With 2020 hurtling towards us, Roast Battle’s latest champion is set to defend his title for the very first time against one of the scariest battlers in the show’s second wave of fighters. It’s going to be a night to remember, as these two will be flanked by two additional main events and an undercard that looks like a wild card. We don’t have any judges lined up quite yet, but we know that some good ones will show up. They always do! Let’s get to know tonight’s fighters.

Our only undercard of the night is Sarah Lawrence versus Tokyo Kuntpunch. Sarah is 1-1, having followed an impressive, Roastie-winning debut with a massive disappointment. (Friendly reminder: this ain’t easy.) However, her opponent is a brand new battler, so anything could happen in this fight. We all know that you really can’t judge a book by its cover in Roast Battle, especially when that book is titled Tokyo Kuntpunch. But she has made a splash at the Store after an appearance on Kill Tony, and she looks to continue her ascent with a win – or at the very least, a solid showing – in her first fight.

In our first of three main events, it’s a total douche-off as Ryan Nesen takes on Lou Misiano. Ryan has risen rapidly, racking up seven wins and zero losses in his relatively short roasting career. He’s a classic fighter, with jokes that are lean and mean. Lou, currently sporting a record that’s just under .500, shouldn’t be judged for having some losses under his belt. His playing-the-heel tactics win him fans every single time he hits the stage, and he’s one of the only battlers who you know isn’t as racist in real life as he is during this show. These two both face the same obstacle tonight: writing jokes about a white guy. When you’re so good at playing the race card, being forced to take it out of the deck can be a detriment to your battle strategy. I have no doubts that they’ll rise to the occasion; it just remains to be seen how these two will pull it off.

Our second main event features Quentin Thomas versus the only guy who travels from the Midwest just to get his Roast Battle rocks off, Albert Escobedo. Quentin, having finally cemented himself as a top ten fighter after a long career in the sport, is always a delight to watch. Albert, the former winning streak record-holder, had a promising career in the ring that slowed to a crawl when he moved out of LA to get a big-boy job. However, he is always welcome in the ring, especially against top tier fighters. Can Albert do as he does at his day job and put this big dog to sleep? Or will Quentin continue to be head and shoulders above his competition?

Finally, we have our title match as challenger Brett Erickson tries to take the championship belt from Alex Duong. Brett has landed himself among Roast Battle royalty this year, racking up eleven wins and one loss against a variety of opponents. Tonight will be his first three-round fight, a return to the old-school form that is a true test for any second-wave Roast Battler. Alex, on the other hand, is no three-round slouch, having done the show since practically the beginning. He’s got three-round experience for days, and can tackle tough opponents in the format with poise and prowess. However, it is his first title defense, and so far only a couple of battlers have managed to keep their hands on the belt after meeting their first challenger. This is sure to be a match for the ages, so don’t miss out.

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