February 2017 is in the books, and it was a doozy. But it wasn’t the hotly contested Belly Room main events (the last three of which all went to a minimum of double overtime) that generated the most conversation – it was New York officially throwing down the gauntlet and challenging Los Angeles to an all-out war. The west coast not only accepted the challenge, but offered to send three of Roast Battle’s best into NYC to battle three of the Roastmasters top comics at a mega event this Tuesday. As the budding coastal rivalry looms on the horizon, let’s recap February with some new rankings.

1. Frank Castillo 13-9
2. Alex Hooper 13-4
3. Pat Barker 11-4-1
4. Earl Skakel 9-2-1
5. Joe Dosch 11-8-1
6. Toby Muresianu 8-3-1
7. Olivia Grace 7-4-1
8. Omid Singh 13-6
9. Doug Fager 6-4-1
10. Anna Valenzuela 8-2

The top two spots remain intact, and Pat Barker jumps up a spot after his triple-overtime draw with Doug Fager. Toby Muresianu gets the same treatment after his double-OT draw with Connor McSpadden, moving from 7 to 6. Fager experiences a three spot leap from 12 to 9, and lastly we get to the only battler here who actually won a fight this month – Omid Singh. Omid pulled off two impressive victories in February, defeating both Dan Nolan in a main event and Brent Duncan in an undercard. In the process he vaulted back into the top ten and also tied the Roast Battle record for most career wins with 13.

11. Kim Congdon 8-3
12. Connor McSpadden 9-5-1
13. Jay Light 12-10
14. Keith Carey 11-11
15. Jeff Sewing 4-0-1
16. Tom Goss 5-4
17. Leah Kayajanian 7-8-1
18. Albert Escobedo 7-0
19. Rena Hundert 4-0
20. Jamar Neighbors 4-3

Connor McSpadden’s Roast Battle resume for the month included two double-overtime main events – a draw with Toby Muresianu and a loss to JP McDade. He slides from 10 to 12 as a result. Jay Light’s bizarre and entertaining clash with battle rapper F.L.O. provided the battle of the night but ultimately resulted in a loss, and he sees a fall from 9 to 13 because of it. The remainder of this bracket sat the month out, including Keith Carey, who didn’t step on stage to fight anyone for the first time in recent memory.

21. Alex Duong 6-5
22. Robbie Goodwin 6-0
23. Dan Nolan 8-6
24. Mike Schmidt 4-0
25. Jeanne Whitney 5-2
26. Evan Cassidy 5-2
27. Ramsey Badawi 3-1
28. Nicole Aimee Schreiber 3-0
29. Tony Bartolone 4-3
30. Brent Duncan 5-3

Alex Duong’s dominant victory over Nat Baimel catapults him from 28 to 21, while Dan Nolan’s loss to Omid drops him back six spots. After being dropped from the rankings last month due to inactivity, Evan Cassidy returned and delivered the performance of the night in his comeback fight. He jumps back in the ranks at 26. Last month’s 26, Tony Bartolone, slips to 29 after his loss to Matt LeGrande. Brent Duncan falls to 30 after also losing a battle to Omid, and rounds out the bracket.

31. Guam Felix 6-2
32. Galina Rivina 3-1
33. Greg Roque 3-1
34. Logan Guntzelman 3-0
35. Bryan Vokey 3-0
36. Lonnie Johnson 4-2
37. Leah Lamarr 3-0
38. David Deery 1-2-2
39. Nick Petrillo 4-3
40. Jacob Trimmer 3-1

Not a ton of activity in this bracket – Lonnie Johnson jumps up a few spots after a month that featured a win and a loss. Jacob Trimmer falls to the bottom of the bracket after his double loss with Tony Alfano. His performance deserved better than the reaction it got from the crowd, but any time you step in the ring and end up watching Haiti get his hand raised, you’re going to fall in the rankings because of it.

41. Lindsey Jennings 3-5-1
42. Richie Gaines 4-2
43. Joe Eurell 4-5-1
44. Caesar Lizardo 3-2
45. Casey Ley 2-0
46. Mark Stevens 3-2
47. Kayla Rosenberg 1-0-1
48. Matt LeGrande 3-4
49. Rachel Mac 2-1
50. Jonathan Rowell 0-3-1

As usual, we wrap up the rankings with some new faces. Joe Eurell returns to the top 50 after his killer win over Eric Abbenante. Caesar Lizardo, after a rough start to his roasting career, has rattled off three straight wins and makes his rankings debut at 44 as a result. Casey Ley’s dominant win earned a spot on the list, as did Matt LeGrande’s victory over Tony Bartolone.

And there you have it! The February 2017 rankings are official. For record corrections, contact Jay Light, Pat Barker, Frank Castillo, or Keith Carey. February is going to be another stacked month of battles at The Comedy Store, so make sure you’re there live or watching on Periscope every Tuesday night!

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