And we’re back! After a week break from any Battles at all and a two week break from taking over the Belly Room at midnight, the Roast Battle is back tonight! Jeff is back. Rell is back. Mothafuckin Moses is back. Beauty of today’s world is change. Sometimes change can be great. Sometimes change comes 14 minutes after you post a Roast Report. But through the magic of editing, here we are! Kosta out. Madrigal and Shaffir in. Madrigal is great. Very funny. A lot of ways to check him out, his own web site and the All Things Comedy site. Ari is a Store regular, has a new special called “Paid Regular”, and has a show tonight at 8pm in the Belly Room before the Battle called “Comedy Store Stories”.

Anyway, here at the Roast Report we’re stoked to be back. On to these reviews, bruh.

Only two battles tonight but they should be some bangers, beginning with Brandon Brickz (0-0) versus Jonathan Savell (0-0)!


I always pick these pics at random. I just go to their Facebook pages and swoop a pic. I just noticed Savell has a Bringing Down the House t-shirt on as I’m writing right now. Do whatever you want with that. I know both of these guys. Seen em around the scene. Brandon is a lot of energy on stage and should be good for a zing or two, but I think I have to go with Jon on this one. I think he is the better writer and joke quality will always beat energy. Follow these guys on twitter!

This next battle was added last minute and I know literally nothing about the battlers but we have Kip Hart (0-0) taking on Rex Allaman (0-0)!

I wish I had more to say about these two. These were added after the Report was posted like I said before. Completely blind pick…Rex.

And in our slobberknocker of a main event, we have Keith Carey (2-0) versus Connor McSpadden (2-1)!


This is gonna be a gooood time. Keith has legit taken Roast Nation by storm, crushing his last two opponents like grapes. Also, super nice dude! Connor is a delight as well. His lone loss comes from friend of the Report/Smash Bros bust Jay Light (5-2), and that speaks to Connor’s ability to roast. These guys are both great on twitter so click those links for sure. I will pick Keith on this one. But do not be surprised if this goes the full three rounds or perhaps some OT.

I am 13-7 so far in picks. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Tweet us @roastbattle or email [email protected] for questions/concerns/other stuff.

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