This past week, Roast Battle featured a staggering eight comics in their respective scene’s Top 20. The event, arguably the best non-televised card we’ve ever had, was led by a main event between two guys who entered their fight with Belly Room undefeated streaks well over a year. The clash before that featured a former Roast Battle champion going against the winningest battler in the show’s history. They followed a fight between arguably the most improved battler in LA and an experienced Season 2 New York performer. And before all that, you had a nominee for Battler of the Year against one of the most prolific performers in Roast Battle history. There were enough quality main events to cause a month’s worth of rankings movement, but it was merely the cap to an already active July at the Belly Room and The Stand. Here are the updated rankings.

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Pat Barker 13-4-2
2. Kim Congdon 11-3
3. Toby Muresianu 9-3-1
4. Jay Light 14-10-1
5. Joe Dosch 11-8-1
6. Alex Hooper 13-6
7. Alex Duong 9-5
8. Omid Singh 15-7
9. Doug Fager 8-5-1
10. Keith Carey 14-13

There’s a lot to unpack here. Kim Congdon made history last month when she became only the fourth #1 in the first 16 months of the rankings, but her reign on top was short. By virtue of a win over Jamar Neighbors, last month’s number three Pat Barker leapfrogs to the top spot and becomes the fifth #1 battler ever. Kim drops to two and is quickly followed by Toby Muresianu, whose three-round win over former champ Alex Hooper jumps him up from 6 to 3. Muresianu hasn’t lost in the last 23 months, and has only been unable to ascend to the top spot due to patches of inactivity. One more win could definitely do the trick though. Jay Light jumps three spots after his decimation of rookie Kevin McNamara, while Hooper falls from 2 to 6 after the loss to Toby. Alex Duong finally cracked the top ten last month, and now hops up three more spots to number 7 after beating New York’s Kerryn Feehan. Omid Singh rode a 6-1 record in his last seven fights into the Belly Room on Tuesday, but took a close loss to Leah Kayajanian and drops to 8 as a result.

New York Top Ten

1. Eli Sairs 9-1
2. Patrick Schroeder 7-1
3. Evan Williams 4-4
4. JP McDade 7-6
5. Joel Walkowski 4-4
6. Scott Chaplain 3-7
7. Zac Amico 9-6
8. Mike Feeney 5-2
9. Katie Hannigan 4-0
10. Subhah Agarwal 3-1

After once again successfully defending his title, this time against JP McDade, Eli Sairs leaves little doubt that he’s the best Roast Battler in the world right now. He seems like he’s on a collision course with the west coast number one, Pat Barker, but New York has made it a point to crown 7-1 Patrick Schroeder (the only man to ever beat Sairs) as the number one contender. McDade drops to four after the loss, while Katie Hannigan cracks the top ten for the first time, jumping from 15 to 9 after her main event victory over Corey Reppond last week.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Robbie Goodwin 8-0
12. Olivia Grace 7-4-1
13. Jeanne Whitney 6-2
14. Leah Kayajanian 8-8-1
15. Connor McSpadden 10-6-1
16. Mike Schmidt 6-1
17. Sarah Keller 6-1-2
18. Jamar Neighbors 5-4
19. Albert Escobedo 8-1
20. Tom Goss 5-4

Leah Kayajanian’s impressive win over Omid Singh jumps her from 20 to 14, while Mike Schmidt’s foray into “mystery battle” territory (beating an opponent who he found out about while he was on stage) moves him from 21 to 16. Sarah Keller’s latest win and impressive 6-1-2 record move her into the Top 20 for the first time, as Jamar Neighbors’ loss to Pat Barker drops him a few spots from 18 to 14.

New York 11-20

11. Ariel Elias 2-2
12. Erik Bergstrom 2-4
13. Aaron Berg 3-2
14. Erica Spera 3-0
15. Corey Reppond 8-4
16. Kerryn Feehan 3-6
17. Christi Chiello 4-8
18. Emily Winter 3-1
19. Jono Zalay 4-1
20. Dave Kinney 3-1

Corey Reppond’s loss to Kate Hannigan drops him from 14 to 15, but this bracket is really all about the upward movement of two rising New York stars. Erica Spera’s main event W over Ian Fidance moves her all the way from 22 to 14, while Dave Kinney cracks the Top 20 after a win over Los Angeles staple Lindsey Jennings.

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Anna Valenzuela 8-4
22. Evan Cassidy 5-2
23. Caesar Lizardo 6-2
24. Rena Hundert 5-0
25. Quentin Thomas 5-2
26. Brent Duncan 5-3
27. Galina Rivina 5-3
28. Joe Eurell 6-5-1
29. Rich Slaton 4-5
30. Bryan Vokey 4-1

Rena Hundert returns from the inactivity list, and after a controversial win over Bryan Vokey runs her record to 5-0, jumping into the #24 spot in the process. Vokey falls from 26 to 30. And that concludes all the activity this month for everyone in this bracket.

New York 21-25

21. Dina Hashem 2-1
22. Pete Lee 1-2
23. Rosebud Baker 6-2
24. Elon Altman 1-0
25. Myka Fox 2-2

We wrap up July in New York without any new entrants to the Top 25. All five battlers in this bracket were inactive this month and experienced minimal movement as the comics around them shuffled upwards after victories.

Los Angeles 31-40

31. Hormoz Rashidi 5-4-1
32. Nicole Becannon 5-4
33. Ramsey Badawi 3-2
34. Jacob Trimmer 5-2
35. Logan Guntzelman 3-0
36. David Lucas 3-0
37. Guam Felix 6-3
38. Dan Nolan 9-11
39. John-Michael Bond 3-1
40. Tony Bartolone 4-5

Nicole Becannon’s murder streak continued with a main event win over Madison Sinclair, moving her up from 39 to 32. Two nominees for the Rookie of the Year Award at the Roasties (results out later today!) both move up after victories, as Jacob Trimmer took down Lonnie Johnson and David Lucas defeated Haiti in two great undercards. Trimmer jumps from 40 to 34, while the previously unranked Lucas slides in at 36. Tony Bartolone rounds out the group, after his loss to Sarah Keller drops him from 35 to 40.

Los Angeles 41-50

41. Heather Marulli 4-3
42. Paige Wesley 2-1
43. Isaac Hirsch 2-1
44. Katrina Davis 2-1
45. Leah Lamarr 3-0
46. Greg Roque 3-2
47. Nick Petrillo 4-3
48. Zahra Ali 2-0
49. Kevin McNamara 5-3
50. Lonnie Johnson 4-4

Paige Wesley and Katrina Davis both make their rankings debut after following the Isaac Hirsch model – have three great battles and win two of them. Wesley, Hirsch, and Davis now occupy spots 42-44 respectively. Kevin McNamara’s defeat at the hands of Jay Light drops him from 41 to 49, while Lonnie Johnson teeters on the brink of disaster after falling from 45 to 50 following his loss to Jacob Trimmer.

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