We’re back! Did you miss us? We don’t even care! We’ve got the goods: three action-packed Roast Battles in the Belly Room at the World-Famous Comedy Store, or on Periscope if you aren’t surrounded by fire. It’s a short night of roasting, so if you often find yourself wanting to come to the show, but worry that you won’t make it home in time to bang your husband, tonight is your night.

As usual, we’ve got some of the best comedians in the world set to judge our battles this evening. Asif Ali, Fahim Anwar, and Aristotle Athiras are three-quarters of the sketch group, Goatface. Comedy Central recently announced a Goatface one-hour sketch comedy special airing on November 27th. Keep your eyes peeled, as this is sure to be hysterical. Rounding out the judges’ table is Jon Rudnitsky (Saturday Night Live), making his return to the Roast Battle judging table. See, I told you we had some of the best comedians in the world set to judge our battles this evening.

First, we have Roast Battle virgin Josh Gibson battling self-proclaimed bisexual icon, Kelsey Lane.

Josh Gibson is a hard-working one-liner comic, which might be the best style for transitioning into Roast Battle’s “less is more” style of joke telling. It’s certainly difficult to find much meanness in him, but I’m sure he’ll be able to channel some aggression like I imagine he did while serving our great nation, thank you for your service. Fortunately, Veteran’s Day was yesterday, so Kelsey Lane won’t have to honor shit, and can bring the pain. Kelsey is a contributor to this very blog and a rising star in the roast battle ring. She has improved every battle, and her tenacity has truly paid off as she is putting on consistently strong battles now.

Our second battle of the night features Zahra Ali squaring off against Johnny Mitchell.

This will be Johnny Mitchell’s first time setting foot on the Roast Battle stage. Newcomers have a spotty track record, but tall, handsome, white and confident does well in all facets of life. Johnny is a very funny stand up and a good joke writer, who has the potential to translate to Roast Battle immediately. Also, he’s been to jail/prison and when you’re there you’ve got to be able to zing those guys back or they’ll treat you poorly. Zahra has battled only three times, but absolutely delighted the crowd in all three battles, her only loss coming against another great battler, Katrina Davis. She has sharp, funny writing as well as an innate crowd likability, making Zahra a very dangerous battler.

In our Main Event tonight we’ve got Paige Wesley going toe to toe with Jacob Trimmer.

Paige Wesley is an absolute testament to the fact that you need to look beyond win-loss record when evaluating roast battlers (and starting pitchers). Her record now sits hilariously at 6-9, but that’s because she continually does main events and faces top talent, where she absolutely kicks ass, but so do they, and the crowd gets a great show. Tonight is no exception, as Jacob Trimmer is an absolute beast of a battler. He’s also faced some of Roast Battle’s top competition and has some stellar wins on his record. These two are pros and you can expect a high caliber competition.

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