This is a community project and always has been. That’s more of a mantra to the show than #LETSROAST if you ask me. This picture is a fine example. Some of the best of our comedy community came together to analyze and roast and they had fun doing it. Check out other parts of the community by listening to the pod and having medical-grade pot delivered to your door legally.

To check out the coverage of this Saturday night’s RiotLA action, click here!

Back? Kewl. Previews?


As per usual, we have a stacked judges panel. Liza Treyger did well enough last time she judged to get a quick invite back. The over/under on amount of times Moses gets her name wrong is 3.5. Check out her stuff! I believe this will be the first time judging for Mo Amer and Ryan Sickler but what they lack in judging experience they more than make up for it in comedy experience. Mo crushed a hot twenty a few months back on the standup pre-show and Ryan is always hilarious on shows around town. Look out for Mo’s new special “Legally Homeless” and check out Ryan’s podcast “The CrabFeast Podcast” with co-host Jay Larson!

The first undercard will pit April Lotshaw against rookie Adi Gordon!


April Lotshaw is back after losing to Anna Valenzuela in her debut. She was great in that battle and even secured a JOTN nomination. She is another child of Orange County and should be more than enough for the debut of Adi Gordon. Adi is a funny enough dude but rooks don’t win often and women still lead overall. I am never wrong.

The second battle finds Wub Savell taking on Cody Morley!


The Battle of Average will taketh place! That’s the name of this battle given both battlers have either done really well or completely shit the bed. Wub’s “bad” has been worse than Cody’s but his ceiling is much higher. Cody has a very “Screech/Dustin Diamond” vibe to him so we’ll see if the audience prefers that or Wub’s “almost homeless trumpeter” look.

Our third match is between Robin Tran and Ramsey Badawi!


I have high hopes for this battle. Robin is a Vietnamese transgender comedian blogger and the government won’t allow her to be any more things. Ramsey is some form of Arab and the government wants him to be anything else. This show is, if nothing else, a racism carnival and these two lend themselves as perfectly, like little ethnic corn dogs. This will be a great battle. I know Robin will be great because she’s hilarious and almost beat the great Connor McSpadden, who toppled Joe Dosch over the weekend at Riot. I know Ramsey will have a good showing because I got a sneak peak at some of his bits. Good bits. The pick is Robin.

And in the Main Event, J Danforth Nole will battle Tom “Neverending Chins” Goss!


What a handsome pic of these two. Dan, who changed his name on Facebook to something more regal, benefits from the beauty of victory. Tom takes advantage of a lot of makeup and a black and white filter. I think these two are very nice and funny guys in the best kind of unassuming way.  If it was revealed they were both mentally challenged, we would all be proud of how far they’d made it. It’s precious. For real though, these two are great at this despite what Danforth’s last loss would suggest. I expect him to redeem himself but I’m gonna pick Tom to take it tonight.

I am 85-50 in picks and my new tourney bracket is dunzo. Yea, I’m the only one keeping track. Wanna fight about it? Thanks as usual for reading and coming to the show. Listen to the podcast! Keep with the ranks! Headliner ranks too! Follow show sponsor LA SpeedWeed on Twitter! Shout to the great Troy Conrad for the beautiful photos. Follow us IG, tweet us @roastbattle or email for questions/concerns/other stuff.    

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