Roast Battle is back with more of that hot battle action you crave so much! Even though we don’t have info on the judges as of press time, we do have a beautiful slate of battles ready to dazzle the crowd with the meanest jokes Los Angeles has to offer. Let’s get to know this fight card.

First up, we have Jake Gallo taking on Aaron Thompson.

These two are buddies from way back. I assume that former cop Aaron arrested Jake at some point and they’ve stayed in touch ever since to swap “evidence.” Aaron is a Roast Battle virgin, while Jake’s lone battle showed that he has potential if he chops his jokes down by a sentence or two. Will Jake learn from his mistakes or will Aaron’s blue life matter more?

Next, in the night’s only pure virgin suicide, Eddie Furth takes on Ryan Pigg.

Eddie and Ryan are the co-creators of popular L.A. show Historical Roast, which was adapted by the Roastmaster General and his army into a series for Netflix called Historical Roasts, premiering on Memorial Day. So, theoretically, these two know how to roast. But can they roast battle? As Moses reminds the audience frequently, this isn’t easy. But for two guys who are co-showrunners and longtime roast facilitators, here’s hoping it comes naturally.

After that, we kick off L.A. Pride celebrations early as Dylan Sullivan takes on Jared Goldstein.

Dylan, one of the Store’s newest door guys, has been one of the most exciting battlers to watch grow over the past few months, notching big wins and entertaining losses in every battle. Jared, recently named one of Time Out LA‘s Comics To Watch, hasn’t stepped into the Roast Battle ring in a while, but his last appearance was memorable and showed that his stand-up chops do translate to the Belly Room’s bare-knuckle joke brawl. On paper, this has the potential to be one of the night’s best battles, so be ready to watch two young guns live up to the hype.

Occasionally, the Belly Room bears witness to an out-of-towner looking to take some swings at a local fighter. Tonight, we’re lucky enough to have two returning visitors who’ve previously proven themselves to be worthy fighters. First up, the fire-spittin’ Briton Lee Hudson takes on rap battler-turned-roast battler Digits.

Lee went from fan of the show on Periscope, watching all the way from across the pond every Wednesday morning, to bona fide battler with his victory against Eric Lampaert over a year ago. He has since embarked on a comedy journey of his own, performing regularly in the U.K. as a stand-up and roast battler. He’s ready to take on the fast-talking Digits, a fighter who built up a head of steam in his first couple of fights before falling short in his most recent ones. It’s a story of redemption waiting to happen on both sides. Can Lee wow the L.A. crowd the way he did his first time, or will Digits finally reclaim victory?

In our last undercard, hometown heroine Zahra Ali takes on sharp-dressed visitor Anish Shah.

Anish doesn’t make it to L.A. much, but he makes more money than almost everyone who battles – combined – as an accomplished college and corporate comedian. He’s proven himself to be a solid fighter in the ring, bringing relaxed delivery and punchy jokes that impressed previous crowds. But his opponent this time is no slouch, either. Zahra recently received an invite to perform on the last “Best of the Belly Room” showcase, and her fights in the past have showcased her sharp writing abilities. It’s anyone’s game here.

Our main event tonight features the Denim Jacket Demon Doug Fager taking on RamPaige Wesley.

These two lauded fighters have 36 battles between them, and they’re always a treat to watch in the ring. They’re also both coming off tough losses. Paige fell to Julian Fernandez in a fight that saw the veteran a bit off her game. Doug’s road fight against Pat Barker in Denver was about as close of a loss as it gets, with Doug’s bad-boy charm and riffing ability not being quite enough to ultimately seal a victory. But these two know how to shake off a loss and bring the heat. Tonight, I expect them to do just that.

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