June 2016 was an historic month for Roast Battle, as a Comedy
Central taping paired with perhaps the best battle in show’s three year run to
provide an endless supply of insane highlights. It also provided LOTS of
movement towards the top of the rankings, as 10 of the top 12 battlers from
last month’s rankings stepped into the ring and delivered mixed results. There
were a lot of difficult decisions for The Committee this month, and the end
results are as follows.

1. Alex Hooper 9-2
2. Pat Barker 9-3
3. Keith Carey 9-6
4. Earl Skakel 5-1-1
5. Jay Light 9-6
6. Connor McSpadden 6-2
7. Olivia Grace 5-2-1
8. Leah Kayajanian 6-4-1
9. Joe Dosch 8-5-1
10. Toby Muresianu 5-3

Number one overall Alex Hooper retains his top spot after a
convincing win over Guy Branum during the Comedy Central taping. Keith Carey had
one of the best months in recent memory – a win over Joe Dosch in the battle of
the night during the CC tapings, and a triple OT loss to Pat Barker in a battle
that is being called the greatest in the history of the show – but still
managed to drop a spot as Barker leapfrogged him. Tough break. Number four Earl
Skakel’s 2016 has been ludicrous… a win at RiotLA over Olivia Grace, a win over
Carey in a surprise last-minute battle, a draw with Dosch that ended with the
two of them savagely beating Judge Joe Derosa, and most recently the
performance of the night with his brutal decimation of roast writing legend
Jesse Joyce in front of the Comedy Central cameras. Not bad for a guy who only
had three battles coming into the year.

Jay Light had a sensational month as well – it started with a
main event win over Tom Goss in the Belly Room and ended with him back in his
hometown of Austin, TX, beating Ashley Barnhill in another CC Road to Roast
Battle taping. The big months for the new Top 5 were bad news for Connor
McSpadden, who dropped three spots without even stepping in the ring. Olivia
Grace’s return to the Belly Room and solid win over Leah Kayajanian were enough
to propel her back into the Top Ten, while Kayajanian drops four spots with the
loss. Dosch’s loss to Carey drops him three spots, and Toby Muresianu survives
all the chaos around him and remains at number ten.

11. Omid Singh 9-4
12. Kim Congdon 6-2
13. Tony Bartolone 4-0
14. Dan Nolan 6-3
15. Rich Slaton 4-3
16. Tom Goss 4-3
17. Jeff Sewing 3-0-1
18. Doug Fager 4-3
19. Frank Castillo 8-6
20. Alex Duong 5-4

Omid Singh’s rare double loss with Robbie Kirkhuff was enough
to drop him out of the top ten. Kim Congdon, Tony Bartolone, and Rich Slaton
are the beneficiaries of other people’s losses, as they all hop up a spot or
two. Speaking of those other people, Dan Nolan and Tom Goss drop to 14 and 16,
respectively, after being defeated in main events in June. 17-19 is unchanged,
and Alex Duong cracks the Top 20 for the first time after a dominant win over
Nick Petrillo at the end of the month. Fun fact about Duong – he’s done two
main events in the last two months and has lost a grand total of zero rounds,
which is virtually impossible in that room. Quite an impressive run for the new
#20 overall.

21. Jerron Horton 4-4
22. Stuart Thompson 5-4
23. Rena Hundert 3-0
24. Pete Cornacchione 4-7-1
25. Anna Valenzuela 3-1
26. Jeanne Whitney 4-1
27. Evan Cassidy 4-2
28. David Deery 1-1-2
29. Guam Felix 5-1
30. Luke Schwartz 3-2

The next bracket features movement from three big winners in
June. Stuart Thompson’s undercard knockout of Hormoz Rashidi propels him up
five spots. Meanwhile, Anna Valenzuela jumps 11 spots on the strength of a main
event destruction of Josh Waldron. Last but not least, David Deery no longer
holds the distinction of being the best winless battler, as his definitive
upset win over Dan Nolan shocked the Roast Battle world and moved him up 13
spots in the rankings.

31. Mike Schmidt 3-0
32. Mark Stevens 3-0
33. Quentin Moscaritolo 3-1
34. Ramsey Badawi 2-1
35. Hormoz Rashidi 4-4-1
36. Brent Duncan 4-2
37. Sina Amedson 4-5
38. Robbie Kirkhuff 3-1
39. Albert Escobedo 4-0
40. Ryan Broems 2-0

There was very little movement in the top half of this
bracket in June, as 31-34 remain the same. Rashidi’s loss drops him from 25 to
35, while Kirkhuff’s double loss with Singh sends him plummeting nine spots. A
couple of last month’s winners turn up here as well, as Sina Amedson rides an
undercard with over Nat Baimel from 42 to 37, and Albert Escobedo goes from 45
to 39 with a win over Kyle Gridley. Escobedo’s 4-0 record has been largely
written off due to the quality of opponents, fair or not. His upcoming battle
with Joe Eurell will give him an opportunity to prove himself and get a quality
win over an established vet.

41. Wub Savell 3-1
42. Joe Eurell 3-3
43. April Lotshaw 2-1
44. Richie Gaines 2-0
45. Nick Petrillo 3-2
46. Madison Sinclair 2-1
47. Ken Garr 2-1
48. Robbie Goodwin 2-0
49. Rachel Mac 1-0
50. Tony Alfano 2-1

As always, the final bracket features a few new
faces and sees the departure of a few others. Adios to Waldron, Gridley, and
Galina Rivina, and welcome to the rankings for Richie Gaines, Robbie Goodwin,
and Rachel Mac. For Gaines and Goodwin, this is a return to the rankings. Both
were previously ranked following their impressive debuts, but later found
themselves on the cutting room floor as new faces entered. Both are back now
with 2-0 records and will hopefully stick around a little bit longer this time.
Rachel Mac’s excellent debut against Matt LeGrande allows her to debut at 49
and push Tony Alfano to the precipice of disaster. Most of the rest of the
bracket remains pretty similar to last month, with the exception of Nick
Petrillo who took a tumble to 45 after his loss to Duong.

And there you have it! The June 2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat Barker, Josh Waldron, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked month of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on Periscope every Tuesday night!

OH AND ONE LAST ANNOUNCEMENT. The second annual Roastie awards will be given out at the end of the month. The categories are below – please nominate as many worthy people as you can think of to help us settle on a list of final nominees. Comment on the Facebook pages of or Twitter accounts of Roast Battle or any of the people listed above and let us know what you think.


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