Don’t look now, but we’ve entered a little bit of a golden era for Roast Battle. For several months following Season 3 airing on Comedy Central, the cards were full of virgin suicides and underwhelming main events. We would go through entire months with less than ten people moving in the rankings. But in the two months since we published Vol. 33 of the rankings, a staggering 28 of that edition’s Top 50 have stepped in the ring (including 17 of the top 25). This period of top tier Belly Room battles shows no signs of slowing down, as February and March are absolutely loaded with crazy shit you’ll all be finding out about soon. The message to anyone in the rankings is clear – if you want to maintain your spot, you’d better be ready to fight for it.

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Toby Muresianu 14-4-1
2. Nicole Becannon 12-5
3. Pat Barker 19-8-2
4. Alex Duong 15-7
5. Omid Singh 20-9
6. Keith Carey 18-19
7. Leah Kayajanian 14-10-1
8. Bryan Vokey 10-3
9. Jamar Neighbors 7-6
10. Quentin Thomas 10-4

Pat Barker jumps up a couple of spots to number 3 after winning his classic clash with Joe Eurell, while Bryan Vokey re-emerges in the Top Ten by virtue of his victory over Jeanne Whitney.

New York Top Ten

1. Sean Finnerty
2. Mark Benjamin
3. Dave Sirus
4. Paul Hooper
5. Dan Wickes
6. Drew Drevyanko
7. Jerry Martinez
8. JP McDade
9. Catherine Zini
10. Mia Faith Hammond

After a monthlong hiatus while commissioner Matt Maran recovered from (successful?) brain surgery, the Comedy Fight Club Top 30 returns. Champion Sean Finnerty didn’t battle this month but did make his TV debut on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, which is actually probably better. CFC XVIII tournament winner Mark Benjamin awaits his title shot in the #2 slot, while roasting legend Dave Sirus holds strong at number three after beating Catherine Zini (who falls to 9).

And now, for an official statement directly from Matt Maran: “This weekend CFC will be continuing our partnership with Capitol Wrestling and in the middle of a pro wrestling show, we will be bringing them some REAL fights! It went really well a couple of months ago, and on February 2, Drew Drevyanko will be taking on Mikey Mayes! The Comedy Fight Club segments from Capitol Wrestling will be available to watch in the bonus content section of Comedy Fight Club on GAS Digital.”

And now, an official statement from me – sorry we posted this two days after the event happened. Go check out the battles on GAS Digital, guys.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Sarah Keller 10-3-2
12. Doug Fager 11-7-1
13. Joe Eurell 12-11-1
14. Isaac Hirsch 9-3
15. Alex Hooper 14-9
16. Jeanne Whitney 8-5
17. Jacob Trimmer 8-4-1
18. Dan Nolan 12-12
19. Tony Bartolone 9-8
20. Brett Erickson 7-0

Sarah Keller moves up to 11 and joins the prestigious Ten Win Club after defeating Zach Stein, while Joe Eurell drops to 13 following his loss to Pat Barker. Isaac Hirsch jumps up to 14 after an impressive win over Caesar Lizardo in a fantastic battle, and Jeanne Whitney falls to 16 after losing to Bryan Vokey. Finally, we round out the bracket with the still undefeated Brett Erickson, who defeated battle rapper Rahney en route to a 7-0 record. We’ve seen this before – Robbie Goodwin and Albert Escobedo both ran their records to 8-0 with all undercard wins… and then they both moved. It appears as though Erickson will try a different approach, as he has his first main event against a ranked opponent scheduled for later this month. Can his unbeaten streak continue? Only time will tell.

New York 11-20

11. Patrick Schroeder
12. Dan Abraham
13. Jake Vevera
14. Chloe McGovern
15. Erica Spera
16. Anya Volz
17. Sally Ann Hall
18. Leo Volf
19. Mikey Mayes
20. Jessica Fleischer

Dan Abraham jumps up to 12 after an impressive win over former CFC Champion Jake Vevera, who falls to 13. Vevera had a very active winter, losing to Abraham but defeating Chloe McGovern, who falls down to 14. At 15, we have Erica Spera making her rankings debut after defeating Jill Weiner in one of the greatest battles in Comedy Fight Club history. Take it away, Matt: “Listen to it on the Comedy Fight Club Podcast or watch on GAS Digital immediately!” (editors note: blatant plugs from Matt Maran will be credited to him, sort of like how an Instagram butt model has to post #ad on the picture of her enjoying a smoothie or whatever the fuck)

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Jay Light 15-16-1
22. Rena Hundert 7-3
23. Greg Roque 7-3
24. John-Michael Bond 8-4
25. Joel Walkowski 14-8
26. Ashley Johnson 6-1
27. Stuart Thompson 6-6
28. Billy Anderson 4-1
29. Zach Stein 10-8
30. Armando Torres 5-6-1

A lot to cover here. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Rena Hundert falls to 22 after losing to Tom Whalen, while Greg Roque rolls into the 23 spot after defeating Armando Torres (who falls to 30). Zach Stein drops to 29 after the ultra-rare “two losses in a single month” – the aforementioned one to Sarah Keller, and a New Year’s Day loss to New Yorker Joel Walkowski… who becomes the first ever New York roaster to be ranked in the Los Angeles Top 50. It’s a controversial move, but here’s the thought process – in the last year Walkowski has come out to the Belly Room twice. He’s main evented twice. He’s battled really solid competition twice (Stein and Roast Battle legend Keith Carey). And he’s won twice. That resume is undeniable, and The Committee agreed that he had to be ranked. The question just became “where?” Answers ranged everywhere from 15 to 45, and at the end of the day we settled here. FYI – his record includes his other 20 battles at the Roastmasters in NYC (as do the records of Carey, Pat Barker, Alex Hooper, and any other LA comics who battled at The Stand), but none of his battles with Comedy Fight Club since they do not track records.

New York 21-30

21. Rob Ryan
22. Anthony Passaretti
23. Jill Weiner
24. KP Burke
25. Robbie Goodwin
26. Isabel Hagen
27. Jack Finnegan
28. Bobby Sheehan
29. Boris Khaykin
30. George Fernandez

Matt Maran: “Rob Ryan jumps up in the rankings after a victory over former champ Anthony Passaretti… we have a lot of former champions. The Competition in CFC over the last three-and-a-half years has been intense! Either that, or people win the belt and then stop caring… but Anthony Passaretti is the longest reigning champion we’ve ever had! It was just 6 months, but whatever!”

Thank you for breaking down that fourth wall, Matt! Here’s to nobody else winning the belt and then losing interest. Jack Finnegan debuts in the rankings after a win over Bobby Sheehan at the most recent appearance with Capitol Wrestling. Finnegan is also currently in the second round of their tournament CFC XIX and may be one of the favorites to win the whole thing. Also making his rankings debut is Boris Khaykin. Since first fighting in September, he is undefeated in the CFC Arena. Finally, long-time Fight Club competitor and former tournament finalist George Fernandez appears in the rankings for the first-time after rattling off three consecutive wins.

Los Angeles 31-50

31. Tom Whalen 6-2
32. Dylan Sullivan 3-2
33. Caesar Lizardo 10-8
34. Rachel Mac 3-2-1
35. Tim McGorry 6-3
36. Robin Tran 4-8-1
37. Zahra Ali 4-2
38. Brian McDaniel 5-3
39. Lou Misiano 3-2
40. Rebecca Rush 4-1

Lots of activity here! Tom Whalen continues his incredible hot streak by moving to 31 after a win over heavily favored Rena Hundert. Caesar Lizardo was a tough luck loser against Isaac Hirsch and drops a spot as a result. Tim McGorry moves up to 35 after defeating Victor Martinez, while Zahra Ali jumps to 37 after beating Michael Schirtzer. Her battle with Greg Roque awaits at Best of the Belly Room Vol. 2. We close out the Top 40 with two East Coasters – Philadelphia’s Lou Misiano took his cocky heel antics to a new level in an impressive win over Isabella Charlton, while New York’s Rebecca Rush moved to 2-0 in the Belly Room (after going 2-1 at New York’s Roastmasters before switching coasts) with her win over Alex Gettlin.

41. Micah Bleich 3-0
42. Kelsey Lane 7-7
43. Movses Shakarain 5-5
44. Mia Mars 4-3
45. Julian Fernandez 4-3
46. Ezekiel Echevarria 4-1
47. Paige Wesley 6-10
48. Heather Marulli 6-7
49. Mark Stevens 5-6
50. Joe McAvoy 3-0-1

Kelsey Lane continues her yo-yo-ing run through the 40’s with a win over Andrew Ryan Fox that moves her back up from 47 to 42. Mia Mars makes her rankings debut after a great performance in a wildly entertaining battle with Johnny Stewart that was loaded with swagger and antics and side bets. Ezekiel Echevarria moved to a very quiet 4-1 with a win over Joseph Thorne. Put Ezekiel in the category of people who probably need to face some stiffer competition. Finally, Joe McAvoy takes over William Montgomery’s Number 50 Weirdo Spot following his win over Danny Archila. McAvoy has made a battle career out of simply calling his opponents losers, and now he ends up in the ultimate winner’s circle because of it – the highly prestigious Top 50 Power Rankings.

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