April 2017 was one of the lightest in-ring months in Roast
Battle history, featuring only one three-round main event and the first card in
a long time to feature as few as four battles. But what the month lacked in
roasting it more than made up for in drama. The month featured the official
announcements of the battles on the second LA vs. NY supercard, the sudden
retirement of Roast Battle stalwart Earl Skakel, and a shocking shakeup in the
Roastmasters scene as host Luis J. Gomez announced he was leaving the show.
Thankfully some degree of normalcy has been restored – the Roastmasters have
already announced that Gomez will be returning to host duties as the show makes
its comeback on May 16, and starting on May 30 the New York incarnation will be
going to a weekly format. But while things get back to normal in the Big Apple,
title match controversy continues to swirl over the Belly Room. What will
happen on May 23 when the two cities clash once again? Who knows. Until then,
let’s look at the updated rankings after the April fights entered the record

Los Angeles Top Ten

1. Frank Castillo 13-9
2. Alex Hooper 13-5
3. Pat Barker 12-4-2
4. Joe Dosch 11-8-1
5. Omid Singh 14-6 
6. Toby Muresianu 8-3-1
7. Kim Congdon 9-3 
8. Doug Fager 7-4-1
9. Olivia Grace 7-4-1
10. Connor McSpadden 10-5-1

The top four spots remain unchanged, and Roast Battle legend
Omid Singh jumps in at number five after a thrilling undercard win against
battle rapper F.L.O. Singh’s win was the 14th of his battle career,
a number that nobody else in the history of the sport has reached. After
spending the majority of the last year bouncing around in the 11-14 range, Kim
Congdon finally jumps into the top ten after beating Dan Nolan in a Battle of
the Year contender. A win in her big bi-coastal battle with Luis J. Gomez would
land her firmly in the championship picture. Same goes for number eight, Doug
Fager, who will be going to war with New York’s Zac Amico on the 23rd.

New York Top Ten

1. Eli Sairs (7-1)
2. JP McDade (7-5)
3. Zac Amico (9-3)
4. Scott Chaplain (3-7)
5. Evan Williams (4-4)
6. Patrick Schroeder (6-1)
7. Joel Walkowski (3-4)
8. Mike Feeney (4-2)
9. Christi Chiello (4-8)
10. Erik Bergstrom (2-3)

The ultimate net loss of
the Roastmasters temporary show cancellation was a handful of scheduled battles
on April 18 and May 2, and as a result the New York show had an extremely slow
month with only one show going down. In it, JP McDade defeated Scott Chaplain
in what was billed as a “#1 Contenders Match”. McDade moves up to number two in
New York as a result, but the title picture isn’t nearly as clear as it might
seem. With Los Angeles having its own number one contender issues, there are no
definitive answers on what’s next for the belts. What we do know is that Eli
Sairs will be defending the title against Keith Carey on May 23, and that Carey
already has a battle with Connor McSpadden scheduled for the following week.
Assuming we’re leaving May with one of those three guys as champion, who knows
what the next logical step is. McDade’s already battled Sairs and McSpadden,
and the 3,000 mile buffer between him and Carey could prove to be an obstacle.
For now though, JP hops into the number two spot on the list, leapfrogging
Amico in the process.

Los Angeles 11-20

11. Jay Light 12-10-1 
12. Albert Escobedo 8-0
13. Alex Duong 7-5
14. Jamar Neighbors 5-3
15. Anna Valenzuela 8-3  
16. Keith Carey 12-12
17. Robbie Goodwin 7-0 
18. Jeff Sewing 4-0-1
19. Mike Schmidt 5-0
20. Tom Goss 5-4

Anna Valenzuela drops
from 10 to 15 following her loss to the returning Quentin Moscaritolo, and she’ll
look to rebound this month against New York’s number 8 battler, Mike Feeney.
Jamar Neighbors’ battle with Keith Carey proved to be one of the more
entertaining ones in recent memory, and Jamar jumps from 19 to 14 as a result. As
for Keith, well, he did what he’s done a bunch – put on an absolutely
incredible show and then watch his opponent get their hand raised. His
selection as the man to battle champion Eli Sairs was controversial to some (if
you don’t believe me, try listening to any podcast Earl Skakel has been on in the
last couple of weeks), but it’s tough to doubt the consistency and quality of
his performances. Whether or not Keith represents the best bet to bring the
title back to Los Angeles is certainly up for debate, but one thing is fairly
certain – Keith Carey has more classic battles than anyone in the show’s history.
Chances are that we’re in for another one on May 23.

New York 11-20

11. Ariel Elias (2-1)
12. Subhah Agarwal (3-1)
13. Aaron Berg (3-2)
14. Corey Reppond (7-3)
15. Kerryn Feehan (3-5)
16. Dina Hashem (2-1)
17. Pete Lee (1-2)
18. Jono Zalay (3-1)
19. Rosebud Baker (3-1)
20. Katie Hannigan (2-0)

When you only have one
show in a month, I guess this is bound to happen – a completely unchanged
bracket. 11-20 remain as they were last month for New York.

Los Angeles 21-30

21. Quentin Moscaritolo
22. Leah Kayajanian 7-8-1
23. Jeanne Whitney 5-2
24. Evan Cassidy 5-2
25. Rich Slaton 4-4
26. Galina Rivina 4-1
27. Bryan Vokey 4-0
28. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-0
29. Brent Duncan 5-3
30. Ramsey Badawi 3-2 

Quentin Moscaritolo is
back, and it comes at a time when the Roast Battle desperately needs new blood
atop the leaderboard. While newer battlers like Albert Escobedo and Robbie
Goodwin have racked up insane records (8-0 and 7-0, respectively), Quentin’s
resume boasts something that’s increasingly becoming a rarity – the three-round
main event. April featured only one – Quentin’s fight with Anna Valenzuela –
and most of the ones on record this year have exclusively been clashes between
established vets. Here’s hoping that Moscaritolo’s return from Boston leads to
a handful of fresh main events that we haven’t seen before. Elsewhere in the
bracket, Ramsey Badawi drops from 24 to 30 following his main event loss to Nat
Baimel last week.

New York 21-25

21. Emily Winter (2-1)
22. Jay Welch (2-2)
23. Eli Yudin (2-0)
24. Mookie Thompson (2-0)
25. Myka Fox (2-2)

Myka Fox is in. Ian Hunt
is out. Adjust your scorebooks accordingly.

Los Angeles 31-50

31. Dan Nolan 9-9
32. Jacob Trimmer 4-1
33. Logan Guntzelman 3-0
34. Tony Bartolone 4-4
35. Sarah Keller 3-1-2
36. Guam Felix 6-3
37. Caesar Lizardo 4-2
38. Leah Lamarr 3-0
39. Lonnie Johnson 4-3 
40. Greg Roque 3-2

After starting his Roast
Battle career at 7-2 and winning the Rookie of the Year award, Dan Nolan has
fallen into Keith Carey territory – lots of battles, lots of great
performances, and lots of losses. April featured two of them as he took a loss
to Roast Battle great Kim Congdon in a classic fight, and then another loss to
the unranked Sarah Keller. As always, wins and losses don’t tell the entire
story regarding someone’s true talent as a battler, but they have to be a part
of the discussion. In this case the two losses are enough to drop Nolan from 23
to 31. Luckily he’s got another battle coming up a few hours after this post
goes up on the internet, because he’s Dan Nolan and it’s a Tuesday and battling
is just what he does. Speaking of Sarah Keller, her Roast Battle run has flown
largely under the radar here at the Power Rankings. She made a brief appearance
at #47 in Volume 6 but quickly fell out and hasn’t returned to the Top 50. That’s
a crime that needs to be rectified. She’s done six battles, and at 3-1-2 has
only lost once. Her latest convincing victory over Nolan is more than enough to
land her back on the list, and 35 seems like a good landing spot given her
resume. The only other change here sees Lonnie Johnson slip from 32 to 39
following a tough loss to Eric Abbenante.

41. David Deery 1-2-2
42. Nicole Becannon 3-4 
43. Mark Stevens 4-2
44. Nick Petrillo 4-3
45. Lindsey Jennings 4-5-1
46. Richie Gaines 4-3
47. Eric Abbenante 3-2
48. Joe Eurell 4-5-1
49. David Lucas 2-0
50. Casey Ley 2-0

Speaking of Abbenante,
the aforementioned win gets him the #47 spot. The only other new arrival in
this bracket goes to Nicole Becannon, as she added an impressive win over Paid
Regular Jeff Danis to her battle history. She clocks in at #42 as a result.

And there you have it! The April 2017 rankings are official.
For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat Barker, Frank Castillo, or Keith
Carey. February is going to be another stacked month of battles at The Comedy
Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on Periscope every Tuesday

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