It’s only fitting that a show which thrives on finding the humor in personal and public tragedy would fall on September 11th. While almost two decades ago, now, we still haven’t forgotten the death, the fear, the loss and the misconstrued notions of race and religion that came out of the event. However, in so many places you also found courage, hope, kindness, togetherness and rebuilding. Anyway, my point is, we are going to make fun of all this shit, cuz this is Roast Battle “mother-bitches!”

Tonight, the Saudi Prince is moving from his normal position at the hater’s table to take over the VIP section on his favorite day of the year. Will he be fair? Probably not. Will he entertain? For sure. Will we all be alive at the end? Take a gamble. Keith Carey, who missed his flight on 9/11 completely by “coincidence” will be joining his informant on the firing squad. Keith is coming off the release of his naked roast battle on a Comedy Central digital exclusive. We all saw HIS collapsed tower if you know what I’m saying (we saw his big, soft dick is what I’m sayin). Rounding out this dynamic judges panel is Chris Porter of season four of Last Comic Standing.

Kicking off the 9/11 festivities is a very fitting virgin suicide. To my knowledge Doug Ecks and Richard Older have never battled before so we will ceremoniously throw them to the wolves. These two roast battle virgins look like actual virgins and I can’t wait to see the battle of the two middle-aged incels. I’m sure they have a lot of pent up anger just waiting to be unleashed in the Belly Room in front of a bunch of other incels.

After them, we might not have 72 virgins, but we do have another two ready to go: Ryan Nesen and Herman Wrice. These two are also new to the ring and evidently relatively new to comedy. Well, at least Ryan is. He told another Roast Report insider that he’s only been doing comedy for a few months, but he already had the confidence to attempt to write jokes for Jeff Ross for the Bruce Willis roast. Good on ya, kid. Herman looks a little bit more established, having started in Philly, made the move to LA, and earned spots on shows around town. Though will his budding comedy chops translate to Roast Battle? We find out tonight.

Next up, another roast battle virgin, Joy Mamey takes on returning better, Julian Fernandez. Julian’s last battle was about a year ago against Valerie Tosi. I’m not sure what the result was due to the fact my report for that night was taken down because an open-miker was offended by it… anyway, Julian has returned to take on another cute girl and from what it looks like, an improviser. While Joy hasn’t been in the ring before, it has been a while for Julian so they may be on a level playing field. We’ll see what Joy’s improv skills brings to a roast battle.

The last undercard of the night will feature Daniel Moquin and Alex Gettlin. This looks like the battle between and NRA activist and a 9/11 truth. Alex Gettlin has has an interesting undercard career as it seems he usually wins the judges vote and somehow loses the crowd vote. This could be a matter of likability since he looks like someone who would beat up Daniel Moquin in a parking lot for wearing a gay shirt. Daniel lost his last battle about a year ago to Ashley Johnson, but he’s back with his slow, low-energy delivery to try and capture the audience and turn out a win.

Last but not least, we will end September 11th with a bang as Southern sweetheart Sarah Keller takes on her friend and co-host of the Hella Show, Josh Waldron. These two run a killer show in the Belly Room on Friday nights together and are good friends. Sarah has an upper hand in this battle as a beloved, well-respected main event killer, with wins against some of the fiercest competitors roast battle has to offer. Josh has been around the Roast Battle scene a long time and even started the Verbal Violence blog. He’s the clear underdog in this battle, but he’s a hilarious comedian, he knows Sarah pretty well, and he’s put his time in here so he could surprise us with an upset over Keller. Either way, it’s sure to be a fun end to this explosive evening.

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