Volume 21 of the Power Rankings features a new L.A. number one, a top five battler switching coasts, and all sorts of other crazy bullshit! Let’s get into it.

Los Angeles Top Ten

  1. Toby Muresianu 10-3-1
  2. Pat Barker 14-5-2
  3. Jeanne Whitney 7-2
  4. Leah Kayajanian 10-8-1
  5. Omid Singh 16-7
  6. Alex Hooper 13-6
  7. Doug Fager 9-6-1
  8. Jay Light 14-11-1
  9. Connor McSpadden 10-6-1
  10. Mike Schmidt 6-1

While New York has featured Eli Sairs at the top spot since he first won the title shortly after World War I, Los Angeles now turns to its sixth number one battler in less than two years. With Pat Barker’s loss to the visiting JP McDade, he falls out of the top overall position and makes way for Toby Muresianu. Toby hasn’t lost in the Belly Room in over two years and displays razor-sharp wit in every battle, but can he handle the pressure of being the top-ranked battler?! Probably, yeah. The only other movement in this bracket comes courtesy of Omid Singh, who jumps up three spots with his win over Jonathan Rowell.

New York Top Ten

  1. Eli Sairs 11-1
  2. Kim Congdon 12-3
  3. Dave Sirus 7-1
  4. Dina Hashem 6-2
  5. Katie Hannigan 7-3
  6. Joel Walkowski 6-5
  7. Patrick Schroeder 7-3
  8. Rosebud Baker 10-4
  9. Erik Bergstrom 4-5
  10. Mike Feeney 8-3-1

Well, Eli Sairs did it again. He went up against the red-hot Dina Hashem and pulled off another successful title defense. The guy is a cyborg. Perhaps even more interesting than Sairs’ title defense is figuring out who’s next in line to take a shot at the belt. Kim Congdon’s impending move to the Big Apple also comes at a time where she’s recently battled and won there. After a win over Zac Amico a few months back, she returned this month and defeated Rosebud Baker at the New York Comedy Festival. As a result, she’s been immediately inserted into the New York rankings as the top title contender. Speaking of the NYCF, holy shit did they have a lot of great battles there. Dave Sirus defeated Patrick Schroeder in the Festival, and despite being previously unranked, jumps right into the rankings at number three. So now the top two contenders to Eli Sairs are battlers that weren’t even on the radar last month. Dina Hashem’s loss drops her from 2 to 4, while Katie Hannigan’s Festival win over Christina Galston jumps her up a couple spots from 7 to 5. Joel Walkowski scored a win over Myka Fox to jump up to 6, while Schroeder and Baker dropped a few spots each after their losses. Rounding out the bracket is Mike Feeney, who walked away from the Festival with a tie that was evidently so bad it warranted a six-spot drop in the rankings. Something to note here is how much more active the New York top battlers have been recently, while the LA battlers remain stagnant. Nine of the top ten New Yorkers battled this month, while only two in the top Los Angeles bracket competed (and one was against a New York battler). This is not an indictment of the LA scene as much as just giving kudos to NYC, because they’ve been killing it recently.

Los Angeles 11-20

  1. Sarah Keller 6-1-2
  2. Jamar Neighbors 5-4
  3. Keith Carey 14-14
  4. Quentin Thomas 6-2
  5. Alex Duong 9-7
  6. Jeff Sewing 4-0-2
  7. Galina Rivina 6-3
  8. Anna Valenzuela 8-4
  9. Caesar Lizardo 7-3
  10. Albert Escobedo 8-2

And if you thought only two people in the top ten battling was bad, try nobody in this group! The tournament can’t get here soon enough.

New York 11-20

  1. Aaron Berg 4-3
  2. JP McDade 8-7
  3. Subhah Agarwal 4-1
  4. Zac Amico 9-6
  5. Mike Recine 3-7
  6. Maddy Smith 7-1
  7. Erica Spera 3-2
  8. Myka Fox 3-4
  9. Graham Kay 2-0
  10. Lindsey Jennings 8-9-1

Again, New York remains active in the 11-20 range. Aaron Berg’s loss to Mark Normand drops him a couple spots but produced a great battle. JP McDade managed to battle twice in a week, losing to the winless Paul Hooper and then knocking off the LA #1 Pat Barker in a truly bizarre series of events. Maddy Smith won her main event debut to run her record to 7-1 (Ed. Note: For record-keeping purposes, we do not recognize battles at the New York Comedy Club as official battles. New York does, which explains how people like Maddy and Dave Sirus appear out of nowhere with seven wins). Myka Fox falls a couple spots with her Festival loss, while Graham Kay moves up a bracket with a win. Closing out the Top 20 is Lindsey Jennings, who closed out the month with a loss to Kerryn Feehan.

Los Angeles 21-30

  1. Nicole Becannon 6-4
  2. Rich Slaton 4-5
  3. Joe Eurell 8-7-1
  4. Bryan Vokey 5-2
  5. Stuart Thompson 6-5
  6. Rena Hundert 5-1
  7. Dan Nolan 10-11
  8. Tony Bartolone 6-6
  9. Guam Felix 7-3
  10. Jacob Trimmer 6-3

We have a little bit more activity here, as Nicole Becannon moves up nine spots following a main event win over Greg Roque and a few people dropping out of the rankings ahead of her. Joe Eurell jumps six spots after his win over April Lotshaw, while Rena Hundert’s first career defeat drops her back from 23 to 26. Tony Bartolone also falls three spots after a loss to Lotshaw, who split main event wins and losses in consecutive weeks.

New York 21-25

  1. Emily Winter 3-3
  2. Jacob Williams 1-2-1
  3. Elon Altman
  4. Raanan Hershberg 1-2-1
  5. Emily Faith 7-1

We close New York with two confusing statistical notes. One, according to roastmastersnyc.com, Elon Altman doesn’t have a record. Lastly, Emily Faith went from 3-0 to 7-1 this month, which leads me to believe there were some hidden New York Comedy Club battles that have surfaced and boosted her record.

Los Angeles 31-40

  1. Ramsey Badawi 3-2
  2. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-1
  3. John-Michael Bond 5-2
  4. Katrina Davis 3-1
  5. Armando Torres 3-0
  6. Hormoz Rashidi 5-5-1
  7. April Lotshaw 4-2
  8. Heather Marulli 5-5
  9. Isaac Hirsch 3-1
  10. Brent Duncan 5-5

April Lotshaw’s main event win and loss combo was still enough to jump her six spots thanks to people in front of her dropping out, while Heather Marulli and Brent Duncan both fell to 5-5 after losses (Marulli to James Pontillo in New York, Duncan to Brett Erickson in LA)

Los Angeles 41-50

  1. Alfred Konuwa 4-4-1
  2. Paige Wesley 3-2
  3. Valerie Tosi 3-2
  4. Brett Erickson 3-0
  5. Zach Stein 5-3
  6. David Lucas 4-3
  7. Lonnie Johnson 5-4
  8. Greg Roque 4-3
  9. Rachel Mac 2-2-1
  10. Madison Sinclair 4-4

We round out the top 50 with upcoming tournament wildcard Paige Wesley jumping from 50 to 42 following her win over Rena Hundert, Brett Erickson going from 49 to 44 after his win over Duncan, and a pair of returns to the ranks as Zach Stein and Lonnie Johnson re-emerge after falling out previously.

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