July was a big month for roasts on both coasts, as the Belly Room show rolled out its nominations for the fifth annual Roastie Awards (results coming Wednesday!) and our sister show, Comedy Fight Club, finally moved into their new home at The Stand in New York City. While all this was going on, Jeff Ross’ Roastmasters Invitational made a triumphant return to the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, where local legend K. Trevor Wilson defeated Jimmy Carr in the finals to take home the championship. Let’s take a look at how the rankings moved this month.

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Alex Duong 17-8
2. Omid Singh 22-10
3. Nicole Becannon 15-8
4. Keith Carey 20-22
5. Bryan Vokey 11-3
6. Pat Barker 22-10-2
7. Isaac Hirsch 11-3
8. Toby Muresianu 15-5
9. Frank Castillo 13-12
10. Brett Erickson 10-1

After months of stagnation in the Top Ten, we finally have some really significant shakeup. Omid Singh added to his Roast Battle Legend status by ending the career-long undefeated streak of Brett Erickson, then he went to Montreal and split a win and a loss. The win tied him with Pat Barker for the all-time record, and if Singh wasn’t currently living overseas he’d have to be considered the top contender for the title. As it stands, he’ll have to settle for a #2 overall ranking. Bryan Vokey moves into the Top 5 after defeating Zach Stein, while Isaac Hirsch moves up to 7 following a win over Jacob Trimmer. Lastly, Brett Erickson’s epic winning streak has finally come to a close, but he still makes his Top Ten debut after splitting a win over Mark Stevens and a loss to Omid Singh. Erickson will be competing in a Number One Contenders match this month with an October title shot on the line as Alex Duong finally prepares to defend his belt.

New York Top Ten

1. Mark Benjamin
2. Jessica Fleischer
3. Drew Drevyanko
4. Dave Sirus
5. Robbie Goodwin
6. Isabel Hagen
7. Joel Walkowski
8. Catherine Zini
9. Patrick Schroeder
10. Jerry Martinez

(Ed. Note: All comments below, unless otherwise noted, are directly from Comedy Fight Club commissioner Matt Maran)

It’s our first rankings since we’ve moved into our new home, The Stand Comedy Club! A lot has happened since our last rankings came out a couple of month ago. At Skankfest, Mark Benjamin became the Undisputed Comedy Fight Club Champion, defeating Robbie Goodwin in the main event! Also at Skankfest, former CFC Champ Drew Drevyanko had a very impressive win over Katie Boyle. Drevyanko will be facing Jessica Fleischer on August 20th to determine our next contender to Mark’s championship. Former Roastmasters favorites Joel Walkowski and Patrick Schroeder return to the rankings. Walkowski shined in our first fight at The Stand with a victory over Sabrina Piper. And Patrick Schroeder took home a win at Skankfest against Anthony Passaretti. Finally, Catherine Zini moves up to Number 8 after picking up a win over Dan Wickes in our last main event before switching venues.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Quentin Thomas 12-5
12. Leah Kayajanian 14-10-1
13. Doug Fager 12-10-1
14. Alex Hooper 16-9
15. Joe Eurell 13-13-2
16. Sarah Keller 15-5-2
17. Jeanne Whitney 8-5
18. Greg Roque 9-4
19. Dan Nolan 14-13
20. John-Michael Bond 9-5

Quentin Thomas moves up to number 11 after a win over Julian Fernandez. His next test will be Comedy Fight Club battler Stuart Fullerton as the Belly Room hosts a pair of LA vs. NYC fights next week. The other one will feature #13 Doug Fager taking on former Fight Club champion Drew Drevyanko in a five joke main event. Joe Eurell moves into the top 15 after defeating Deirdre Devlin last week as he also tries to position himself for a future title shot. Expect a busy next year for title fights after a slow last six months. And speaking of champions, a big congratulations to former Roast Battle Champion Leah Kayajanian who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this month. Leah is a first-ballot Roast Battle Hall of Famer and if her daughter is half as vicious and cutting as her jokes she’s gonna make one hell of a bully in a few years.

New York 11-20

11. Chloe McGovern
12. Paul Hooper
13. Jake Vevera
14. Bobby Sheehan
15. Pedro Gonzalez
16. Stu Melton
17. Dan Wickes
18. Dan Abraham
19. George Fernandez
20. Erica Spera

Former Champion Jake Vevera moves up to 13 after an incredible main event victory over Lindsey Jennings. This one really has to be seen. Check out The Stand’s Youtube Channel for all of the best CFC fights. This one certainly qualified. Bobby Sheehan’s fight vs. Andrew Manning is also up online. Bobby was named fighter of the night for our first night at The Stand after this performance and that lands him in the top 15 for the first time. After an impressive win over Anya Volz, Pedro Gonzalez moves into the top 15 as well. A favorite at CFC, Stu Melton lands at 16 after a victory over Pauline Murphy. Melton will look to continue his winning streak in the main event against Paul Hooper on August 6th.

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Ashley Johnson 8-2
22. Jacob Trimmer 8-5-1
23. Rena Hundert 7-3
24. Tony Bartolone 9-9
25. Tom Whalen 8-3
26. Jono Zalay 7-2
27. Jay Light 15-18-1
28. Billy Anderson 6-3
29. Joel Walkowski 14-8
30. Kelsey Lane 9-7

Very limited movement here, as the only active participant this month was Jacob Trimmer. His return to the Roast Battle ring resulted in a loss to Isaac Hirsch, dropping him to 22. We’d like to also take a moment to recognize a little bit of history here, as New York’s Joel Walkowski becomes the first battler in the history of the rankings (almost four years!) to be ranked in LA and NYC simultaneously. Walkowski earned his Los Angeles ranking when he flew out here twice in six months and defeated Keith Carey and Zach Stein – he’s only got one more month in the west coast rankings before he drops out due to inactivity, but it’s worth noting this very impressive achievement.

New York 21-30

21. Anya Volz
22. Mikey Mayes
23. Sally Ann Hall
24. Alison Klemp
25. Pauline Murphy
26. Leo Volf
27. Jill Weiner
28. KP Burke
29. Rob Ryan
30. Patrick Haggerty

It was an up and down couple of months for Pauline Murphy. After a loss to Stu Melton, she came in strong at The Stand with a win over KP Burke and she remains in our rankings at 25 The first woman to ever hold the CFC Championship, Jill Weiner, picked up a win over Moriah Sterling and will be facing Katie Boyle in what is sure to be a great fight on the August 6th show. And finally, making his long deserved debut in the CFC rankings is Patrick Haggerty! He’s a weirdo. But he’s our weirdo. You can see his fight against Connor Creagan on The Stand’s Youtube channel from our opening night at the club. Haggerty has been doing CFC for almost 3 years now and he has long been one of our favorites! Look out for more from him as we keep on rolling at The Stand!

The shows at the new club have been great so far. And the club itself is fantastic. If you’re in NY, The Stand is right in Union Square and it is the best club in the city. Every Tuesday night at 10:30 for $10, you can see Comedy Fight Club! Get tickets online at TheStandNYC.com with the promo code “CFC” for $5 tix. And we have the judges table back. We’ve already had Rich Vos, Luis J Gomez, Kim Congdon, Corinne Fisher, Eli Sairs, Aaron Berg, Monroe Martin, Scott Chaplain. Big Jay Oakerson will be back! And so much more! You gotta come out and see this show!

Los Angeles 31-50

31. Armando Torres 5-6-1
32. Tim McGorry 7-4
33. Dylan Sullivan 5-4
34. Julian Fernandez 7-4
35. Zach Stein 11-11
36. Russell Ells 5-0
37. Lou Misiano 5-4
38. Caesar Lizardo 10-9
39. Movses Shakarian 6-5
40. Robyn Blake 5-2

Rough month for the majority of this bracket, as Julian Fernandez, Zach Stein, and Lou Misiano all took losses. Fernandez and Stein drop two spots apiece after losing to higher-ranked battlers, while Misiano falls three spots after losing to Robyn Blake. Blake makes her rankings debut at 40 after rattling off two wins this month; an early-July win over Bear Badeaux and the late-July defeat of Misiano.

41. Zahra Ali 5-3
42. Todd Walker 5-1
43. Robin Tran 5-10-1
44. Ryan Nesen 4-0
45. April Lotshaw 5-3
46. Heather Marulli 7-7
47. Brian McDaniel 5-4
48. Sarah Fatemi 4-3
49. Rebecca Rush 4-2
50. Alice Hamilton 4-3

Todd Walker re-enters the ranks at 42 after defeating Lou Vahram, while Rebecca Rush drops to 49 after a loss to Josh Edelman. The final spot here came down to Alice Hamilton and Mia Mars, who both posted 1-1 records in July (Hamilton lost to Kiernan Benkoil and beat Mars, while Mars defeated Deirdre Devlin and lost to Hamilton). Using their head-to-head battle as a tiebreaker, Alice Hamilton grabs the last spot and rounds out Volume 41 of the rankings.

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