Tonight’s card is looking pretty damn solid if you ask me. We’ve got an eclectic range of personalities, but the skill level seems to remain high and experienced.

At the judges’ table are two of the most experienced OGs of Roast Battle: Olivia Grace and Alex Hooper. Alex held the number one spot and was unbeatable for a long time. That man had a hell of a run. Olivia is one of the original darlings of the Belly Room who got on Comedy Central then abandoned us for New York. She’s a traitor and a snake and I refuse to say anything more about her. WE GAVE YOU EVERYTHING OLIVIA! EVERYTHING! Joining them is Paid Regular Brody Stevens. Brody has one of the strongest personalities at the Comedy Store (which is saying a lot), and he always brings a fresh element to the show.

First up is Mikey Mileos versus Florentina Tanase. From some Facebook research it looks like Florentina is coming down from the Bay Area for this one. Mikey looks like he moved to LA to do comedy after Jordan Belfort got arrested and he lost his job at Stratton Oakmont. They seem like they’re seasoned comics who can write a joke. I’m sure it will transfer well to the Roast Battle arena.

Then we got Doon Sandors versus Russell Ells. I love a good OC battle. OC people are so mean! There’s victim-of-molestation energy in the air out there or something. Orange County just produces broken people who have put together the pieces just enough to confidently break down one of their peers.

Third is Lou Vahram versus Valerie Tosi. Both these battlers are pretty experienced, especially Lou. Lou is a real wild card of a battler. He writes some great jokes, but can be awkward and unlikable at times. He’s a battler that hits a walk off home run and forgets to step on home plate. Valerie has proved herself in the Belly Room in the past, getting wins over seasoned battlers. This one should be good.

Next is Zach Stein versus Bruce Gray. This battle should be interesting. Both of these guys are really good friends. They run a podcast together called… something, I don’t know, who cares. They are both funny stand-ups with polar opposite personalities. No matter what, this battle should be fun to watch.

Our final undercard is Lindsey Jennings versus Jasmin Leigh. These two are Belly Room favorites. Lindsey has really put the time and effort into beefing up her Roast battle chops. She has battled numerous times in the Belly Room and a now a handful of times at The Stand in New York. Both of these ladies have proven themselves capable of joke writing, but if they so happen to miss, this battle will be entertaining. These two will do anything to make it a show… and I mean anything.

In the Main Event, Nicole Becannon takes on Greg Roque. It’s a classic butter-face versus butter-legs showdown. A battle of emotionally paralyzed versus physically paralyzed. Dead legs versus dead spirit. Greg’s in a wheelchair and Nicole is a sad, depressed girl, is the message I’m trying to get across here. Greg was on TV, which means Nicole doesn’t stand a chance! She only beat a PAID REGULAR (whoa!), a couple months back. Both these two know what they’re doing. It will be great. Lets Roast!

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