win over Isaac Hirsch, who falls from 9 to 13. Johnson becomes the latest new wave battler to work his way up to the doorstep of the top ten on the strength of a series of memorable performances and a stellar win-loss record. Dylan Sullivan makes his top 20 debut at number 19 after beating Alice Hamilton in a fight that will be a serious contender for Undercard of the Year come Roastie season.

21. Jacob Trimmer 8-5-1
22. Jay Light 15-18-2
23. Armando Torres 6-6-1
24. Billy Anderson 7-4
25. Albert Escobedo 8-4
26. Tony Bartolone 9-9
27. Tom Whalen 8-4
28. Kelsey Lane 10-9-1
29. Zach Stein 11-11-1
30. Russell Ells 5-0

Billy Anderson jumps three spots after splitting a win over Kelsey Lane and a loss to Julian Fernandez. Albert Escobedo re-enters the rankings after moving back to LA and putting up a great fight against Quentin Thomas. After a then-record 8-0 start to his battle career, Escobedo has taken four straight losses. Hopefully the move out of Indiana and back to the City of Angels will help him regain his early fighting form. Lastly, Kelsey Lane drops eight spots after the losses to Joe Eurell and Billy Anderson.

31. Robyn Blake 6-2
32. Julian Fernandez 8-6
33. Ryan Nesen 6-1
34. Lou Misiano 6-5
35. Zahra Ali 5-3
36. Todd Walker 5-1
37. Tim McGorry 7-6
38. Caesar Lizardo 10-10
39. Robin Tran 5-10-1
40. Sarah Fatemi 6-3

After having an impressive win streak snapped a couple months back, Julian Fernandez returns to form with a win over Billy Anderson, jumping from 39 to 32 in the process. Ryan Nesen jumps up four spots after defeating Caesar Lizardo in an awful battle and losing to Lou Misiano in a great one. Misiano takes a six spot jump to 34 following the win, while Lizardo tumbles six spots following the loss. We close out the bracket with Sarah Fatemi, who goes from 46 to 40 after her win against Deirdre Devlin.

41. April Lotshaw 6-4
42. Heather Marulli 7-7
43. Paige Wesley 8-13
44. Rebecca Rush 5-2
45. Anthony Davis 3-0
46. Gary Curtis 3-0
47. Kim McVicar 3-1
48. Kevin Mac 6-4-1
49. Guam Felix 8-9
50. Steven Alan Green 5-5

We start at 44, where Rebecca Rush sits after beating the hell out of Mia Mars at the beginning of the month. Gary Curtis makes his rankings debut at 46 after moving to 3-0 with a win over Jasmin Leigh, and we welcome a couple of old faces at the bottom of the rankings. First, the return of door guy Guam Felix, who was once one of the most feared battlers in the game with a 6-0 record and top 20 ranking. Then came an epic losing streak and a semi-retirement from the sport, all leading up to Felix reemerging and delivering a beatdown to Digits. Welcome back to the top 50, Guam. And last but not least, Steven Alan Green has overcome a really shaky start to his battling career to deliver a handful of wins and some really memorable performances. He makes his rankings debut after defeating Juan Cias.


Here are all the battles for November featuring multiple ranked fighters.

November 5: MAIN EVENT: Tom Whalen (27) vs. Paige Wesley (43)… MAIN EVENT #2: Nicole Becannon (2) vs. Jay Light (22)

November 12: Tim McGorry (37) vs. Sarah Fatemi (40)

November 19: MAIN EVENT: Billy Anderson (24) vs. Tim McGorry (37)… MAIN EVENT #2: Ashley Johnson (11) vs. Caesar Lizardo (38)

November 26: THREE ROUND MAIN EVENT: Pat Barker (8) vs. Isaac Hirsch (13)

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