Roast Battle took another step towards world domination last month, as Brian Moses and Jeff Ross crossed the pond to jolly old England for the filming of Roast Battle UK. Back on American soil, the usual barrage of insults were hurled across stages at the Comedy Store and The Stand, and, as always, a rankings shakeup is the result. Let’s get right into it!

NOTE: There are no New York rankings on this month’s report because I get that info from Luis J. Gomez’s Facebook page, and that appears to have been disabled. Or he blocked me. Who knows? Maybe it’s a bug in the Facebook system. Get your shit together, Zuckerberg! In any event, this was a huge month for NYC, as champion Eli Sairs defended his belt against Patrick Schroeder and ran his record to an incomprehensible 10-1 on the same night that Dina Hashem won the Roastmasters Invitational Tournament. Dina and Eli will square off at the New York Comedy Festival with the title on the line in November.

  1. Pat Barker 13-4-2
  2. Toby Muresianu 10-3-1
  3. Kim Congdon 11-3
  4. Jay Light 14-10-1
  5. Alex Hooper 13-6
  6. Leah Kayajanian 9-8-1
  7. Omid Singh 15-7
  8.  Keith Carey 14-13
  9. Jeanne Whitney 6-2
  10. Connor McSpadden 10-6-1

The biggest movement here comes as Joe Dosch and Olivia Grace are ousted from the rankings due to inactivity, as neither has battled since the Season Two Tournament. Alex Duong also falls out of the Top Ten after a loss, but nobody in the group listed above battled last month.

  1. Alex Duong 9-6
  2. Doug Fager 8-6-1
  3. Mike Schmidt 6-1
  4. Sarah Keller 6-1-2
  5. Albert Escobedo 8-1
  6. Jamar Neighbors 5-4
  7. Quentin Thomas 6-2
  8. Anna Valenzuela 8-4
  9. Evan Cassidy 5-2
  10. Rena Hundert 5-0

Duong drops to 11 after his loss to the returning Stuart Thompson, and Quentin Thomas jumps up a bracket (moving from 22 to 17) after his victory over mystery opponent Bryan Vokey.

  1. Joe Eurell 7-6-1
  2. Caesar Lizardo 6-3
  3. Galina Rivina 5-3
  4. Rich Slaton 4-5
  5. Tony Bartolone 6-5
  6. Bryan Vokey 5-2
  7. Stuart Thompson 6-5
  8. Nicole Becannon 5-4
  9. Guam Felix 7-3
  10. Jacob Trimmer 6-3

The Tony Bartolone Redemption Tour continued with a second straight main event victory in September, as he defeated Jacob Trimmer and moved back into the Top 25 for the first time in a long, long time. Vokey’s loss to Thomas drops him a few spots to 26, while Stuart Thompson returned to the Belly Room ring and defeated the recently unstoppable Alex Duong. He slides back into the rankings at 27. Guam Felix ended a three-battle losing streak and did so definitively, dominating Haiti in the battle of the countries. Lastly, Jacob Trimmer followed the tough loss to Bartolone with an absolute obliteration of David Lucas, and the end result is a four spot jump to 30.

  1. Ramsey Badawi 3-2
  2. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-1
  3. Heather Marulli 5-3
  4. Dan Nolan 9-11
  5. Brent Duncan 5-4
  6. Hormoz Rashidi 5-5-1
  7. Isaac Hirsch 3-1
  8. Greg Roque 4-2
  9. April Lotshaw 3-1
  10. David Lucas 4-2

In a battle of long-inactive Detroiters, Tre Stewart defeated Nicole Aimee Schreiber. Schreiber, who was previously ranked 27 before falling out, returns at 32 following the loss. Brent Duncan had a really rough time in the ring this month, taking a brutal loss to Madison Sinclair and dropping to 35 in the process. Hormoz Rashidi had just as much trouble, going to a rare main event double-loss with David Deery and falling to 36. Isaac Hirsch was the lone bright spot in this bracket, as his win over Zach Stein moved him up to 37. Rounding out the bracket is David Lucas, who took two decisive losses in a row. The once indestructible Lucas showed weaknesses for the first time this month, and it’ll be interesting to see how he rebounds from his first two defeats.

  1. Katrina Davis 2-1
  2. Alfred Konuwa 4-4-1
  3. Armando Torres 2-0
  4. Valerie Tosi 3-2
  5. Madison Sinclair 4-4
  6. Brett Erickson 2-0
  7. Movses Shakarian 2-0
  8. John-Michael Bond 3-2
  9. Paige Wesley 2-2
  10. Ashley Johnson 2-0

The final bracket sees the return of Alfred Konuwa, who followed a couple of subpar performances with an absolutely dominating performance against Lucas. Madison Sinclair’s destruction of Duncan has her returning to the ranks at 45, while three impressive newcomers bring their 2-0 marks to the list (Brett Erickson at 46, Movses Shakarian at 47, and Ashley Johnson at 50). Finally, John-Michael Bond takes a tumble down to 48 after his awkward energy loss to Danielle Perez.

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