The 10s are done and it’s time for the roasting 20s to take over. We are starting this new decade off right with some old favorites, culminating in a main event featuring two Roast Battle OGs. At current press we don’t have confirmed judges, but with the myriad of talent roaming the hallowed halls of the Comedy Store, our VIP section is sure to be extra to start the year.

First up on the chopping block is virgin battler Christopher Tyler taking on Frank Martinez. Christopher Tyler looks like if Gonzo opened a craft brewery. He’s never battled before, so he’s a wildcard. He’s taking on Frank Martinez, who returns to the Belly Room after his underwhelming win over Gil Fierro back in October. Frank had some good moments and is a seasoned comedian, so he’s likely learned from his mistakes and is looking to continue his victory streak. I give the edge to Frank for his experience.

Next up we have Mitchell Pratt taking on Remy Cashman. Mitchell looks like an alien who just saw his own reflection for the first time. Mitchell is from Oregon and has never battled before, but it seems he and Remy are close friends, which always helps make a good battle. Remy is returning to the ring after a string of wins, each one more impressive than the last. She’s been steadily improving and showing that she has what it takes to become a great battler. Remy has the advantage here as she’s seasoned and has shown she knows how to craft a good joke.

Our last undercard of the night features the poster children for two very different prison gangs, Digits versus Nate Welch. Digits is returning to us with his signature swagger after defeating Mia Mars back in November. Digits is a unique battler and consistently an audience favorite. Recently he has combined his signature unpredictability with solid joke writing, making him an ever-improving battler, slowly climbing up the ranks. Nate is coming off a narrow loss in overtime to Salvatore Fratallone in November. Nate is also a unique battler in that his joke-writing style starkly contrasts his image and vibe, which lends to a fun juxtaposition. These are two strong characters in roast battle right now and it will be interesting to see what happens. Regardless of the outcome we know one thing for sure, this will be entertaining and Digits will undoubtedly end up taking a knee at some point.

Our main event of the night features two of Roast Battle’s greatest: Doug Fager versus Greg Roque. I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t happened before, but I’m damn excited it hasn’t. Doug is a legend in the Belly Room, pairing flawlessly written jokes with delightful theatrics and daring risk-taking. “Everyone’s favorite ghost writer” is coming off a win against New York’s Drew Drevyanko where he proved that the West Coast is the best coast. Greg Roque has been one of the best since the early days of the show, he was even on the Roast Battle TV show. He’s a sniper joke-writer and has some of the best comebacks in the game. He knows who he is and is always ready with fire rebuttals for anything his opponents can throw at him. His off-the-cuff remarks are next-level, and he’s had some of the best moments in the history of the live show (most notably when he took down Tony Hinchcliffe in a verbal spar that still gives me tingles all over). Both of these men will go down in Roast Battle history as two of the best. It’s anyone’s battle, but we can expect it to be an absolute blood bath complete with shenanigans and expertly crafted jokes.

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