The card this week is deceivingly short. There are three strong battles, including a now rare, three-round main event that’s also a title fight. The degree of talent is top tier and concentrated. Some of the matches showcase a few of the shows most highly decorated. Think about it, what are we missing, a virgin suicide? We may not get to chant, “one less joke”, but these are fights you’re not going to want to miss.

Judging this solid card will be three Roast Battle favorite. Kirk Fox returns to the panel fresh off the premiere of his new one-hour special on Showtime, “That Guy.” Brody Stevens, the Prince of Periscope and a late-night Comedy Store favorite brings the #PositivePush to the VIP section with his energetic judging style. And, of course, we have the Roastmaster General Jeff Ross, stopping in to judge the matches in between being on the road with Dave Attell as part of their Bumping Mics tour.

First up is Tom Whalen versus Madison Sinclair. Tom is more of a wild card than Madison. In her past battles, Madison tends to stay in one key and deliver her prepared material. Tom’s personality is stronger which usually bodes well for him. Tom’s charisma could either edge him in or out of the win tonight.

Next up is Dan Nolan versus Isaac Hirsch in a five-joke undercard. Dan is the more experienced roaster in this matchup, but Isaac’s 6-1 record speaks for itself. However, records can be deceiving, as seen in the past, with battlers like Albert Escobedo. Albert broke the win streak record but didn’t really go against anyone of merit until battle seven or eight. In the spirit of the NBA playoffs, Isaac is like one of the best teams in the East. He could definitely win, and is ready for this, but Dan (similar to a West Coast team) is more comfortable facing a higher level of opposition.

In the main event tonight, Jay Light takes on Toby Muresianu in a classic, three-round bloodbath for a shot at the L.A. title. Jay and Toby are two of the most highly skilled battlers the show has to offer. It will be interesting to see what tactics Jay uses to stop Toby’s cold, sociopathic delivery, from gaining momentum. When Toby takes off, it’s explosive. Jay’s charming, and definitely smiles bigger, but his jokes alone could also win him the battle. With both battlers at an equally high writing ability, one of their auxiliary attributes will have to shine to edge the other out.

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