Following a tradition started last year, it’s time to recap the last twelve months of Roast Battle with some of our favorite shots from the legendary Troy Conrad. 

(Note: Troy actually took a couple weeks off this year, at which point David Deery usually filled in admirably)

January 3 – For his battle against Sarah Keller, Joe Eurell employed the aid of subtitles.

January 10 – The main event between Leah Kayajanian and Jonathan Rowell was so good that Jeff Ross couldn’t help but join The Wave on stage.

January 17 – For the second week in a row, the main event was an all-time classic and Battle of the Year nominee. In this one, Pat Barker pulled out a win over Connor McSpadden.

January 31 – Two days after Frank Castillo completed the ultimate feel-good story and raised a trophy on national television, the show returned to the Belly Room where Mark Stevens and Guam Felix reminded us all that things don’t always go quite that well.

February 7 – In one of the finest one-round main events the show has ever seen, Omid Singh edged out Dan Nolan.

February 14 – A beautiful display of love on Valentine’s Day, as Connor McSpadden and Jamar Neighbors hug it out. Connor would go on to battle Toby Muresianu to a double-OT draw that night.

February 21 – In a battle that would win the Roastie for Battle of the Year, Pat Barker and Doug Fager battled to a triple-overtime draw. The Wave (and some random mixtape rapper) took to the stage at the conclusion of the battle to jump around and yell stuff while shirtless.

February 28 – Comedy legend Dave Attell joined the judges panel next to his good friend Jeff Ross.

March 7 – The All Schwarza-Nigga Wave.

March 14 – Getting accosted for a mid-battle picture with Jamar Neighbors is perhaps the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a battler. Here, David Lucas earns the honor during his battle with Terrence Newman.

March 21 – Tony Bartolone’s attempt at an epic entrance falls as flat as humanly possible, as a four minute pre-battle sketch featuring Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Adolf Hitler completely turns the audience on him before he even takes the stage.

March 28 – The late Big Black (of Rob and Black fame) makes a guest appearance as a one-night member of The Wave.

April 4 – Troy Conrad gets a week off and we get stuck with grainy Periscope shots of the Saudi Prince. Don’t ever leave us again, Troy.

April 11 – One of the best battles of the year produces one of the best pictures, as Jamar Neighbors admires Keith Carey’s posing form.

April 18 – One of the unsung heroes of the show, Josh Meyrowitz works hard every week to elevate the energy level of the battles.

April 25 – In one of the stronger theatrical efforts put forth by battlers, Nat Baimel and Ramsey Badawi each showed up with their own Waves. Nat won the battle, and his All-Jewish Wave dominated the sideshow antics as well.

May 2 – Darrin Chase showed up for his battle with Tom Whalen armed with both a Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready pizza and superior jokes. 

May 9 – Does Dave Chappelle showing up to the battle ever get old? No. No it doesn’t. This time he dropped in to judge Alex Duong vs. Rich Slaton.

May 16 – Before she became the first battler to ever be ranked in both LA and New York, Lindsey Jennings fought it out with Galina Rivina and then offered a post-battle piggy back ride.

May 23 – After New York vs. Los Angeles Part I took place at the Stand in Manhattan in March, Part II went down at the Store and culminated with New York’s Eli Sairs retaining his title over Keith Carey.

May 30 – One week after his epic battle with Eli, Keith was actually able to top it with an instantly legendary rematch against best friend Connor McSpadden. This time Keith was able to walk away with the victory.

June 6 – Part of being a great photographer is capturing animals in their natural environment. Here we see Caesar Lizardo being his most Caesar Lizardiest in a win over Jacob Trimmer.

June 13 – Jeanne Whitney pulls off an upset win over Doug Fager, the first of two huge wins over established Roast Battle stars for Jeanne on the year.

June 20 – Joe Eurell took home the win over Haiti in a battle that would win the Roastie for Undercard of the Year. Here we see what I can only assume is a mixture of joy and terror on Joe’s face.

June 27 – I hate this picture. It creeps me out.

July 4 – Tom Whalen celebrated Independence Day in style en route to a victory over Canadian Andrew Ryan Fox.

July 11 – In a battle with one of the greatest “big fight” atmospheres in Roast Battle history, Jay Light dominated a grudge match with Kevin McNamara.

July 18 – Action Bronson and Louis CK squared off in an undercard that a lot of people forgot happened.

July 25 – Jamar Neighbors arrived for his battle with Pat Barker sporting a look that Keith Carey dubbed “Rambo: First Crip”.

August 1 – Jeff Ross, inspired by an all-wheelchair main event, took to the stage to commemorate Greg Roque’s victory with a selfie.

August 8 – After a lengthy losing streak, Tony Bartolone finally returned to the win column with a victory over Joe Eurell.

August 15 – In perhaps the most disastrous main event in the show’s history, an experimental tag team battle went horribly awry. Pictured is the high point of the battle – the fact that the best part involved a shirtless Frank Castillo in a luchador mask should tell you everything you need to know about the overall quality of the battle.

August 29 – Andrea Guzzetta made her Roast Battle debut and obliterated Rob Smallwood so badly that Jamar couldn’t even watch anymore.

September 5 – Sometimes the best shot doesn’t involve The Wave doing some weird shit while half naked. Sometimes it’s just a comic having the time of their lives digesting the really evil material their opponent has written about them.

September 12 – On the heels of his loss two weeks prior, Rob Smallwood was forced to deal with Lonelle Price delivering one of the most awkwardly aggressive jokes in Roast Battle history mere inches from his face. On top of that, it was like 30 second long. On top of THAT, despite it not working, the audience voted for Lonelle anyway. Rough couple of weeks for Rob.

September 19 – Quentin Thomas took down Bryan Vokey in a Mystery Battle and earned a trophy and Jamar’s friendship in the process.

October 3 – Jeremiah Watkins paid tribute to the late Tom Petty.

October 10 – Jeanne Whitney delivered one of the biggest beatdowns in the history of the show with a dominating main event win over Jay Light, propelling her to third place in the rankings.

October 17 – Longtime hater Earl Skakel returned to his post for one battle only, much to the delight of Alex Duong.

October 24 – Jeremiah and Willie got into the Halloween spirit a little early with an intense chainsaw massacre bit.

October 31 – Mike Lawrence as Ric Flair. Frank Castillo as Mike Lawrence. Jeff Ross as something horrifying. The official Roast Battle Halloween card.

November 7 – Lindsey Jennings and Olivia Grace went at it while Brody Stevens offered play-by-play.

November 14 – Paige Wesley ended Rena Hundert’s undefeated streak at five.

November 21 – Kelsey Lane emerged victorious in the first ever musical roast battle.


December 5 – Isaac Hirsch delivered a joke that, judging by Katrina Davis’ reaction, may be the best joke ever written.

December 12 – Who’s bad?

December 19 – We close out the year in pictures with everything that makes Roast Battle great – a guy in a wheelchair telling racist jokes while everyone celebrates it. God bless us, everyone.

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