After 41 consecutive months with an updated rankings post, the Verbal Violence team finally missed one at the start of September. The streak that started in April of 2016 was finally broken, but the result is a jam-packed Volume 42 that includes two months worth of battles to catch up on. Double the battles! Double the rankings shakeups! Let’s get this shit caught up!

Top Ten

1. Alex Duong 17-8
2. Nicole Becannon 15-8
3. Bryan Vokey 12-3
4. Omid Singh 22-11
5. Keith Carey 20-22
6. Pat Barker 22-10-2
7. Quentin Thomas 14-5-1
8. Brett Erickson 11-1
9. Isaac Hirsch 12-3
10. Toby Muresianu 15-5

As we cover two months worth of battles, the most important movement comes as a result of the main event just last week. Bryan Vokey avenged a 2018 loss to Omid Singh by winning the rematch – he moves up from 5 to 3 in the process, passing Singh as he falls from 2 to 4. Quentin Thomas moves up four spots after tying New York’s Stewart Fullerton and defeating Tom Whalen (he also defeated Whalen in a rematch at the Ontario Improv that affects his record but not his ranking). Lastly, Brett Erickson clocks in at number 8, a two-spot jump after defeating Tim McGorry. In three weeks, Erickson will take his nearly perfect 11-1 resume into a three-round war with Alex Duong for the Roast Battle Title in Duong’s first championship defense.

11. Joe Eurell 14-13-2
12. Greg Roque 11-4
13. Frank Castillo 13-12
14. Alex Hooper 16-9
15. Sarah Keller 15-5-2
16. Doug Fager 12-11-1
17. Ashley Johnson 10-2
18. Dan Nolan 14-13
19. John-Michael Bond 9-5
20. Kelsey Lane 10-8-1

We start with a great month for Team Murderball, as Joe Eurell leaps from 15 to 11 after demolishing Digits and Greg Roque moves up six spots from 18 to 12 after whooping up on Julian Fernandez (and judge Tony Hinchcliffe) and Silvia Saige. Doug Fager drops from 13 to 16 following his loss to New York’s Drew Drevyanko, while Ashley Johnson moves from 21 to 17 after defeating Josh Waldron in a main event. We close this bracket with the Top 20 debut of Kelsey Lane, who jumps 10 spots after a short-notice draw with Jay Light and an absolute massacre of April Lotshaw.

21. Jacob Trimmer 8-6-1
22. Jay Light 15-18-2
23. Armando Torres 6-6-1
24. Tony Bartolone 9-9
25. Dylan Sullivan 6-4
26. Jono Zalay 7-2
27. Billy Anderson 6-3
28. Tom Whalen 8-5
29. Zach Stein 11-11-1
30. Russell Ells 5-0

Jay Light moves up from 27 to 22 following his draw with Kelsey Lane (and the rankings departure of three former Top 20 battlers due to inactivity). Armando Torres returned from a substantial layoff with a win over Julian Fernandez, jumping from 31 to 23. Dylan Sullivan levels up from 33 to 25 following his victory over Cole Alexander last week, while Tom Whalen falls from 25 to 28 thanks to his loss to Quentin Thomas. Zach Stein, like Jay Light, also gets to feel the rankings bump from a quality tie and others getting kicked off the list. Stein moves up from 35 to 29 following his main event draw with Josh Waldron.

31. Robyn Blake 6-2
32. Caesar Lizardo 10-9
33. Movses Shakarian 6-5
34. Zahra Ali 5-3
35. Todd Walker 5-1
36. Tim McGorry 7-6
37. Ryan Nesen 5-0
38. Robin Tran 5-10-1
39. Julian Fernandez 7-6
40. Lou Misiano 5-6

Robyn Blake continued her winning ways with a victory over Stephanie Wain, moving up to 31 in the process. Tim McGorry falls from 32 to 36 after taking losses to both Brett Erickson and Deirdre Devlin, while Ryan Nesen jumps seven spots after running his record to 5-0 following a win over Paulina Combow. It was a couple of months to forget for Julian Fernandez, who took losses to both Greg Roque and Armando Torres and dropped from 34 to 39 as a result. Lastly, Lou Misiano takes a three-spot tumble following a loss to Paige Wesley in a classic main event back in August.

41. April Lotshaw 6-4
42. Heather Marulli 7-7
43. Paige Wesley 9-13
44. Anthony Davis 3-0
45. Kim McVicar 3-1
46. Sarah Fatemi 5-3
47. Kevin Mac 6-4-1
48. Brian McDaniel 5-4
49. Deirdre Devlin 4-4
50. Rebecca Rush 4-2

We close the final bracket with some new names and some returning ones. Let’s start with the new, as we welcome Anthony Davis (44) and Kim McVicar (45) to the rankings for the first time after both posted dominant wins over the last two months. We also welcome back Paige Wesley (43), Kevin Mac (47), and Deirdre Devlin (49). Wesley and Devlin fell out of the ranks for a very short period before clawing their way back in, while Kevin Mac slots in at 47 after winning his return battle after a long layoff. We also get slight movement from April Lotshaw, who moves up four spots after splitting a win over Mark Stevens and a loss to Kelsey Lane, and Sarah Fatemi who jumps two spots after a win over Roy Ellison.


As a new way to close out the rankings, here’s a sneak peak at all of the battles for October featuring two ranked competitors:

October 1: Caesar Lizardo (32) vs. Ryan Nesen (37)… MAIN EVENT: Billy Anderson (27) vs. Julian Fernandez (39)

October 8: Sarah Fatemi (46) vs. Deirdre Devlin (49)… MAIN EVENT: Joe Eurell (11) vs. Kelsey Lane (20)

October 22: THREE ROUND TITLE MATCH: Alex Duong (1) vs. Brett Erickson (8)

October 29: MAIN EVENT: Kelsey Lane (20) vs. Billy Anderson (27)… MAIN EVENT #2: Isaac Hirsch (9) vs. Ashley Johnson (17)

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