It was a jam-packed month of
roasting in the Belly Room. Top ranked battlers fell, rookies made impactful
debuts, and Keith Carey and Earl Skakel took a battle on 20 minutes notice and
saved the show. All of the action sparked intense debate amongst the Committee as
we convened to put together the May Power Rankings. Without further ado, let’s
take a look at volume two of the rankings!

1. Alex Hooper 8-2
2. Keith
Carey 8-5
3. Leah
Kayajanian 6-3-1
4. Connor
McSpadden 5-2
5. Omid
Singh 9-3
6. Pat
Barker 8-3
7. Joe
Dosch 8-4
8. Dan
Nolan 6-2
9. Jay
Light 7-6
10. Earl
Skakel 4-1

Alex Hooper reclaims his
spot atop the rankings after his win over former number one Leah Kayajanian,
who drops to 3 with the loss. Her loss, combined with Pat Barker’s defeat,
allows Keith Carey to jump from 4 to 2. The Committee unanimously agreed that
Carey’s loss to Earl Skakel wouldn’t impact his ranking. If you write an entire
battle in the parking lot at midnight because two people ended up in the
hospital, the win or loss is pretty much irrelevant. Barker’s loss drops him to
6, allowing Connor McSpadden and Omid Singh to jump up a spot. Joe Dosch holds
tight at 7, while Dan Nolan’s standout performance on Tuesday bumps him into
the Top Ten and past Jay Light. And then there was Earl Skakel. After a lengthy
debate, The Committee decided to leave Skakel off of the first rankings due to
the fact that he would tell anyone who listened, “I’m not a battler”. Why rank
someone who doesn’t consider themselves an active battler? However, after seeing
his recent battle with Carey and hearing rumors of another main event in the
near future, we have a message for Earl Skakel: you’re a battler, dude. Welcome
to the Top Ten.

11. Frank Castillo 8-5
12. Toby
Muresianu 4-3
13. Tom
Goss 4-2
14. Kim
Congdon 6-2
15. Doug
Fager 4-2
Olivia Grace 4-2-1
17. Guam
Felix 5-0
Jerron Horton 4-4
19. Rena
Hundert 3-0
20. Pete
Cornacchione 4-7-1

Frank Castillo’s win over
Stuart Thompson bumps him up a couple spots from 13 to 11, while everyone else
in this bracket drops slightly due to the ascension of Nolan and Skakel. This
week’s headliner battle between Toby Muresianu (12) and Doug Fager (15) should
be a classic.

21. Jeanne Whitney 4-1
Quentin Moscaritolo 3-0
23. Tony
Bartolone 3-0
24. Jeff
Sewing 2-0-1
Ramsey Badawi 2-0
Hormoz Rashidi 4-3-1
Stuart Thompson 4-4
28. Evan
Cassidy 3-2
29. Luke
Schwartz 3-2
30. Mike
Schmidt 3-0

The Committee doesn’t claim
to be perfect, and that was certainly the case last month when we incorrectly
reported records for four battlers. Jeff Sewing’s 2-0-1 record was incorrectly
reported, and he sees a slight bump in May due to his new and improved stats.
Hormoz Rashidi was also incorrectly listed at 3-4-1 instead of 4-3-1. Battlers –
if we messed up your record, let us know and we will fix it! Stuart Thompson’s
loss to Frank Castillo bumps him down a bracket, and Mike Schmidt’s destruction
of Heather Marulli bumps him up one, as he goes from 40 to 30. Without
revealing too much, four battlers in this bracket are going to make their main
event debuts in May, and we’ll all be watching with great anticipation.

31. Anna Valenzuela 2-1
Robbie Kirkhuff 2-0
33. Ryan
Broems 2-0
34. Wub
Savell 3-1
35. Alex
Duong 3-4
36. Joe
Eurell 3-3
37. Tony
Alfano 2-0
38. David
Deery 0-1-2
39. Sina
Amedson 3-5
40. Mark
Stevens 2-0

Wub Savell makes his debut
on the rankings after being on the outside looking in last month. His win over
Al Bahmani ran his record to 3-1. Alex Duong eagerly awaits his rescheduled
battle with Guam Felix (17), while Joe Eurell’s recent loss to Greg Roque drops
him from 29 to 36. David Deery battled and didn’t win once again, but still looked
good enough in the process to remain in the Top 40.

41. Albert Escobedo 3-0
42. Nick
Petrillo 2-1
43. Ken
Garr 2-1
44. Robin
Tran 1-2
45. Josh
Waldron 2-3
Galina Rivina 1-0
Richie Gaines 1-0
Valerie Tosi 1-0
Sameer Suri 1-0
50. Greg
Roque 1-0

Albert Escobedo has not had the toughest lineup of opponents, but 3-0 is
3-0. The Committee looks forward to seeing him against some real competition.
Three newcomers (Galina Ravina, Richie Gaines, and Greg Roque) all crushed in
their debuts and claim well deserved rankings as a result.

And there you have it! The May 2016 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat Barker, Josh Waldron, or Keith Carey. It’s going to be another stacked month of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on Periscope every Tuesday night!

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