Don’t let the lack of updates fool you – the Roast Battle
Fantasy League is up and running, and the month of January was hotly contested.
The season started with teams making modest gains, as Rachel Mac (Team Tony) led
all scorers with 11 points on January 3. Several other battlers turned in solid
performances that night – Carmen Morales’ debut battle was declared Battle of
the Night and netted her nine points, leading to Team Keith claiming her off of
waivers before the night had even ended. Speaking of Keith Carey, his main
event battle with Greg Roque was a big winner for Team Anna. She drafted both
battlers and rode their combined 15 points (10 for Greg, 5 for Keith) to a Week
One high score.

The following week lacked the quantity of great
performances, but featured a record-setting fantasy output in the main event.
Leah Kayajanian delivered a near-flawless performance that brought The Wave out
on almost every joke, securing Battle of the Night and Performance of the Night
bonuses in the process en route to a season-high 23 points for Team Anna. Her
opponent, Jonathan Rowell, tallied a solid ten points in the loss. Earlier on
the card, Lauren Davis made her debut and put up an impressive score of eight
against Katrina Davis. She has since been claimed by Team Pat.

In addition to being a great fantasy manager, Pat Barker
also had a decent month in the ring. His January 17 main event performance was
just a notch below Leah’s from the week before and he scored 21 points as a
result. His fight with Connor McSpadden won Battle of the Night honors, and the
21 points were a huge victory for Team Tony. Team Lou scored eight points with
Connor’s loss, which is especially notable because they made up 80% of the team’s
entire scoring output during a brutal January. In a one-round main event, Nat
Baimel scored nine for Team Anna as she continued to reign atop the

Then, the tournament happened. Team Anna missed a chance to
run up the score, as both Keith and Leah went out in the first round. Keith
fared much better in the fantasy league than he did in the actual tournament,
as three of his draft picks (Alex Hooper, Olivia Grace, and Joe Dosch) all won
tournament battles. Team Pat also made out very well in the tournament thanks
to eventual champion Frank Castillo. The second round draft pick put up a total
of 62 points throughout his four fights, making him by far the most productive
fantasy player in the early-going of the season. Still, he was Team Pat’s only
player, and Team Keith used the three strong performances (Dosch with 40
points, Grace with 29, and Hooper with 21) to jump out to the lead with Pat and
Anna checking in at second and third, respectively.

The show returned to the Comedy Store on January
31, and a few individual performances stuck out. Debuting battlers Kevin Munroe
and Paige Wesley made great first impressions, putting up nine and seven spots,
respectively. But the night belonged to Lindsey Jennings (Team Anna), who beat
Richie Gaines soundly in the main event and secured the Performance of the
Night bonus in the process. Her 14 point outburst allowed Team Anna to close
the month in second place, passing Team Pat (who had her opponent, Richie

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