(Ed. Note: Despite the date of publication, this report does not include battles from last night (February 6). This is as of the close of January.

OH SHIT THE POWER RANKINGS ARE BACK. Volume 23 features lots of tournament-related movement in LA and a title defense in NYC, so let’s just jump right into it!

Los Angeles Top Ten

1 Toby Muresianu 10-3-1
2. Pat Barker 14-5-2
3. Omid Singh 17-7
4. Leah Kayajanian 10-8-1
5. Alex Hooper 13-6
6. Jeanne Whitney 7-3
7. Doug Fager 9-6-1
8. Jamar Neighbors 6-4
9. Jay Light 14-11-1
10. Nicole Becannon 8-4

Omid Singh’s win over Jeanne Whitney basically resulted in them switching spots, as Omid jumps from 5 to 3 and Jeanne falls from 3 to 6. Nicole Becannon makes her Top Ten debut following her first round tournament win over Tony Bartolone.

New York Top Ten

1 Eli Sairs 11-1
2. Dave Sirus 8-1
3. Dina Hashem 6-2
4. Joel Walkowski 6-5
5. Kim Congdon 12-4
6. Patrick Schroeder 7-3
7. Maddy Smith 9-1
8. Rosebud Baker 10-4
9. Erik Bergstrom 4-5
10. Mike Feeney 8-3-1

With New York not represented in last month’s rankings, we now have two months to cover here. Unsurprisingly, Eli Sairs remains at the top, closely followed by new number one contender Dave Sirus. Dave defeated Kim Congdon for the title shot, and Kim falls to number 5 in the process. Maddy Smith jumps all the way from unranked to number 7 following her Roastmasters debut after a dominant run in other NYC battle leagues. She started her Roastmasters run with two big wins over her first two months at the Stand, including a victory over all-time great JP McDade.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Jeff Sewing 5-0-2
12. Alex Duong 10-7
13. Mike Schmidt 6-1
14. Galina Rivina 7-3
15. Sarah Keller 6-1-2
16. Keith Carey 14-15
17. Bryan Vokey 6-2
18. Quentin Thomas 6-3
19. Rena Hundert 6-1
20. Ramsey Badawi 5-2

The second LA bracket is full of tournament participants, so let’s jump right into it. Jeff Sewing moves up to 11 after his win over Jacob Trimmer, while Mike Schmidt awaits his first-round matchup against Katrina Davis. Galina Rivina’s decimation of Guam Felix puts her at 14, while Sarah Keller also waits for her tournament debut against Jonathan Rowell. Bryan Vokey moves up to 17 following a tourney win over Joe Eurell, while Quentin Thomas drops a few spots to 18 after his first-round loss. Rena Hundert’s opening round win over Caesar Lizardo propels her to 19, while Ramsey Badawi makes his Top 20 debut after winning both his play-in match over David Lucas and his first-round battle against Quentin.

New York 11-20

11 Katie Hannigan 7-3
12. Aaron Berg 4-3
13. James Pontillo 8-1
14. Myka Fox 4-4
15. Zac Amico 9-6
16. JP McDade 9-8
17. Matt Maran 9-1
18. Graham Kay 2-0
19. Kerryn Feehan 4-7
20. Paul Hooper 1-3

The most notable additions in this bracket come from previously unranked New York veteran roasters who are new to the Roastmasters – James Pontillo debuts with an 8-1 record (and wins over two separate Belly Room vets in Heather Marulli and Mark Stevens) while Matt Maran brings a 9-1 record to The Stand.

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Caesar Lizardo 8-4
22. Albert Escobedo 8-2
23. Stuart Thompson 6-5
24. Dan Nolan 10-11
25. Jacob Trimmer 7-4
26. Armando Torres 4-0
27. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-1
28. John-Michael Bond 6-3
29. Joe Eurell 8-9-1
30. Tony Bartolone 6-7

Caesar Lizardo falls back to the third bracket following his tournament loss to Rena Hundert, while Jacob Trimmer moves up after splitting tournament matches with a win over Movses Shakarian and a loss to Jeff Sewing. Armando Torres’ controversial win over Ashley Johnson runs his record to 4-0 and elevates him to the 26 spot, while John-Michael Bond split a tournament loss to Jonathan Rowell and a regular win over Heather Marulli to move up to 28. We close the bracket with a couple of guys who fell short in the first round of the tournament – Joe Eurell at 29 and Tony Bartolone at 30.

New York 21-30

21. Raanan Hershberg 1-2-1
22. Lindsey Jennings 8-9-1
23. Chloe McGovern 3-1
24. Elon Altman 4-7
25. Ian Fidance 2-3
26. Erica Spera 3-2
27. Emily Faith 4-0
28. Leo Volf 3-0
29. Pedro Gonzalez 3-1
30. Ian Hunt 3-0

For the first time in the official Power Rankings, New York expands from a Top 25 to a Top 30, so welcome to all of the new names on the list – Chloe McGovern at 23, Ian Fidance at 25, Leo Volf at 28, Pedro Gonzalez at 29, and Ian Hunt at 30.

Los Angeles 31-50

31. Isaac Hirsch 4-1
32. Katrina Davis 4-2
33. Hormoz Rashidi 5-5-1
34. Brett Erickson 4-0
35. Guam Felix 7-5
36. Paige Wesley 4-3
37. April Lotshaw 4-2
38. Brian McDaniel 3-0
39. Brent Duncan 5-5
40. Alfred Konuwa 4-4-1

Katrina Davis jumps to 32 after a win over Paige Wesley (who falls to 36), while Guam Felix falls to 35 after his first-round defeat to Galina Rivina.

41. Valerie Tosi 3-2
42. Andrea Guzzetta 2-0
43. Lonnie Johnson 5-4
44. Heather Marulli 5-6
45. Greg Roque 4-3
46. Ashley Johnson 2-1
47. Rachel Mac 2-2-1
48. Jonathan Rowell 2-4-1
49. Zach Stein 5-4
50. Robin Tran 3-5

Andrea Guzzetta has dominated her first two battles, and debuts at 42 because of it. Heather Marulli’s loss to John-Michael Bond drops her to 44, while Ashley Johnson becomes the first battler I can remember to debut after a loss. His fight card now includes two really good wins and a loss to Armando Torres that I will generously call “questionable”. Jonathan Rowell returns to the rankings after his tournament win over Bond, while Zach Stein falls to 49 after losing a battle to silverware (seriously, the crowd hated the battle so much they awarded the W to silverware the Wave was carrying). Finally, welcome back to the rankings to Robin Tran, who returns with a win over last month’s number 50, Madison Sinclair.

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