Despite being one show shorter than most months because of Christmas falling on a Tuesday, December 2018 was a landmark month for Roast Battle. The first ever Best Of The Belly Room show featured battles from six Top 10 fighters and a controversial title match, and we bid (temporary?) adieu to an absolute legend. Let’s get right into it.

(NOTE: There will be no New York rankings this month as Comedy Fight Club’s commissioner Matt Maran continues to recover from brain surgery. The surgery was a complete success and will no doubt open Maran up to tons of fantastic new roast jokes as other battlers cruelly mock his life-threatening procedure. Get well soon, commish.)

Top Ten

1. Toby Muresianu 14-4-1
2. Nicole Becannon 12-5
3. Alex Duong 15-7
4. Omid Singh 20-9
5. Pat Barker 18-8-2
6. Keith Carey 18-19
7. Leah Kayajanian 14-10-1
8. Jamar Neighbors 7-6
9. Joe Eurell 12-10-2
10. Quentin Thomas 10-4

We start at the top, as Toby Muresianu continued his dominant run with his weakest win in recent memory. After a double-overtime decision was awarded to Muresianu over Leah Kayajanian by a rotating panel of confused judges, he retains the number one spot. Despite the odd judging decisions (highlighted by Earl Skakel declaring that Leah should’ve won but instead of voting that way, giving his vote to non-judge Joe DeRosa, only to have the entire vote nullified), Kayajanian did fail to land a knockout punch in either of the two overtimes. She falls from 4 to 7 as a result. Elsewhere on the Best Of show, #2 Nicole Becannon and #3 Alex Duong posted convincing victories over Robin Tran and Frank Castillo, respectively. They retain their spots on the rankings, and one has to wonder if an Alex Duong title shot is finally on the horizon.

Omid Singh moves up to number four following his dominant victory over Sarah Keller. Singh will be moving to England to start off 2019, and while we at the Roast Report aren’t certain where he’ll end up the year, we do know one thing – Omid Singh is an absolute battle legend. He cemented that status with the win over Keller, becoming the first fighter in the history of the sport to rack up 20 victories. Keith Carey moves up to number 6 following a win over Doug Fager on the Best Of show, while Quentin Thomas cracks the Top 10 for the first time ever following a win over Kelsey Lane.

11. Doug Fager 11-7-1
12. Bryan Vokey 9-3
13. Jeanne Whitney 8-2
14. Alex Hooper 14-9
15. Jacob Trimmer 8-4-1
16. Sarah Keller 9-3-2
17. Dan Nolan 12-12
18. Rena Hundert 7-2
19. Isaac Hirsch 8-3
20. Tony Bartolone 9-8

Much less activity here – Fager falls from 7 to 11 following his loss to Carey, while Keller drops three spots after her loss to Singh. And that’s it.

21. Jeff Sewing 6-4-2
22. Jay Light 15-16-1
23. Brett Erickson 6-0
24. Zach Stein 10-6
25. Evan Cassidy 6-4
26. John-Michael Bond 8-4
27. Armando Torres 5-5-1
28. Ashley Johnson 6-1
29. Stuart Thompson 6-6
30. Billy Anderson 4-1

Armando Torres re-enters the Top 30 with his win over Caesar Lizardo, while Billy Anderson gets back in the bracket simply because someone ahead of him lost.

31. Greg Roque 6-3
32. Caesar Lizardo 10-7
33. Dylan Sullivan 4-2
34. Rachel Mac 3-2-1
35. Robin Tran 4-8-1
36. Brian McDaniel 5-3
37. April Lotshaw 4-3
38. Tom Whalen 5-2
39. Micah Bleich 3-0
40. Tim McGorry 5-3

Greg Roque moves up to 31 following his bludgeoning of Nate Banditelli, while Dylan Sullivan moves up to 33 after defeating Lou Misiano in a much more competitive bout. Lizardo and Tran fall to 32 and 35, respectively, after their losses.

41. Movses Shakarian 5-5
42. Zahra Ali 3-2
43. Julian Fernandez 4-3
44. Paige Wesley 6-10
45. Heather Marulli 6-7
46. Andrew Ryan Fox 4-4
47. Kelsey Lane 6-7
48. Mark Stevens 5-6
49. Ezekiel Echevarria 3-1
50. William Montgomery 2-0

Julian Fernandez moves in the right direction (50 to 43) following his win over Mark Stevens, who falls a bit (44 to 48) with the loss. Kelsey Lane also drops four spots (43 to 47) after her loss to Quentin Thomas, and we round out the bracket with an undefeated battler and new Kill Tony regular, William Montgomery.

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