Five years of Roast Battle officially in the books. Man. Time flies when you’re calling someone fat, dumb, and ugly. It’s time for another edition of the Power Rankings – here are a couple of disclaimers at the top. First off, no New York in these rankings as their fearless leader Luis J. Gomez prepares for a wonderfully ill-advised cage fight soon. Once the dust has settled there and his post-concussion symptoms have subsided, we’ll have some movement in their rankings. Secondly, even though several battles were taped at the Fonda Theater for Roast Battle on Comedy Central, we are only updating records and rankings for battles that have actually aired. This is being done to avoid spoilers, so look out for a shake-up next month when new battles featuring Nicole Becannon, Joe Eurell, Pat Barker, and Keith Carey go public.

1. Jamar Neighbors 7-5
2. Nicole Becannon 10-5
3. Toby Muresianu 12-4-1
4. Alex Duong 12-7
5. Doug Fager 11-6-1
6. Joe Eurell 12-9-2
7. Omid Singh 18-8
8. Pat Barker 15-6-2
9. Bryan Vokey 9-3
10. Leah Kayajanian 11-9-1

The committee faced its toughest decision to date this month – what to do with Jamar Neighbors? Neighbors, currently the Belly Room champion, took a loss on Comedy Central to New York’s Yamaneika Saunders. Typically a loss will drop you a few spots, but since it was a non-title match and he’s technically still the champion… what was the correct move? Have the champion ranked number four? Ultimately we decided to leave him in the top spot, although his upcoming title match with former champ Toby Muresianu will go a long way in bringing some clarity to the rankings. Alex Duong shoots up from 8 to 4 after scoring a win over Robin Tran on television, continuing a sneaky good Hall of Fame level roasting career. While we wait for the results of Joe Eurell vs. Nicole Becannon, Eurell managed to jump from 11 to 6 after scoring a win over Omid Singh (who falls from 2 to 7) in the first Belly Room show after the TV tapings.

11. Keith Carey 16-17
12. Jeanne Whitney 8-4
13. Sarah Keller 8-2-2
14. Quentin Thomas 8-4
15. Dan Nolan 12-12
16. Jeff Sewing 6-3-2
17. Mike Schmidt 6-2
18. Alex Hooper 13-9
19. Rena Hundert 7-2
20. Jay Light 14-14-1

Two-time Battler of the Year Keith Carey (side note – 2018 Roasties coming very soon!) may have a case as the best West Coast battler ever, but he’s really shined more recently as the King of New York. Carey ran his record to an impressive 3-0 at Roastmasters after a win over Tom Goss at Skankfest, improving his overall record to 16-17 and jumping a couple spots to #11. Jeanne Whitney scored an impressive win over Danielle Perez but picked the worst time to do it, as movement all around her keeps her locked in to the 12 spot.

21. Brett Erickson 6-0
22. Galina Rivina 7-4
23. Isaac Hirsch 6-2
24. Evan Cassidy 6-4
25. Zach Stein 9-5
26. Ramsey Badawi 5-3
27. Jacob Trimmer 7-4
28. Caesar Lizardo 9-6
29. Jonathan Rowell 5-5-1
30. Tony Bartolone 7-8

Brett Erickson’s win over the Phoenix Roast Battle Champion moved him to 6-0, a space only a few elite battlers have ever reached (the record for longest win streak to start a career is 8-0 by Albert Escobedo, for any Roast Battle trivia nerds out there). Zach Stein started the month with a win over Paige Wesley and ended it with a loss to Movses Shakarian, and the 1-1 mark moves him up a bit from 28 to 25.

31. Katrina Davis 5-3
32. John-Michael Bond 7-4
33. Brian McDaniel 5-1
34. Valerie Tosi 4-2
35. Logan Guntzelman 3-1
36. Armando Torres 4-2
37. Rachel Mac 3-2-1
38. Robin Tran 3-7-1
39. Ashley Johnson 4-1
40. Greg Roque 5-3

Robin Tran makes an unprecedented move here, moving up two spots despite taking a loss. That’s what happens when you deliver one of the best battles in the history of the Comedy Central show.

41. April Lotshaw 4-3
42. Dylan Sullivan 2-0
43. Movses Shakarian 5-4
44. Paige Wesley 6-8
45. Micah Bleich 3-0
46. Billy Anderson 3-0
47. Lou Misiano 2-0
48. Heather Marulli 6-6
49. Paul Elia 3-3
50. Gary Curtis 2-0

Movses Shakarian returns to the rankings after upending the red-hot Zach Stein. He slides in at 43, one spot ahead of Paige Wesley who falls from 41 to 44 after her loss to Stein. Micah Bleich makes his rankings debut at 45 after a win over Ernie Stone moved him to 3-0, while Paul Elia’s hot streak continued with a win over Guam Felix. He debuts at 49 as a result.

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