Roast Battle is officially six years old! The show celebrated its birthday with another edition of the Roastmaster’s Invitational at Just For Laughs, where Season 1 star and Canada’s own K. Trevor Wilson took down reigning JFL champ Jimmy Carr. While no record of the fights appears to be publicly available, a little time away from the Belly Room is always good for the show. Gives all the battlers ample time to relax, recharge, and revitalize their personas just in time for the birthday candles to get blown out. While the judges for tonight have still yet to be determined, the fights themselves are looking sharp. Let’s get into the fight card.

First up, we have a virgin suicide as Sean Hart and Remy Cashman take swings at each other. These two look like they’re battling over the last ticket to a Tim Burton meet-and-greet. Sean and Remy are both new to Roast Battle, and based on some rudimentary research, regulars at The Lexington’s open mic in DTLA. If these two can do battle with the legions of homeless people standing in their way just to sign up for that open mic, then they can probably handle the Roast Battle ring. Fingers crossed for a solid debut from these two!

Next up, it’s Hot Topic versus Forever 21 when Mia Mars battles Alice Hamilton. Mia, who is probably pre-emptively mad that the two fighters ahead of her are stealing her spooky steez, is a proven commodity in Roast Battle, as his her opponent Alice Hamilton. Both have received their inaugural Roastie nominations this year, and both are on the cusp of rising higher in the official ranks. Who will continue the climb tonight?

After that, the Ravishing Rick Rude of Roast Battle, Lou Misiano, takes on the Chyna of Roast Battle, Robyn Blake. Lou and Robyn are two battlers known for their strong personas in the ring. Lou is the sport’s greatest heel since Earl Skakel, and Robyn is a genderfluid fighter who will fuck you up no matter whether you’re a man or a woman. Lou is probably the favorite here, but Robyn has been improving every time in the ring, and definitely should not be counted out before the bell rings.

Our final undercard of the night features Roast Battle mainstay Joe Eurell versus rapidly rising newcomer Deirdre Devlin. Joe is the platonic ideal of a Roast Battle fighter: a gigantic target who is also a strong enough writer to overcome whatever jokes you’ll make at his expense. He may not have the winningest record, but his fights are always entertaining from tip to tail. His opponent, Deirdre, has made a name for herself in a short amount of time by taking swings at fighters above her weight class. It’s a good strategy, too, since even when she loses, she grows exponentially as a battler. Joe is her toughest opponent to date. Can she take down this Roast Battle titan?

Wrapping things up tonight is a main event between Zach Stein and Bryan Vokey. This one is going to be just plain fun. Zach and Bryan are both laid back battlers with amazing jokes. They wow the crowd every time they get on the Belly Room stage and I doubt tonight will be an exception. I have nothing but praise to shower both these guys with. If you’re missing this fight, you’re fucking up, plain and simple. So don’t miss it!

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