The 33rd edition of the Roast Battle Power Rankings is here, and I don’t have a clever intro. Let’s just get right into it.

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Toby Muresianu 13-4-1
2. Nicole Becannon 11-5
3. Alex Duong 14-7
4. Leah Kayajanian 14-9-1
5. Pat Barker 18-8-2
6. Omid Singh 19-9
7. Doug Fager 11-6-1
8. Jamar Neighbors 7-6
9. Joe Eurell 12-10-2
10. Keith Carey 17-19

For the fourth straight month, the top ten remains virtually untouched – this time our only movement comes from Omid Singh jumping one spot after a main event win over Paul Elia (statistical note – with the win, Singh breaks a tie with Pat Barker for the most wins in Roast Battle history and stands one victory away from an astonishing 20 for his career). Expect a lot of shakeup in his bracket very shortly, as a staggering six of these competitors will be in action this Tuesday for Best Of The Belly Room Volume 1. Will Toby Muresianu’s long reign at the top finally come to an end at the hands of Leah Kayajanian? Can Alex Duong handle the long-awaited return of Season Two TV Champ Frank Castillo? Can Doug Fager establish himself as the next number one contender with a win over Keith Carey? And what will happen when two Season Three stars square off as Nicole Becannon goes head-to-head with Robin Tran? FIND OUT THIS TUESDAY LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW (Periscope).

New York Top Ten

1. Sean Finnerty
2. Mark Benjamin
3. Dave Sirus
4. Paul Hooper
5. Dan Wickes
6. Yoshiko Watson
7. Drew Drevyanko
8. Maddy Smith
9. JP McDade
10. Jerry Martinez

The biggest Comedy Fight Club news this month came after Sean Finnerty made an unprecedented move and put his roasting career on the line in a title vs. career fight, promising to leave CFC forever if he lost to champion Dan Wickes. Fortunately for fans of Finnerty, he was able to dethrone Wickes and become the new Comedy Fight Club champion. Also crowned on that night was the new number one contender, as Mark Benjamin outlasted 31 other battlers to win the CFC XVIII tournament and secure a title shot against Finnerty in the future.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Quentin Thomas 9-4
12. Bryan Vokey 9-3
13. Sarah Keller 9-2-2
14. Jeanne Whitney 8-2
15. Alex Hooper 14-9
16. Jacob Trimmer 8-4-1
17. Dan Nolan 12-12
18. Rena Hundert 7-2
19. Isaac Hirsch 8-3
20. Tony Bartolone 9-8

We have a little bit of movement here, highlighted by Quentin Thomas jumping to the brink of the Top Ten after a main event win over Isaac Hirsch. Hirsch falls down to 19 with the loss. Also, we welcome two new names to the bracket, as Jacob Trimmer leaps from 21 to 16 with a win over Paige Wesley and Tony Bartolone moves from 26 to 20 with a win over Armando Torres.

New York 11-20

11. Jake Vevera
12. Catherine Zini
13. Chris Crespo
14. Patrick Schroeder
15. Chloe McGovern
16. Mia Faith Hammond
17. Anya Volz
18. Sally Ann Hall
19. Anthony Passaretti
20. Leo Volf

We have two new faces in this bracket. First, Anya Volz debuts at 17 after a Fight of the Night performance and win over Sally Ann Hall. Secondly, Anthony Passaretti jumps into the Top 20 after securing a victory over Dan Abraham. Additionally, Passaretti also came to a Capitol Wrestling show in Hoboken and killed it at a very special CFC that took place in the middle of a pro wrestling ring between matches. You can watch that in the bonus content section of Comedy Fight Club on the GAS Digital Network – and get a 14-day free trial when you subscribe with the promo code CFC

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Jeff Sewing 6-4-2
22. Jay Light 15-16-1
23. Brett Erickson 6-0
24. Zach Stein 10-6
25. Evan Cassidy 6-4
26. Caesar Lizardo 10-6
27. John-Michael Bond 8-4
28. Ashley Johnson 6-1
29. Stuart Thompson 6-6
30. Robin Tran 4-7-1

Complete inactivity from the ten battlers above this month, as the only notable movement here comes with Tournament Runner-Up Jonathan Rowell falling out of the rankings due to inactivity.

New York 21-30

21. Mikey Mayes
22. Jessica Fleischer
23. Jill Weiner
24. KP Burke
25. Robbie Goodwin
26. Isabel Hagen
27. Pedro Gonzalez
28. Dan Abraham
29. Rob Ryan
30. Bobby Sheehan

Mikey Mayes lands at #21 on the rankings after defeating CFC favorite Bobby Sheehan, who falls to 30 with the loss. Elsewhere in the bracket, Isabel Hagen comes in at 26 following her win over former champion Adam Gabel.

Los Angeles 31-50

31. Billy Anderson 4-1
32. Rachel Mac 3-2-1
33. Armando Torres 4-5-1
34. Brian McDaniel 5-3
35. Greg Roque 5-3
36. April Lotshaw 4-3
37. Dylan Sullivan 3-2
38. Tom Whalen 5-2
39. Micah Bleich 3-0
40. Tim McGorry 5-3

Armando Torres falls to 33 with his loss to Tony Bartolone, while Dylan Sullivan drops to 37 following a defeat at the hands of newcomer Guido Saltarelli.

41. Movses Shakarian 5-5
42. Zahra Ali 3-2
43. Kelsey Lane 6-6
44. Mark Stevens 5-5
45. Paige Wesley 6-10
46. Heather Marulli 6-7
47. Andrew Ryan Fox 4-4
48. Ezekiel Echevarria 3-1
49. Lou Misiano 2-1
50. Julian Fernandez 3-3

Zahra Ali returns to the rankings at 42 after absolutely decimating Johnny Mitchell. Kelsey Lane evened her record at 6-6 with a win over Josh Gibson, moving up to 43 in the process. Paige Wesley falls to 45 after her loss to Jacob Trimmer, while a series of dropouts allow for the debuts/returns of Ezekiel Echevarria (48), Lou Misiano (49), and Julian Fernandez (50).

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