Welcome to the 40th edition of the Power Rankings! Before we get into the June rankings, a few notes.

1) These rankings are being posted a couple days late, but do NOT take into account last night’s (July 2) battles. These only represent the rankings through the end of June.

2) We didn’t receive the New York rankings for this month; expect them to return next month.

3) Stay tuned for the Roasties! The fifth annual version of the awards will be rolled out later this month with a preview column and official ballots going out.

And now, let’s check out the ranks for the past month.

1. Alex Duong 17-8
2. Nicole Becannon 15-8
3. Keith Carey 20-22
4. Pat Barker 22-10-2
5. Toby Muresianu 15-5
6. Omid Singh 20-9
7. Frank Castillo 13-12
8. Leah Kayajanian 14-10-1
9. Bryan Vokey 10-3
10. Isaac Hirsch 10-3

For the second straight month, the top ten remains unchanged. With many of the top battlers taking a bunch of fights on the road in March and April, we’ve entered into a period of Belly Room recovery for a lot of the top tier. Speaking of road gigs, the only tweak to this bracket comes to Toby Muresianu’s record, as he improves to 15-5 after defeating Doug Fager at the Ontario Improv.

11. Brett Erickson 9-0
12. Doug Fager 12-10-1
13. Alex Hooper 16-9
14. Quentin Thomas 11-5
15. Sarah Keller 15-5-2
16. Jeanne Whitney 8-5
17. Greg Roque 9-4
18. Dan Nolan 14-13
19. Jacob Trimmer 8-4-1
20. Joe Eurell 12-13-2

Brett Erickson moves to the verge of the top ten after defeating Tony Bartolone to move to an unprecedented 9-0 start to his battle career. Quentin Thomas jumps up a couple spots to 14 after defeating Ricky Macias in an undercard, and that wraps up the movement here. Again, couple of Ontario notes – Dan Nolan improves to 14-13 after beating Paige Wesley there, while Greg Roque (17) and Joe Eurell (20) have to settle for a Roast Report shoutout after defeating Cory and Chad The Smash Brothers in the best tag team battle we’ve ever had. Tag team battles don’t affect records, but let the record show that those two killed it.

21. John-Michael Bond 9-5
22. Ashley Johnson 8-2
23. Rena Hundert 7-3
24. Tony Bartolone 9-9
25. Tom Whalen 8-3
26. Jono Zalay 7-2
27. Jay Light 15-18-1
28. Billy Anderson 6-3
29. Joel Walkowski 14-8
30. Kelsey Lane 9-7

Bartolone falls to 24 after his loss to Brett Erickson, while Ashley Johnson and Tom Whalen both jump up five spots after their respective wins over Deirdre Devlin and New York’s Sabrina Piper.

31. Armando Torres 5-6-1
32. Julian Fernandez 7-3
33. Zach Stein 11-10
34. Lou Misiano 5-3
35. Tim McGorry 7-4
36. Dylan Sullivan 5-4
37. Russell Ells 5-0
38. Caesar Lizardo 10-9
39. Movses Shakarian 6-5
40. Zahra Ali 5-3

Zach Stein’s defeat of Lou Misiano leads to a big momentum swing – Stein moves from 40 to 33, while Misiano drops from 29 to 34. Ahead of both of them, however, is the man with the most low-key, under-the-radar win streak currently going. If I asked what battler has the best record on the entire show over the last calendar year, you probably wouldn’t guess Julian Fernandez. But after a 2-3 start to his battle career, Fernandez has rattled off five straight wins. His latest victory over Robyn Blake moves him up to 32.

41. Robin Tran 5-10-1
42. Ryan Nesen 4-0
43. April Lotshaw 5-3
44. Heather Marulli 7-7
45. Rebecca Rush 4-1
46. Brian McDaniel 5-4
47. Deirdre Devlin 3-2
48. Sarah Fatemi 4-3
49. Digits 3-3
50. Micah Bleich 3-1

The bottom bracket of the rankings is usually full of movement and new faces. But, uh, not this month. Robin Tran splits an Ontario loss (George Perez) with a Clusterfest win (Earl Skakel) in battles that don’t affect her ranking. Ryan Nesen moves to 4-0 with a win over Cole Alexander – that mark will ensure him some consideration for Rookie of the Year at the Roasties. Deirdre Devlin drops to 47 after her loss to Ashley Johnson, while Sarah Fatemi’s win over Digits drops him down to 49 and leads to her rankings debut at 48.

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