Every Tuesday night in the Belly Room, something unique happens. The Comedy Store and creators of the show have created a beautiful safe space for assholes. No matter if you’re black, white, one of the side races, handicapped, transgender, whatever – you can come attempt to make fun of someone, while ruthlessly getting torn apart yourself.

Tonight’s crack team of judges facilitating this debauchery includes a few Roast Battle favorites – Cort McCown (Insensitivity Training Podcast) and the Sklar Brothers (Hipster Ghosts on Starz) – and Belly Room newcomer Daniel Van Kirk (Dumb People Town with the Sklar Brothers).

First up is Alex Gettlin versus Luke Touma. Alex is a Valley comic, Luke’s from Buffalo, New York. There is a real Cobra Kai versus the Upstate Kid situation here. Alex seems ready to kill, considering he looks like a Russian hitman that does Postmates for extra cash. There’s nothing anyone can say about Luke’s looks, he’s just another kid from the city, come on, the neighborhood, New York, ayeeeeee.

The second undercard tonight is Brain McDaniel versus Eric Hollerbach. Eric’s cover photo on Facebook is the Comedy Store patio and marquee, so you can tell he’s taking this battle really, really seriously. That means it will be really, really hilarious if he tanks. Brian is the more experienced comedian of the two, and he really likes to make sure everybody knows that. I hope Eric has “your career is going nowhere” comebacks, because status is very important to Brian. This is a man who thinks working at TMZ and headlining the YooHoo Room at Flappers is what every comic dreams about when they first start. Having said that, Brian’s only gotten better as a battler since his last two, so Eric needs to come correct. This should be good.

In the last undercard of the night, Billy Anderson takes on Mateen Stewart. This battle looks like a brewmaster’s apprentice is battling the only black guy that opens the door for a woman and says “m’lady.” Those are the only jokes I’m going to say about these two because Mateen has a Laugh Factory video and Billy has a very well put together website, which means both of these guys are in that lower-middle spot in their career where they take jokes about themselves really personally. They seem like experienced enough comedians to put on a good show. Hopefully this is one of the more stand out undercards.

In the first of two five joke main events, Quentin Thomas takes a challenge from Evan “The Cass Man” Cassidy. Quentin has gone through quite the identity crisis, which makes the story of this battle that much more powerful. Quentin used to live in New York, and have a long, annoying-to-type and say last name. Evan, on the other hand, has been killing it in Orange County, being The Cass Man since the beginning of time. Will the man who knows exactly who he is show Quentin that he’s just a kid running scared, or will Quentin rise from the ashes and shine a light on this charade Evan has been playing for years? Find out tonight.

In the final main event battle, Joe Eurell takes on Robin Tran. This is one of those battles that make Roast Battle really special. You might be able to see a dude in a wheelchair firing insults back and forth at a trans woman on YouTube, but where else are you going to see it in person! This battle is like a Reddit thread live. Robin and Joe are two really amazing battlers who have taken on, and defeated some of the bests the show has to offer. Joe went on such a hot streak a few months back, you really have to congratulate who ever is typing his jokes for him. Whatever voice to text program that he’s got, is killing it! This will most likely be the battle of the night. You’d have to be mentally ill to miss this. You’d also have to be mentally ill to show up! Lets roast!

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