For much of Roast Battle’s five-year existence, the Title Situation has alternated between confusing and stagnant. There was the lengthy period where Joe Dosch won the title and then never defended it. There was Alex Hooper’s year-plus reign as champion. Then there was the year of uncertain title status in the aftermath of Eli Sairs unifying the LA and NY belts, a period of time where everyone sat around and waited for another coast war only to see that rivalry cool off (for the time being). And yet we’ve now emerged from all of that inactivity with the hottest time in title history – Toby Muresianu’s historic run of dominance, Nicole Becannon stopping that run and being crowned the new champion… and then her title reign ending only weeks later at the hands of Jamar Neighbors. Given Jamar’s past status as a part-time battler who specializes in one-round exhibitions, it was fair to ask if he would be a fighting champ – a question that he has emphatically answered by already booking his first title defense for August… against the former champion Toby. Will the championship game of hot potato bring the title back to Muresianu? We’ll wait to find out. Until then, here are your latest power rankings.

(Note: Parts of the updated New York rankings are not 100% complete with battler records.)

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Jamar Neighbors 7-4
2. Omid Singh 18-7
3. Nicole Becannon 10-5
4. Toby Muresianu 12-4-1
5. Doug Fager 11-6-1
6. Pat Barker 15-6-2
7. Bryan Vokey 9-3
8. Alex Duong 11-7
9. Leah Kayajanian 11-9-1
10. Sarah Keller 8-2-2

Jamar Neighbors makes the jump from 8 to 1 with his title win over Nicole Becannon, who falls to 3 with the loss. Doug Fager moves up a couple spots from 7 to 5 after his win over John-Michael Bond, while Alex Duong’s victory over Leah Kayajanian moves him back into the top ten at number eight… one spot ahead of Kayajanian who falls to number nine.

New York Top Ten

  1. Eli Sairs (13-1)
  2. Paul Hooper (6-4)
  3. Dave Sirus (10-2)
  4. Chris Crespo (5-4)
  5. Maddy Smith (13-3)
  6. JP McDade (12-9)
  7. Erik Bergstrom (4-5)
  8. Zac Amico (10-7)
  9. Joel Walkowski (12-8)
  10. Sean Finnerty (7-2)

A lot has changed since the last time the Roastmasters updated their rankings on April 28 – Eli Sairs once again successfully defended his title, this time against Chris Crespo. Crespo falls from 2 to 4 to make room for Sairs’ latest opponent, winner of the spring tournament Paul Hooper. Hooper jumps from 2-4 and a #16 ranking to 6-4 and the 2 spot after his tourney run. As an example of just how tough competition is in the Big Apple right now, Maddy Smith stood at #3 at the end of April, went 3-1 in the two months since, and now drops to #5. Side note: her 13 wins are tied with Sairs for the NYC record. After a strong showing in the tournament, Sean Finnerty makes the huge leap from 29 to the Top Ten. Conspicuous by her absence here is battle legend Kim Congdon. After her win over Maddy Smith, one had to expect her to take her usual spot near the top. Either a glaring omission from the NY Ranking Committee or perhaps a sign that she’s stepping away from battling for a bit?

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Joe Eurell 11-9-2
12. Jeanne Whitney 7-4
13. Keith Carey 15-17
14. Quentin Thomas 8-4
15. Dan Nolan 12-12
16. Jeff Sewing 6-3-2
17. Mike Schmidt 6-2
18. Alex Hooper 13-9
19. Rena Hundert 7-2
20. Jay Light 14-14-1

Joe Eurell moves to the brink of the Top Ten following a win over previously undefeated Brian McDaniel in a very close fight. Eurell now occupies the number 11 spot Quentin Thomas had last month before falling to New York’s Dan Wickes in overtime, dropping him to 14. Dan Nolan also takes a three-spot tumble following a loss to Zach Stein in a battle that may garner some Undercard of the Year support in the Roastie Awards (coming soon!). Alex Hooper’s Belly Room losing streak continued with a loss to previously unranked Rachel Mac, and the former champ falls to 18 as a result. Rounding out the Top 20 is Jay Light, who was defeated by Maddy Smith in the final Roastmasters battle ever at the original Stand location.

New York 11-20

11. Pedro Gonzalez
12. Rosebud Baker
13. Patrick Schroeder
14. Aaron Berg
15. Matt Maran
16. Andrew Manning
17. Abby Rosenquist
18. Katie Hannigan
19. Christine Meehan-Berg
20. Mike Feeney

Strong couple of months for Pedro Gonzalez (jumps from 17 to 11), Andrew Manning, Abby Rosenquist, and Christine Meehan-Berg – the last three of whom made the jump from previously unranked to Top 20.

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Galina Rivina 7-4
22. Isaac Hirsch 6-2
23. Evan Cassidy 6-4
24. Ramsey Badawi 5-3
25. Jacob Trimmer 7-4
26. Brett Erickson 5-0
27. Caesar Lizardo 9-6
28. Zach Stein 8-4
29. Jonathan Rowell 5-5-1
30. Tony Bartolone 7-8

The only two battlers to move in this bracket moved a lot. While a standard loss will drop you 3-4 spots (sometimes more depending on movement around you), Caesar Lizardo falls six spots following a catastrophic performance against New York’s James Pontillo that featured an ill-advised costume, accent, and poor jokes. Lizardo has successfully pulled off characters before, but sometimes when you swing for the fences you strike out embarrassingly. It happens. One spot behind him sits Zach Stein, who jumps all the way from 41 to 28 following the win over Dan Nolan and another over formerly undefeated Andrea Guzzetta. It appears as though Stein’s leg injury has given him some sort of super roast focus, as his performance has reached an all-time high level.

New York 21-30

21. Myka Fox
22. KP Burke
23. Leo Volf
24. Chloe McGovern
25. Rob Ryan
26. James Pontillo
27. Allison Klemp
28. Kerryn Feehan
29. Elon Altman
30. Catherine Zini

The final Roastmasters bracket features the rankings debuts of KP Burke, Allison Klemp, and Catherine Zini.

Los Angeles 31-40

31. Katrina Davis 5-3
32. John-Michael Bond 7-4
33. Brian McDaniel 5-1
34. Valerie Tosi 4-2
35. Logan Guntzelman 3-1
36. Armando Torres 4-2
37. Brent Duncan 5-5
38. Rachel Mac 3-2-1
39. Ashley Johnson 4-1
40. Robin Tran 3-6-1

John-Michael Bond falls three spots following his main event loss to Doug Fager, while Brian McDaniel drops two spots after losing to Joe Eurell in a controversial decision that was furiously debated on the internet. Finally, Rachel Mac makes her return to the rankings at 38 after her win over Roast Battle legend Alex Hooper.

Los Angeles 41-50

41. Paige Wesley 6-7
42. Greg Roque
43. April Lotshaw 4-3
44. Dylan Sullivan 2-0
45. Billy Anderson 3-0
46. Lou Misiano 2-0
47. Heather Marulli 6-6
48. Gary Curtis 2-0
49. Lonnie Johnson 5-4
50. Guam Felix 7-7

Paige Wesley falls from 35 to 41 after taking two losses in the month – one of which was to Greg Roque, who re-enters the rankings at 42. A pair of 2-0 newcomers debut at 44 (Dylan Sullivan) and 46 (Lou Misiano) after each posted an impressive two impressive wins, while the once 6-0 Guam Felix tumbles to the brink of disaster following his latest loss to Mia Mars.

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