(Editor’s Note: this rankings post does not include the results of last night’s battles. Stay tuned next month for how those affect the ranks.)

The dog days of summer are coming to an end, and Roast Battle prepares to roll into fall with a lot of buzz. The LA scene is dominated by vague chatter about a potential return to Comedy Central, while the Roastmasters have been closing out August with a highly successful Number One Contender’s Tournament. Side note: have we seen the last of the New York vs. Los Angeles title matches? Something tells me… no. No we have not. Call it a hunch. Let’s get into the rankings!

Los Angeles Top Ten

  1. Pat Barker 13-4-2
  2. Toby Muresianu 10-3-1
  3. Kim Congdon 11-3
  4. Jay Light 14-10-1
  5. Joe Dosch 11-8-1
  6. Alex Hooper 13-6
  7. Alex Duong 9-5
  8. Leah Kayajanian 9-8-1
  9. Omid Singh 15-7
  10. Keith Carey 14-13

Toby Muresianu’s double-overtime win over the returning Dave Sirus was strong enough to leapfrog Kim Congdon and jump him to number two, a career-high ranking. Joe Dosch holds on to a top ten spot for one final month until the inactivity clause inevitably bumps him from the list next month, while Leah Kayajanian returns to the top ten after a long time away following her victory over Caesar Lizardo.

New York Top Ten

  1. Eli Sairs 9-1
  2. Patrick Schroeder 7-1
  3.  Katie Hannigan 6-1
  4. Mike Feeney 7-2
  5. JP McDade 7-6
  6. Rosebud Baker 8-2
  7. Evan Williams 4-4
  8. Dina Hashem 4-1
  9. Joel Walkowski 5-5
  10. Aaron Berg 4-2

The New York show is on absolute fire recently, and that figures to continue this Tuesday as #1 Sairs squares off with #2 Schroeder with the belt on the line. In the meantime, the Final Four of the aforementioned tournament occupy spots 3, 4, 6, and 8 on this list after each racked up a couple of victories over the last three weeks. A 1-1 month for Joel Walkowski drops him a couple of spots, while Aaron Berg’s absolute decimation of Kerryn Feehan catapults him back into the top ten.

Los Angeles 11-20

  1. Olivia Grace 7-4-1
    12. Jeanne Whitney 6-2
    13. Connor McSpadden 10-6-1
    14. Doug Fager 8-6-1
    15. Mike Schmidt 6-1
    16. Sarah Keller 5-1-2
    17. Albert Escobedo 8-1
    18. Jamar Neighbors 5-4
    19. Anna Valenzuela 8-4
    20. Evan Cassidy 5-2

Not a ton of movement here. Doug Fager swaps brackets with Leah Kayajanian and falls to 14 after his loss to Joe Eurell, but that’s about it. Farewell to Robbie Goodwin, who moved to New York, and Tom Goss, who hasn’t battled since December. Farewell in advance to Olivia Grace, who will fall off the list due to inactivity next month as the Great Roast Battle Purge of ’17 continues.

New York 11-20

  1. Zac Amico 9-6
    12. Scott Chaplain 3-7
    13. Subhah Agarwal 3-1
    14. Erica Spera 3-1
    15. Mike Recine 3-7
    16. Erik Bergstrom 3-5
    17. Myka Fox 3-3
    18. Corey Reppond 9-5
    19. Emily Winter 3-2
    20. Jay Welch 3-5

The thing I love most about the NY rankings (chosen by host Luis J. Gomez) is that there’s really no rhyme or reason to them half the time. It’s pandemonium. Zac Amico and Scott Chaplain didn’t battle this month, yet they flip-flopped in the rankings. Erica Spera lost a battle and stayed at 14. Mike Recine was unranked last month and shows up now at 3-7. Erik Bergstrom went 1-1 and dropped three spots. Same for Corey Reppond. Meanwhile, Myka Fox went 1-1 and jumped up eight spots. PANDEMONIUM.

Los Angeles 21-30

  1. Rena Hundert 5-0
    22. Quentin Thomas 5-2
    23. Bryan Vokey 5-1
    24. Joe Eurell 7-6-1
    25. Caesar Lizardo 6-3
    26. Brent Duncan 5-3
    27. Galina Rivina 5-3
    28. Rich Slaton 4-5
    29. Hormoz Rashidi 5-4-1
    30. David Lucas 4-0

Fresh off his Rookie of the Year award, Bryan Vokey moves up seven spots after scoring a victory over otherwise-undefeated New York battler Katie Hannigan. Joe Eurell had a rollercoaster month, following a loss to Tony Bartolone with a win over Doug Fager, and moves up a few spots as a result. Caesar Lizardo delivered a solid performance in his first three-round main event, and some would even argue he deserved a win. He didn’t get that win, so he drops, but the drop is minimal as he falls from 23 to 25. Meanwhile, David Lucas enters the top 30 after scoring another highly entertaining win over newcomer Billy Boondocks.

New York 21-25

  1. Dave Kinney 3-2
    22. Kerryn Feehan 3-7
    23. Lindsey Jennings 6-8-1
    24. Elon Altman 2-4
    25. Freddy G 3-2

Congratulations to both the newly-ranked Freddy G and Lindsey Jennings. Lindsey, a Belly Room veteran, becomes the first battler in the history of the sport to be ranked on both coasts after picking up a couple of wins at The Stand during her time in New York.

Los Angeles 31-40

  1. Nicole Becannon 5-4
    32. Ramsey Badawi 3-2
    33. Tony Bartolone 5-5
    34. Jacob Trimmer 5-2
    35. Heather Marulli 5-3
    36. Logan Guntzelman 3-0
    37. Guam Felix 6-3
    38. Dan Nolan 9-11
    39. John-Michael Bond 3-1
    40. Greg Roque 4-2

Tony Bartolone ended a five-battle losing streak with his upset win over Joe Eurell, and moves up from 40 to 33 because of it. Heather Marulli’s win over Paige Wesley takes her from 41 to 35, and Greg Roque closes out the bracket after going from 46 to 40 following his main event win over Danielle Perez.

Los Angeles 41-50

  1. April Lotshaw 3-1
    42. Isaac Hirsch 2-1
    43. Katrina Davis 2-1
    44. Armando Torres 2-0
    45. Valerie Tosi 3-2
    46. Leah Lamarr 3-0
    47. Paige Wesley 2-2
    48. Fizaa Dosani 2-0
    49. Brian McDaniel 2-0
    50. Zahra Ali 2-0

April Lotshaw made her triumphant return to LA after a year-plus of living in Washington, and immediately got back in the win column with a victory over Tony Alfano. Armando Torres’ win over Kate Stark allows him to make his rankings debut at 44, while Valerie Tosi re-emerges at 45 after beating down Julian Fernandez. Paige Wesley falls to 47 after her loss to Heather Marulli, while three 2-0 battlers round out the top 50 in Fizaa Dosani, Brian McDaniel, and Zahra Ali.

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