May 2016 kept the Roast Battle momentum going as Comedy
Central looms on the horizon. The month saw several electric clashes in the
Belly Room and featured excellent undercard performances from Top 10 Battlers
(Connor McSpadden, Joe Dosch, and Earl Skakel), a killer main event between two
Top 15s (#12 Toby Muresianu vs. #15 Doug Fager), and two battles designed to
prove supremacy against similarly ranked foes (#22 Quentin Moscaritolo vs. #23
Tony Bartolone and #24 Jeff Sewing vs. #25 Ramsey Badawi). This month’s
rankings generated the most debate amongst the Committee of any thusfar and are
sure to cause plenty of controversy in the Roast Battle Community. Without
further ado, Volume 3 of the Power Rankings.

1. Alex
Hooper 8-2
2. Keith Carey 8-5
3. Connor McSpadden 6-2
4. Leah Kayajanian 6-3-1
5. Omid Singh 9-3
6. Joe Dosch 8-4-1
7. Pat Barker 8-3
8. Dan Nolan 6-2
9. Earl Skakel 4-1-1
10. Toby Muresianu 5-3

McSpadden’s flawless undercard performance against
unranked Jonathan Rowell is enough to move him up a spot, but he’s going to
need a convincing main event win over a ranked opponent to crack the top two
spots. Dosch and Skakel each jump up a spot based on the strength of their
battle – not only for their performance against one another but the post-match
tag team decimation of Judge Joe DeRosa. And last but not least, Muresianu hops
back up into the Top Ten after his win aforementioned main event win.

11. Jay Light 7-6
12. Tom Goss 4-2
13. Kim Congdon 6-2
14. Olivia Grace 4-2-1
15. Tony Bartolone 4-0
16. Rich Slaton 4-3
17. Jeff Sewing 3-0-1
18. Doug Fager 4-3
19. Frank Castillo 8-6
20. Jerron Horton 4-4

Jay Light (11) and Tom Goss (12) go to war this Tuesday
in a match that will surely catapult one into the Top Ten. Bartolone owned his
first ever main event, pairing great joke writing with showmanship not often
seen on the Roast Battle stage. He jumps to 15 as a result. Rich Slaton came
out of a self-announced retirement and delivered a convincing undercard win
over Frank Castillo. His official ranking debut comes at #16, just ahead of
Jeff Sewing. Sewing lacked some of the flair that Bartolone had in his win, but
his joke writing was as solid as ever in his main event debut. Fager drops to
18 – normally a main event loss would be cause for a further plummet, but his post-battle
destruction of Tony Hinchcliffe was an all-time moment for the show. Castillo
made RB history by being the first person to rack up 14 battles (a mark Jay
Light will tie on Tuesday), but his 14th wasn’t his best.

21. Rena
Hundert 3-0
22. Pete Cornacchione 4-7-1

23. Jeanne Whitney 4-1
24. Evan Cassidy 4-2
25. Hormoz Rashidi 4-3-1
26. Alex Duong 4-4
27. Stuart Thompson 4-4
28. Guam Felix 5-1
29. Robbie Kirkhuff 3-0
30. Luke Schwartz 3-2

Evan Cassidy jumps from 28 to 24 with a solid victory
in an otherwise forgettable main event against Tony Alfano. All the movement
between last month’s 22-25 battlers allows Hormoz Rashidi to jump from 26 to 25
without stepping in the ring. Gotta love math. Alex Duong moves from 35 to 26
after handing Guam Felix (28) his first ever loss. Meanwhile, Robbie Kirkhuff
came within moments of being the first person to drop from the list due to the
Eight Month Inactivity Clause, but his 11th hour victory over Zane
Pond was enough to move him from 32 to 29. Next up on the inactivity watch –
Jerron Horton (20) and Luke Schwartz (30), who both have a deadline of
September 1st.

31. Mike
Schmidt 3-0
32. Mark Stevens 3-0
33. Quentin Moscaritolo 3-1
34. Ramsey Badawi 2-1
35. Brent Duncan 4-2
36. Anna Valenzuela 2-1
37. Nick Petrillo 3-1
38. Ryan Broems 2-0
39. Wub Savell 3-1
40. Joe Eurell 3-3

Mark Stevens continues his steady climb up the ranks
with a victory over unranked Ashton Swinford, while Moscaritolo’s and Badawi
drop 11 and 9 spots respectively after their losses. Brent Duncan finally
cracks the rankings after being on the outside looking in for volumes 1 and 2, after
a convincing fourth win over unranked Ray Garrett. Nick Petrillo rebounded from
his most recent loss by taking down unranked Jeff Amaral with ease.

41. David
Deery 0-1-2
42. Sina Amedson 3-5
43. April Lotshaw 2-1
44. Madison Sinclair 2-1

45. Albert Escobedo 3-0
46. Ken Garr 2-1
47. Kyle Gridley 2-1
48. Tony Alfano 2-1
49. Josh Waldron 2-3
50. Galina Rivina 1-0

Three debuts in the 41-50 bracket, as April Lotshaw,
Madison Sinclair, and Kyle Gridley ride impressive victories to 2-1 records.
Lotshaw’s was especially noteworthy, as she took down former #44 Robin Tran in
a great battle. Sinclair has moved on from a rocky debut to absolutely crush
her last two performances. Gridley’s win took place about 30 minutes before the
rest of the battles went down that night, which brings up an important question:
if you win a battle in the Belly Room and the place isn’t packed wall-to-wall
with other comics yet, does it count? Yes. Yes it does. Alfano’s loss drops him
from 37 to 48, and Galina Rivina manages to hang on as the only battler with
one battle left in the rankings. Felicia Folkes gave her a solid run for that
title with her killer debut this month, but came up just short.

And there you have it! The June 2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat Barker, Josh Waldron, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked month of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on Periscope every Tuesday night!

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