We have a red-hot lineup tonight packed with some of Roast Battle’s favorite up-and-coming battlers.

Making her judging debut we have E! News’ producer Kelly Kursten, who will be joined by the return of Ramon Rivas (Comedy Central, HBO). Rounding out the VIP section, fresh from his successful coffee and comedy pop-up shop, the roastmaster himself is gracing us with his genius, Jeff Ross.

First up we have a battle of the Andersons: it’s Kyle Anderson versus Billy Anderson. This is Kyle Anderson’s first Roast Battle in the Belly Room. From what I can tell he hails from Las Vegas and runs a show at the Westside Comedy Theater. He’s taking a real gamble going against Billy in his first battle. Billy’s coming off an impressive victory over Tim McGorry a few weeks back, and is surely looking to continue his path of destruction. Billy has some great battles under his belt and has proven himself to be a formidable opponent, coming with well-crafted jokes and a readiness to adapt and have fun. I give the edge to Billy based on his experience and track record, but we all know anything is possible in the Belly Room.

Our next undercard pits Julian Fernandez against Kelly McInerney. Julian is coming off a narrow loss to Deirdre Devlin last month. Julian is a seasoned battler who’s proven they can write some mean jokes. They’ve worked hard and clawed their way up the latter and is looking to further cement their status as a great battler tonight. Kelly McInerney is a bit greener and is coming off a stale loss against Ashley Johnson way back in March of 2018. Kelly has had some good showings in the past, and she’s had time to rest and rejuvenate while Julian has kept themselves battle-ready over the last year and a half. This could go either way, but I give the edge to Julian based on their experience and current battle-readiness.

Next up we have the OC’s Evan Cassidy taking on North Carolina’s Anthony Davis. We haven’t seen Evan in the ring since March of 2018 when he defeated the incredible Robin Tran. Taking down an opponent like Robin Tran is no small feat, and while Evan may have to shake off the roast battle cobwebs, underneath lies an excellent joke writer and battler. Anthony Davis is in fighting shape – not physically of course – and has been battling frequently, coming off a win in August over Juan Cias. While Evan has the more impressive track record, he’s been out of the scene for a while and isn’t as up-to-date with the ever-evolving roast crowd as Anthony is. This is anyone’s battle, but there’s sure to be some white-on-white crime tonight.

The last undercard features Roast Battle legend Greg Roque taking on new sensation Sarah Fatemi. This is going to be a good one. Greg is an OG battler, having been on the Roast Battle TV show back in season 2 and a staple in the ring for years. He’s a phenomenal joke writer and hilarious off-the-cuff. He’s a terrifying opponent and only the bravest have dared to take him on. Sarah Fatemi is either insanely brave, or just insane. She’s a newer battler with just over a year of experience in the ring, but she’s been battling with an admirable ferocity. She has improved with every battle and shown she can adapt and write a solid joke. Greg is the obvious pick in this fight, but I wouldn’t discount an underdog Sarah. Roast Battle is an underdog’s game.

Our main event tonight features Alice Hamilton taking on Zach Stein. Alice is fresh off a room-leveling battle against Dylan Sullivan last month. Alice is quickly becoming a Roast Battle great. She pairs her cute and unassuming demeanor with vicious jokes that cut right to the core of her opponents. Zach Stein has solidified himself as a Roast Battle great, pairing excellently written jokes with creative leaps that have yielded some of the funniest Roast Battle moments. Zach is like a slippery eel, and no, I’m not talking about his supposedly large penis. He’s a slippery eel in that opponents can’t grab hold of him. Nothing sticks to him. He takes every insult lobbed at him, embraces it and usually yes-and’s the opponent’s joke with another hilarious tag, making it nearly impossible for a joke to truly land. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done though, and Alice may just be the person to do it. This is going to be a great battle that’s sure to set the room ablaze.

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