Summer is officially in full swing, and the Belly Room air conditioning will be working overtime to keep the room cool after tonight’s hot fight card gets going. We’ve got six battles coming your way including some New York contenders trying to stake a claim and a main event between two consistent Belly Room favorites. Before we get to the fights, let’s get to know our judges.

Tonight’s judges’ panel is a real murderer’s row. We’ve got Brody Stevens, a VIP section favorite whose special “Live From The Main Room” just dropped on just about every streaming video platform in existence. We’ve got Candice Thompson, a top talent who’s been seen on NBC’s The Tonight Show and the first season of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle. We’ve also got two homegrown Comedy Store favorites: Punkie Johnson, who just appeared on Facebook’s new series Please Understand Me, and Josh Martin, who regularly tours with the Deathsquad crew. It’s a panel full of feisty personalities that’ll keep the highs high and elevate the lows – though with tonight’s fight card, don’t expect many lows.

First up on tonight’s undercards, rising star Malcolm Hatchett takes on Jazmyn Washington, a Roast Battle virgin from the Bay Area. Malcolm has two battles under his belt and a regular spot on Kill Tony where he’s been crushing audiences with his immense likability and sharp punchlines. Though Jazmyn hasn’t battled before, Malcolm’s last opponent that he brought out of the woodwork – Dylan Sullivan – is currently making waves of his own with an undefeated record, so I’ve got no reason to not trust his taste. Let’s see what the Belly Room newbie brings to the table against one of the hottest new comics in town.

In the night’s second undercard, Kelsey Lane tussles with Lou Misiano. Kelsey has had a mixed bag of a record but is coming off an impressive win. Lou is a fiery new contender with an undefeated record who dresses sharp and disses sharper. It’s a stylistic mismatch, but opposites attract, and in the Belly Room, they explode. Let’s see what these two seasoned competitors have to say about each other as they try to climb further up the ranks in the June heat.

Next up, RamPaige Wesley takes on Justin Matson. Paige is always a feared competitor, taking big swings and earning further points with excellent rebuttals and asides in every match. Justin’s last battle was a disaster, but he’s put on good showings previously, so hopefully in this match he can shake off some of the awkwardness of his last fight and step up to battle a strong opponent. Or maybe Paige will just bowl him over. Either way, we’ll find out tonight!

After that is our first undercard featuring a New York competitor, with Quentin Thomas taking on Dan Wickes. A little primer on the NYC roast scene for the uninitiated: there are three different battle-type shows in the Big Apple. Comedy Fight Club is the wildest of the three, with an open mic battle component and an anything-goes attitude that has left some people cringing, some dying of laughter, and some getting punched in the face because they were white guys who thought they could get away with saying the N-word while sporting a Richar Spencer haircut. New York Comedy Club features a twice-a-month battle started by former incumbent judge Rell Battle that draws newcomers and seasoned fighters alike. And, of course, the folks at The Stand and GAS Digital put on the weekly Roastmasters NYC show, the officially-sanctioned show by Moses and Jeff hosted by Luis J. Gomez and home of the current club champion Eli Sairs. Dan comes highly recommended, having performed on basically every iteration of the show out there. His opponent, Quentin, is a tall drink of water with swagger and sharp jokes who has improved every single time he’s gotten on stage, climbing the ranks to a top 20 position in recent months. Will the NYC upstart take down the LA mainstay or will this Roast Battle giant smack Jack off the beanstalk?

In our second NYC versus LA match, Caesar Lizardo tussles with James Pontillo. James was actually supposed to battle before in the Belly Room, but his fight was cancelled last-minute, so he’s coming in even hotter than before with plenty of experience at New York’s top battle room to show for it. Caesar is a bit of a wildcard in the ring, having come in playing characters, playing it straight, and playing dead in equal measure. But there’s no denying that he’s a creative competitor and a killer joke writer with a Joke Of The Year nomination under his belt and potentially another coming his way when the next Roastie nods are out. Tonight we’ll find out if James can claim that win he’s been seeking in LA for so long or if new dad Caesar can take another win home to feed his kid with.

Our main event tonight features two of Roast Battle’s favorite redheads: Doug Fager and John-Michael Bond. Doug is a longtime top-ten competitor, putting on memorable battles against some of the strongest fighters in the game and proving himself time and time again in the ring, especially in his last fight against Alex Hooper when he took a huge creative risk that paid off with a lengthy prop-based joke. John-Michael is no slouch himself, having taken down Roast Battle giant Keith Carey in a memorable Halloween match and throwing out some of the sport’s most quality jokes in his other fights. Which freckled face will reign supreme tonight? Tune in or show up in person to find out!

Follow @RoastBattle on Twitter for all the latest updates, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest pictures from the impeccable Troy Conrad, and watch live on Periscope at 11:30 PM PST every Tuesday if you can’t catch the verbal violence in person. Thank you for reading, and thanks as always to our sponsor SpeedWeed.

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