As we approach the finals of the tournament, we have many battlers looking to make their mark this week. Whether it’s a newer battler taking on a veteran or someone trying to make a comeback, everyone has motivation to shine tonight. In every battle there is an opportunity for a battler to be looked at differently. This isn’t always the case. Sometimes a pair just doesn’t work well together. This Tuesday, every battle seems like it’s going to be satisfying.

Our judges tonight consist of two VIP veterans and a welcome newcomer to the dais. Sean White has appeared on both seasons of Comedy Central’s version of Roast Battle and has made his mark on LA since moving here from Chicago a little over a year ago. Jak Knight is also returning to the panel in between the bevy of projects he’s involved in, though you may have seen him on Comedy Central, heard him on Netflix’s Big Mouth, or watched him perform at any number of great stand up shows in Los Angeles. Ed Greer is an accomplished comic and writer who is debuting on the panel tonight, fresh after being selected as a performer on the new Comedy Central pilot The New Negroes. These three should provide a fantastic chunk of insight and snark to carry us through the highs and lows of the night ahead of us.

First up tonight is Nate Banditelli versus Mia Mars. All the battles are very evenly matched and this one is no different. Both these comics have similar battle experience – a couple attempts with not much success – and just looking at the surface there is a lot either comic has as far as roast material goes. One can only imagine what other weird stuff has happened in their pasts’ that they’ll bring up.

Next is Isaac Hirsch versus Kevin McNamara. This is an interesting battle, a real Revenge of the Nerds situation. Isaac shines in these battles where he seems like the odd man out. Even with his cadaverous demeanor juxtaposed next to Kevin’s commercial physique, he is the more experienced comedian in this fight. At this point, they may even have the same amount of battle know-how as well. Kevin has had an odd path in the show and is still looking to make an impression. Isaac, on the other hand, has had a more pleasant go of Roast Battle and I’m assuming would like to keep that going.

The third undercard of the night is Brian McDaniel versus Armando Torres. Armando is the more experienced fighter in this battle, though he is coming off his first loss. Brian is a seasoned comedian most recently seen in the ring against Ken Garr, who has proved his joke writing ability by running up an undefeated streak. This seems like a pretty fair match-up and a chance for Brian to take his roast writing to the next level or for Armando to stomp a flower before it has a chance to even bloom.

The last undercard of the night is Dan Nolan versus Logan Guntzelman. Both of these battlers are good friends, and this ought to be a pretty even match. However, Logan definitely has more motivation to show up since Dan has more battle experience. In the realm of Roast Battle, Dan would definitely be favored to win, but Logan has had some very successful battles since she started, despite a long absence from the ring. An underdog victory from Logan would not be that surprising.

In the Main Event, Keith Carey and Nat Baimel go at it. These two have been itching to get at each other for some time. Nat needs to turn up to go against Keith. If the show were just a writing submission, this would be a much closer matchup, but Keith has much more personality and presence in the Belly Room. Many consider Keith the best battler. Though there are a handful of other fighters that give Keith a run for his money, Nat, you come at the king, you best not miss. Lets Roast!

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