2017 is in the books, and the fifth year of Roast Battle may have produced more laughs and memories than any that preceded it. The year was bookended by two great battles – Carmen Morales vs. John-Michael Bond kicked off the January 3 card and ended up nominated for an Undercard of the Year Roastie, and Alex Duong and Robin Tran closed out December 26 with a war for the ages. In between, Frank Castillo scored the upset of all upsets when he won the Season Two television tournament, Eli Sairs won the New York belt and called out LA, three Los Angeles battlers went to The Stand for a bicoastal war which saw the belts unified, New York returned the favor with four coast wars in LA, the #1 spot on the LA rankings traded hands four times, and the Roastie winner of Battler of the Year Kim Congdon switched coasts, the roasting equivalent of Magic Johnson getting traded to the Knicks in his prime. So, yeah. Eventful year. Without further ado, let’s get into the final rankings of 2017.

(ED. NOTE: There will be no New York rankings in this edition, as roastmastersnyc.com hasn’t been updated with the new rankings since December 5. Once the post-holiday numbers are up, I’ll do my best to publish a Volume 22.5.)

1. Toby Muresianu 10-3-1
2. Pat Barker 14-5-2
3. Jeanne Whitney 7-2
4. Leah Kayajanian 10-8-1
5. Omid Singh 16-7
6. Alex Hooper 13-6
7. Doug Fager 9-6-1
8. Jamar Neighbors 6-4
9. Jay Light 14-11-1
10. Alex Duong 10-7

Jamar Neighbors returns to the top ten after a close win over Joe Eurell. This year featured three Jamar battles, all of which were classics. Here’s hoping he keeps stepping in the ring in 2018. Alex Duong also returns to the top ten following his main event win over Robin Tran. In the process, Duong picked up his tenth win, making him only the 14th member of the double-digit wins club (joining the six names above him here, Eli Sairs, Kim Congdon, Connor McSpadden, Keith Carey, Dan Nolan, Joe Dosch, and Frank Castillo – pretty good company to be in.) Since the advent of the Roast Report, a staggering 444 comics have battled in the Belly Room. Only a handful have had their hand raised in victory ten times. Alex Duong is now part of that highly illustrious group.

11. Connor McSpadden 10-6-1
12. Mike Schmidt 6-1
13. Sarah Keller 6-1-2
14. Quentin Thomas 6-2
15. Nicole Becannon 7-4
16. Caesar Lizardo 8-3
17. Keith Carey 14-15
18. Jeff Sewing 4-0-2
19. Galina Rivina 6-3
20. Anna Valenzuela 8-4

The second bracket features seven names that will be competing in the 2018 Roast Battle Royale that kicks off this Tuesday, and all seven of them have to be considered legitimate threats to win the whole thing based on their combined 43-13-4 record. Right in the middle of the list is Nicole Becannon, who has rebounded from a 2-4 start to her battle career and posted a 5-0 murdering spree in the calendar year. Her latest win – a three-round victory over #17 Keith Carey in a battle that is the front-runner for Battle of the Year next award season – was her most impressive yet, and she jumps from 21 to 15 because of it. Caesar Lizardo has also been on a roll of late, as his one-round main event win over Guam Felix gave him an 8-1 record in his last nine fights and moved him up a few spots to 16.

21. Albert Escobedo 8-2
22. Rich Slaton 4-5
23. Bryan Vokey 5-2
24. Stuart Thompson 6-5
25. Rena Hundert 5-1
26. Joe Eurell 8-8-1
27. Dan Nolan 10-11
28. Tony Bartolone 6-6
29. Jacob Trimmer 6-3
30. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-1

Joe Eurell slips three spots with his loss to Jamar Neighbors, while everyone else in the group was inactive and stays put.

31. John-Michael Bond 5-2
32. Isaac Hirsch 4-1
33. Guam Felix 7-4
34. Armando Torres 3-0
35. Paige Wesley 4-2
36. Hormoz Rashidi 5-5-1
37. Brett Erickson 4-0
38. Katrina Davis 3-2
39. April Lotshaw 4-2
40. Brian McDaniel 3-0

Isaac Hirsch’s impressive win over Katrina Davis ran his record to 4-1, and had it come before the tournament brackets were selected, would’ve probably made him a shoo-in for selection. Instead, he’ll have to settle for a seven-spot jump. In the process, he passes Guam Felix who falls four spots after his loss to Caesar. Paige Wesley clocks in at 35 after moving up seven following her win over Danielle Perez, while Brett Erickson jumps from 44 to 37 after beating Sharon Houston. Katrina falls from 34 to 38 following her loss, while Brian McDaniel reemerges in the rankings at 40 following a win over Ken Garr that runs his record to 3-0.

41. Heather Marulli 5-5
42. Brent Duncan 5-5
43. Alfred Konuwa 4-4-1
44. Valerie Tosi 3-2
45. Zach Stein 5-3
46. David Lucas 4-3
47. Lonnie Johnson 5-4
48. Greg Roque 4-3
49. Rachel Mac 2-2-1
50. Madison Sinclair 4-4

In an unprecedented turn of events, the final bracket features absolutely no activity – none of these comics battled, and because McDaniel moves in at 40 and Ramsey Badawi fell out (temporarily) due to inactivity, everyone remains in place in a grouping that’s usually highly volatile and features tons of movement.

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