Welcome to the Power Rankings, where we take a monthly look at who’s dominating the Roast Battle game. October was ABSOLUTELY INSANE, as the battle gods provided us with five weeks worth of mean shit as opposed to the normal four. A lot happened, so let’s just jump right into it.

Los Angeles Top Ten

  1. Pat Barker 14-4-2
  2. Toby Muresianu 10-3-1
  3. Kim Congdon 11-3
  4. Jeanne Whitney 7-2
  5. Leah Kayajanian 10-8-1
  6. Alex Hooper 13-6
  7. Doug Fager 9-6-1
  8. Omid Singh 15-7
  9. Jay Light 14-11-1
  10. Connor McSpadden 10-6-1

There were three three-round main events this month, and each one was over in two. Pat Barker (1) pummeled Albert Escobedo to defend his top overall spot, while Jeanne Whitney (4) beat the hell out of Jay Light to jump up five spots. Then there was Doug Fager (7), who dominated Alex Duong and jumped up a bracket from his previous ranking of 12. Leah Kayajanian (5) also moves up a spot after her undercard win over Movses Shakarian, while Jay Light drops a hefty five spots after taking the decisive L from Jeanne.

New York Top Ten

  1. Eli Sairs 10-1
  2. Dina Hashem 6-1
  3. Patrick Schroeder 7-2
  4. Rosebud Baker 9-3
  5. JP McDade 8-6
  6. Mike Feeney 8-3
  7. Katie Hannigan 6-3
  8. Joel Walkowski 5-5
  9. Aaron Berg 4-2
  10. Erik Bergstrom 4-5

New York was last featured in one of these write-ups two months ago, and a lot has happened since then. Champion Eli Sairs once again successfully defended his title, this time against Patrick Schroeder who falls to number 3 after the loss. Sairs will again put the belt on the line this month against current top contender Dina Hashem. Give New York credit for following the rankings very closely – they have put together several 1 vs. 2 battles recently, while LA hasn’t featured such a match since Leah Kayajanian (1) and Alex Hooper (2) went at it back in April 2016. Rosebud Baker split a win and a loss on the final night of the number one contenders tournament and moved up two spots in the process. She’ll also be in action at the New York Comedy Festival in a few days, taking on LA’s third-ranked fighter Kim Congdon. JP McDade picked up a win over Jacob Williams but remained at number five, while Mike Feeney scored a win and a loss on the tournament’s final night and dropped two spots. Katie Hannigan took two losses that night to fall from 3 to 7, and Erik Bergstrom closes out the bracket after moving up six spots from 16 to 10 following an upset victory over Zac Amico.

Los Angeles 11-20

  1. Mike Schmidt 6-1
  2. Sarah Keller 6-1-2
  3. Jamar Neighbors 5-4
  4. Keith Carey 14-14
  5. Quentin Thomas 6-2
  6. Alex Duong 9-7
  7. Jeff Sewing 4-0-2
  8. Galina Rivina 6-3
  9. Anna Valenzuela 8-4
  10. Caesar Lizardo 7-3

Keith Carey delivered a solid main event on Halloween but took the loss to John-Michael Bond, falling to an even .500 once again at 14-14. Alex Duong’s two-round beatdown at the hands of Doug Fager drops him down to 16, while Jeff Sewing returned after a long period of dormancy and battled Rachel Mac to a highly entertaining draw. Galina Rivina’s takedown of room-favorite Joe Eurell moves her up a bracket and into the Top 20, while Caesar Lizardo also makes his Top 20 debut after beating Eric Abbenante.

New York 11-20

  1. Subhah Agarwal 4-1
  2. Zac Amico 9-7
  3. Dave Sirus 2-1
  4. Mike Recine 3-7
  5. Myka Fox 3-3
  6. Erica Spera 3-2
  7. Corey Reppond 9-5
  8. Emily Winter 3-3
  9. Jacob Williams 1-2-1
  10. Lindsey Jennings 7-8-1

Subhah Agarwal scored a win to run her record to 4-1 and move up from 13 to 11, while Zac Amico’s loss moved him down from 11 to 12. Dave Sirus made his Roastmasters debut after narrowly losing to LA number 2 Toby Muresianu at the Comedy Store a few months ago, scoring a win over Erica Spera and debuting in the New York ranks. The loss drops Spera from 14 to 16. Emily Winter took a loss to fall to 3-3 but still moved up a spot, because sometimes that’s just how the math works. Lindsey Jennings’ main event win over Freddy G moves her from 23 to 20 to close out this bracket.

Los Angeles 21-30

  1. Albert Escobedo 8-2
  2. Evan Cassidy 5-2
  3. Rena Hundert 5-0
  4. Rich Slaton 4-5
  5. Tony Bartolone 6-5
  6. Bryan Vokey 5-2
  7. Stuart Thompson 6-5
  8. Dan Nolan 10-11
  9. Joe Eurell 7-7-1
  10. Nicole Becannon 5-4

Albert Escobedo’s two-round loss to Pat Barker knocks him down a bracket, as he falls from 15 to 21. Other than that, very little movement here, as the only other comics to battle in this bracket were Dan Nolan and Joe Eurell. Nolan scored a win over Heather Marulli and jumped from 34 to 28, while Eurell’s loss to Galina Rivina dropped him from 21 to 29.

New York 21-25

  1. Graham Kay 1-0
  2. Keren Margolis 2-0
  3. Raanan Hershberg 1-2-1
  4. Emily Faith 3-0
  5. Kerryn Feehan 3-7

The final five of the New York rankings features four completely new names that were previously unranked and longtime NY battler Kerryn Feehan, who has fallen to the brink of being eliminated from the rankings at #25.

Los Angeles 31-50

  1. Guam Felix 7-3
  2. Jacob Trimmer 6-3
  3. Ramsey Badawi 3-2
  4. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-1
  5. John-Michael Bond 5-2
  6. Katrina Davis 3-1 
  7. Armando Torres 3-0
  8. Heather Marulli 5-4
  9. Brent Duncan 5-4
  10. Hormoz Rashidi 5-5-1

John-Michael Bond jumps a staggering 13 spots after winning twice in October, first against battle virgin Mitch Burrows and then against the most experienced battler in the game, Keith Carey. Katrina Davis’ win against Zahra Ali jumps her up from 41 to 36, while Armando Torres’ dominant win over Lou Vahram is good for a six-spot leap. Lastly, Heather Marulli drops five spots following her loss to Dan Nolan.

  1. Isaac Hirsch 3-1
  2. Greg Roque 4-2
  3.  April Lotshaw 3-1
  4. Alfred Konuwa 4-4-1
  5. Valerie Tosi 3-2
  6. David Lucas 4-3
  7. Rachel Mac 2-2-1
  8. Madison Sinclair 4-4
  9. Brett Erickson 2-0
  10. Paige Wesley 2-2

We close out the top 50 with David Lucas continuing his slide. A defeat at the hands of Eric Abbenante has his losing streak at three and his ranking down from 40 to 46. Rachel Mac returns to the rankings after her great undercard tie against Jeff Sewing.

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