February 2020 is in the books, and while it featured a title match, several top tier individual performances, and one of the absolute worst main events in the show’s history, it may be most significant for creating the Undercard Championship. That’s right, in three weeks we will commence a 16-person tournament to crown our first ever Undercard Champion. It’s an idea that’s been in the works for a while but is finally being put into motion now, with the hopes of creating a new title that will be able to be defended much more frequently. The title should create a bunch of new opportunities for some of the sport’s fastest rising roasters, and for a select 16 of them that opportunity includes going down in the history books as the first ever champ. More on that group throughout the rankings. (We wanted to have a fancy bracket ready for this but we’re all busy adults with a bunch of shit to do, sorry.)

Top Ten

1. Brett Erickson 13-1
2. Omid Singh 23-11
3. Nicole Becannon 16-8
4. Pat Barker 23-10-2
5. Alex Duong 17-9
6. Toby Muresianu 16-5
7. Bryan Vokey 12-4
8. Doug Fager 13-11-1
9. Ashley Johnson 12-3
10. Sarah Keller 16-5-2

Before we get to more details on the Undercard Title Tournament, we must first recognize the reigning heavyweight champ of Roast Battle, Brett Erickson. Erickson successfully completed his first title defense this month, beating Bryan Vokey and running his record to 13-1 in the process. The only loss in those fourteen fights came to Omid Singh, and on May 5 they’ll be facing off in a three-round rematch with the belt on the line. Vokey falls to seventh with his loss, while Ashley Johnson leaps into the top ten with a convincing and decisive main event win over Roast Battle great Greg Roque.

11. Joe Eurell 16-14-2
12. Isaac Hirsch 11-5
13. Jay Light 17-20-2
14. Quentin Thomas 14-6-1
15. Lou Misiano 9-5
16. Greg Roque 13-6
17. Billy Anderson 9-4
18. Zach Stein 13-11-1
19. Dylan Sullivan 7-4
20. Jacob Trimmer 8-5-1

Jay Light moves up a few spots after his win over Paige Wesley, as the longtime Roast Battle star inches his way back to a .500 record. Quentin Thomas takes a five-spot plunge after losing one of the most disastrous battles in the history of the sport to Zach Stein (Stein moves up one spot for the win). Lou Misiano moves into the top 15 following a win over Tom Whalen, and now both of them prepare for the undercard tournament as Whalen squares off with Alice Hamilton on March 24 and Misiano faces Zahra Ali on April 7. Greg Roque falls to 16 after his loss to Ashley Johnson, while Billy Anderson moves up a spot after a win over unranked Lindsey Glazer. Anderson draws the unenviable task of facing Digits in the first round of the tourney on March 31. Stein also begins his tournament run on that night, facing off with Nico Dinisi, while Dylan Sullivan kicks it off a week earlier against Kim McVicar.

21. Zahra Ali 6-3
22. Ryan Nesen 7-1
23. Armando Torres 6-6-1
24. Tom Whalen 9-5
25. Tony Bartolone 9-9
26. Sarah Fatemi 9-4
27. Russell Ells 5-1
28. Albert Escobedo 8-5
29. Todd Walker 5-1
30. Kelsey Lane 10-10-1

Zahra Ali moves up to 21 after her win over Tim McGorry, while Tom Whalen falls to 24 with the loss to Lou Misiano. Sarah Fatemi jumps an impressive seven spots after her dominant win over Kim McVicar. The tournament brackets were finalized before this battle, and after this performance you could certainly make the argument that Fatemi was one of the biggest snubs. Perhaps this career-best performance will be the catalyst to her proving everyone wrong and making a run at the belt once the tournament ends. For now it just stands out as one of the most commanding victories of the month and it moves her up to 26 in the process.

31. Nico Dinisi 6-3
32. April Lotshaw 7-4
33. Caesar Lizardo 11-11
34. Digits 8-5
35. Rebecca Rush 6-2
36. Robin Tran 5-10-1
37. Alice Hamilton 6-5
38. Evan Cassidy 6-5
39. Julian Fernandez 8-8
40. Gary Curtis 4-0

Ah, Digits. Not since the glory days of Earl Skakel or the early run of the Saudi Prince has one person commanded so much attention from the Roast Battle community based almost entirely on charisma. Digits has defied the odds and, despite having no background in standup comedy, established himself as one of the most popular battlers in the show’s history. His cult hero status has gotten to the point where Tony Hinchcliffe is demanding that Digits leapfrog every title contender ahead of him and get a shot at Brett Erickson ASAP. But how good is he, really? Critics would point to losses to Joe Eurell, Russell Ells, and Madison Sinclair and say that more established jokewriters are usually able to overcome his personality-driven approach. Others would look at the run he’s on and say that he looks basically unbeatable right now and that the quality of his opponents is irrelevant because he’s still commanding the stage like few others are capable of. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, and we’ll find out more in the undercard tournament. For now, however, he continues his steady climb and lands at 34 after beating Tokyo Kuntpunch. The only other movement in the bracket comes from Alice Hamilton, who moves up to 37 after defeating Ahmed Al-Kadri. We’ll see plenty more tournament action from this group – in addition to the Stein/Dinisi and Anderson/Digits matchups we already talked about, the tournament will also feature first round fights between Kelsey Lane and Rebecca Rush, and April Lotshaw and Gary Curtis.

41. Heather Marulli 7-8
42. Anthony Davis 4-1
43. Rick Cisario 3-0
44. Deirdre Devlin 5-5
45. Nate Welch 3-2
46. Kevin Mac 6-4-1
47. Kelly McInerney 2-1
48. Kim McVicar 4-2
49. Tim McGorry 7-8
50. Paige Wesley 8-14

Congrats to Rick Cisario (43) and Nate Welch (45), who make their rankings debuts following wins over Josh Edelman and Austin Nasso, respectively. Kim McVicar, Tim McGorry, and Paige Wesley each fall three spots after their aforementioned defeats last month. One last tournament matchup featuring this bracket, as Ryan Nesen takes on Anthony Davis on April 14.


Here are all the battles scheduled for March featuring multiple ranked fighters.

March 3: MAIN EVENT: Ryan Nesen (22) vs. Julian Fernandez (39)… MAIN EVENT #2: Tim McGorry (49) vs. Paige Wesley (50)

March 10: MAIN EVENT: Robin Tran (36) vs. Alex Hooper (not ranked due to inactivity, but c’mon)… THREE ROUND MAIN EVENT #2: Nicole Becannon (3) vs. Pat Barker (4)

March 24: Lou Misiano (15) vs. Sarah Fatemi (26)… TOURNAMENT BATTLE: Dylan Sullivan (19) vs. Kim McVicar (48)… TOURNAMENT BATTLE: Alice Hamilton (37) vs. Tom Whalen (24)… MAIN EVENT: Julian Fernandez (39) vs. Kelsey Lane (30)

March 31: TOURNAMENT BATTLE: Zach Stein (18) vs. Nico Dinisi (31)… TOURNAMENT BATTLE: Billy Anderson (17) vs. Digits (34)… MAIN EVENT: Jay Light (13) vs. Movses Shakarian (fell out of rankings due to inactivity)… MAIN EVENT #2: Isaac Hirsch (12) vs. Ryan Nesen (22)

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