April 2019 was a weird one! While the Roast Battle live tour put on five killer shows in Nashville, Huntsville, Houston, Austin, and Denver, the LA version of the show went through a little lull. The combination of top battlers being wiped out from a few months of road battles and A-level Belly Room main events plus a few untimely battle cancelations led to a few of the lightest fight cards in Comedy Store history. I think we’ll all (regrettably) remember where we were when a remodeling Belly Room, decked out in giant trash bags, hosted a main event of Nate Banditelli vs. Berenice Ashikian. No disrespect to either of them, but yikes. Luckily the Belly Room rebrand is done and we have some great main events lined up in May, so the show is looking stronger than ever. Let’s see the movers and shakers for April.

(Ed note: For the second consecutive rankings, New York commentary will be copied directly from an official e-mail from Comedy Fight Club commissioner Matt Maran)

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Alex Duong 17-8
2. Nicole Becannon 15-8
3. Keith Carey 20-22
4. Pat Barker 22-10-2
5. Toby Muresianu 14-5-1
6. Omid Singh 20-9
7. Frank Castillo 13-12
8. Leah Kayajanian 14-10-1
9. Bryan Vokey 10-3
10. Isaac Hirsch 10-3

For the first time in the history of the rankings, the Top Ten remains completely unchanged. While the ranks don’t move for road battles, the records do, so let’s just sort those out. Nicole Becannon went 1-2 (lost to Sarah Keller in Nashville and Pat Barker in Huntsville before beating Keith Carey in Houston), Carey went 0-3 (losses to Barker in Nashville, Keller in Huntsville, and Becannon in Houston), and Barker went 3-1 (wins over Carey in Nashville, Becannon in Huntsville, and Doug Fager in Denver, with a loss in Houston to local comic Radu Bondar mixed in). In the process, Barker tied the all-time record for Roast Battle wins (20) in Nashville, broke the record the following night, and extended the mark two weeks later in Denver.

New York Top Ten

1. Mark Benjamin
2. Dave Sirus
3. Dan Wickes
4. Jerry Martinez
5. Jake Vevera
6. Drew Drevyanko
7. Paul Hooper
8. Catherine Zini
9. Dan Abraham
10. Chloe McGovern

Mark Benjamin defeated George Fernandez to become our Interim CFC champion and will compete in the main event for the New Comedy Fight Club Championship at the greatest comedy festival in the world, Skankfest (June 21-23)! (Ed note: Roast Battle will be at Comedy Central’s Clusterfest on the 21st and we’re contractually obligated to say that that one is in fact the greatest comedy festival in the world) Mia Faith Hammond was at #8 and after a double overtime win against Isabel Hagen would still be in our top 10 but has decided to step away from the CFC Arena for a bit. Hopefully she will be back sooner rather than later. That made room in the top 10 for Chloe McGovern! She will be competing in our biggest tournament to date, CFC XX! Eight of our top fighters will compete over the next month to determine who will face Mark Benjamin for the CFC Championship at Skankfest. Chloe goes into this tournament as one of the favorites and will be facing Isabel Hagen in round one. Dan Abraham moves up to Number 9 after an impressive win over Alison Klemp.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Alex Hooper 16-9
12. Jeanne Whitney 8-5
13. Greg Roque 9-4
14. Brett Erickson 8-0
15. Quentin Thomas 10-5
16. Dan Nolan 13-13
17. Doug Fager 11-9-1
18. Jacob Trimmer 8-4-1
19. Sarah Keller 14-5-2
20. Tony Bartolone 9-8

Quentin Thomas drops a few spots following his loss to Ashley Johnson, and that covers basically all of the movement in this bracket (everyone gets a one-spot bump following the removal of Jamar Neighbors due to inactivity). As in the first bracket, we have a couple of road notes – first, Doug Fager falls to 11-9-1 with an overtime loss to Pat Barker in Denver. Secondly, nobody is getting killed more by the rule of road battles not affecting rankings than Sarah Keller. After defeating reigning Belly Room champ Alex Duong at SXSW in March, she put up a perfect April with road wins over former champ Nicole Becannon, two-time Battler of the Year Keith Carey, and Houston comic Zahid Dewji on his home turf. That run has brought her record to a very impressive 14-5-2 while still keeping her down at a #19 spot that she’s clearly outperformed.

New York 11-20

11. George Fernandez
12. Erica Spera
13. Anya Volz
14. Mikey Mayes
15. Isabel Hagen
16. Stu Melton
17. Leo Volf
18. Jessica Fleischer
19. Sally Ann Hall
20. Anthony Passaretti

George Fernandez won CFC XIX but then fell short in his interim title fight against Mark Benjamin. He is still one of our best battlers and is now ranked at number 11. Stu Melton fell short in our tournament final against George Fernandez and falls in the rankings to number 17. At number 13 Anya Volz is ready for CFC XX as she will be fighting Jay Welch in the first round. Also competing in CFC XX will be Mikey Mayes and Jessica Fleischer! These two CFC veterans will face off in round one. Isabel Hagen, our feisty viola player, stands strong at number 15 after a wild main event against Mia Faith Hammond. Isabel lost in double overtime, but not before she was able to land a Franz Schubert reference in a roast battle. I’m sure that has got to be a first. Isabel is changing the game out here!

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Joe Eurell 12-13-2
22. Rena Hundert 7-3
23. Jono Zalay 7-2
24. Jay Light 15-18-1
25. Ashley Johnson 7-2
26. Tom Whalen 7-2
27. Joel Walkowski 14-8
28. John-Michael Bond 8-4
29. Lou Misiano 5-2
30. Dylan Sullivan 5-3

Finally, a little bit of movement. Ashley Johnson jumps from 32 to 25 with his main event win over Quentin Thomas pushes him to an impressive 7-2 record. Lou Misiano continues to take Roast Battle by storm with his 1980’s WWF heel schtick, as he backed up his ballsy theatrics with two wins this month (over Johnny Stewart and Mark Stevens). As a result, he takes a 12 spot leap and completely skips a bracket, going from 41 to 29. Finally, we get Dylan Sullivan, who pulled off a win in a tremendous battle with Zach Stein that was switched from three jokes to five on the fly. Sullivan jumps from 37 to 30 with the win.

New York 21-30

21. Alison Klemp
22. Robbie Goodwin
23. Rob Ryan
24. Jill Weiner
25. Jay Welch
26. KP Burke
27. Boris Khaykin
28. Bobby Sheehan
29. Pauline Murphy
30. Ben Miller

Robbie Goodwin comes in at number 22 this month. He will be facing Bobby Sheehan (28) in round one of CFC XX. Bobby moves up a couple of spots in the rankings after defeating Roastmasters veteran Pedro Gonzalez. Jay Welch debuts in the rankings after a win over Suzanne Lea Shepherd. Jay has been doing these roasts for a long time and him making it into the top 30 at some point was inevitable. He looks to ride this wave of momentum into his first round matchup in CFC XX against Anya Volz.

Los Angeles 31-50

31. Armando Torres 5-6-1
32. Billy Anderson 5-3
33. Caesar Lizardo 10-8
34. Tim McGorry 7-4
35. Movses Shakarian 6-5
36. Julian Fernandez 6-3
37. Kelsey Lane 8-7
38. Zach Stein 10-10
39. Russell Ells 4-0
40. Robin Tran 4-9-1

Billy Anderson falls five spots after a double-loss with Matt LeGrande in a battle that can be charitably described as “super fucking weird”. He’ll have a chance to rebound with a main event tomorrow night. Tim McGorry takes a three spot tumble following a thorough ass-whooping at the hands of the debuting Portia Bartholomae, while Julian Fernandez moves up seven spots after a win over battle veteran Paige Wesley. Zach Stein continued his trend of having excellent battles end in defeat and falls three spots after his loss to Dylan Sullivan.

41. Heather Marulli 7-7
42. Rebecca Rush 4-1
43. Brian McDaniel 5-4
44. Zahra Ali 4-3
45. Paige Wesley 7-11
46. Micah Bleich 3-1
47. Mia Mars 4-4
48. Ezekiel Echevarria 4-1
49. Alice Hamilton 3-1
50. Todd Walker 4-1

We kick off the final bracket with the return to the rankings of Heather Marulli. She jumps back in at the 41 spot after defeating Deirdre Devlin in a great undercard battle. Paige Wesley’s loss to Julian Fernandez drops her record to 7-11, which is also where she eats most of her meals (sorry). She falls from 42 to 45 with the loss. Todd Walker also drops three spots with his loss to Josh Waldron, and we welcome a new face into the rankings at 49 – Alice Hamilton, who moved to 3-1 after her win over Kim McVicar.

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